Tiger: your 2021 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

By nature, you are a free spirit, and when circumstances dictate, a warrior. These qualities often lead you to success and victory, but this year which is ruled by the Ox, they will feel cramped. In the worst days, you will feel like you are being oppressed and that the spell will end tiger! While you may not be happy with it, make compromises and stop fighting against windmills! Use your independence wisely. Accept these rules that you rebel against. Take it upon yourself and enter the boxes! By doing so, you will take advantage of the benefits the year of the ox is sending you in 2021.

Tiger: your Romantic life

The Ox calms your ardor and that of your fans or your partner. The passion that you love so much is rare. Romance is on the decline. Your power of seduction does not produce the same effects. As a result, you may have the unpleasant feeling of being left out. Instead of vociferating against the sky or giving in to the most profound discouragement, find charm in a peaceful and uneventful love Life. Appreciate the virtues of a stable, lasting, and constructive relationship.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Tiger: Instead of trying to rekindle the flame of passion, prove that you are capable of making a long-term commitment and agree to start a family.

Group of friends for the Tiger

By nature, you are the leader of your band of buddies. Alas, this year, they will be less available to spend those moments that you love so much. Some may be overwhelmed by their work and others will find a soulmate. In these circumstances, you may have a few moments of loneliness. Please take the opportunity to show interest in the new people you are going to meet instead of finding them a spoiler.

To know: To prevent boredom from settling in your existence, find yourself a hobby or take up an activity that will generate new relationships and friendships.

Tiger: your Spiritual life

With the Ox, your existence is rougher, and as a bonus, it can be punctuated by various and varied difficulties. Instead of going around in circles while roaring, take a break and meditate on your actions. You will see that some are excellent but that they take time to materialize. So before you throw yourself into the arena, take the time to think about the nature of your intentions.

Our advice : Stop more often than usual to check that you are going in the right direction. And also, arrange for your intentions to be noble.

Well-being for the Tiger

You tend to burn the candle at both ends. During this year of the Ox, you need to slow down and go green. This prospect may seem unappealing to you, but it will have the merit of regenerating you. Now is the perfect time to orient yourself towards a more natural and healthier lifestyle. Taste the joys of the countryside. You will not regret it.

Tip-Off : Find what is useful in resting, in the countryside, and in silence because contrary to what you think, it will benefit you.

Tiger: your Family life

By nature, you tend to rule chiefly over your clan. Unfortunately, this year, you risk taking this role a little too much to heart. To prevent your beloved family from being exasperated by your abuse, be polite when using your authority. Do not roar, for hours, in front of the nonsense of your children. Let everyone express themselves with their words and be indulgent with little blunders.

To meditate : Be patient with your loved ones, even if it's not your temper. This will encourage the less adventurous to speak to you more easily.

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