Ox: your 2021 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

In this year of the Ox, your efforts are rewarded. You reap the rewards of your hard work. You get a promotion, or your business is doing great. As a bonus, your lifestyle, which is sometimes austere, is no longer disputed, because the atmosphere is not conducive to parties and frivolities. Suddenly, those who tended to see you as a homebody will be forced to reduce the wind in their sails. Others will be forced to roll up their sleeves. Not that it will delight you, but it may be that you are right, and that will give you a slight feeling of satisfaction. This year is ideal for your investments and your long-term projects.

Ox: your Romantic life

The Ox promotes your love life and your game of seduction. It spares you those passions that you consider futile. However, it offers you to formalize a union, or if it is already done, to renew your vows. If you are single, the Ox offers that you meet the person who will win your heart with disconcerting ease. However, your fans will have to be patient because, as usual, you need time to commit, but once it's done, it's forever.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Ox: For once, your legendary slowness will not be criticized but appreciated. So take your time and make your choices with this method that is your trademark.

Group of friends for the Ox

You put your work and your ambitions first. However, that will not keep you from being there for those you love and hold in your heart. They can count on your dedication in the event of a glitch. On the other hand, those who complain about the harshness of their lives risk hearing a moral lesson. In these circumstances, be more forgiving.

To know: Be careful not to be too austere or gruff towards the vagaries encountered by your friends because they could end up distancing themselves.

Ox: your Spiritual life

The Ox confirms and amplifies your endurance. It makes you tenacious, demanding and not very prone to fantasy. In the worst days, you can be cold and distant with those around you. Learn to dwell on the fun side of existence. Take things more lightly and more relaxed. In doing so, you will take the path of wisdom, which will make you more human in the eyes of ordinary people.

Our advice: Use your seriousness and tenacity to serve your ambitions and solve real problems. Apart from that, tame the virtues of relaxation.

Well-being for the Ox

Your homebody nature means that you find your well-being by being comfortably installed on your favorite sofa. If a caring soul advises you to do some exercise, you are reluctant. But remember, it would do you the greatest good. So, as soon as you get the opportunity, go out and take some long walks in the great outdoors. Also, your gluttony can be amplified this year, so stay vigilant.

Tip-Off : When your common sense tells you that you need to exercise more and go green, listen to it instead of turning a deaf ear.

Ox: your Family life

Your family can count on you to provide love, affection, and everything they need. Even if you make some sacrifices. In return, you may be demanding and sometimes a little authoritarian. Unfortunately, this will have the opposite effect. Although it is not your habit, show understanding and soften your draconian rules.

To meditate : At times, your authority can be formidable, but for the wrong reasons. Be more indulgent towards little nonsense and childish rebellions.

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