Dragon: your 2021 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

By nature, you attract prosperity with some ease. Often, you have any situation well in hand. Suddenly, you benefit from this aura, which makes everyone respect you as soon as you appear. In this year of the Ox, luck continues to smile on you. What you do is likely to turn into gold. But only if you don't show off your success, your victories, and your talents. Under these circumstances, providence will turn its back on you and you may spit flames in all directions, nothing will help, dragon! Learn the virtues of modesty and the Ox will grant all your wishes!

Dragon: your Romantic life

You are naturally endowed with these qualities which facilitate your love affairs. As a result, you are not used to having to make efforts to seduce or keep your loved ones. In this year of the Ox, you will have to exceed yourself and sometimes surpass yourself! This prospect may seem bleak to you, but if you accept this challenge, your love will be enriched by this stability to which you aspire. Also, it will allow you to taste the charms that offer a more straightforward and, therefore, more stable love life.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Dragon: Dare to say that your partner is essential to you! It will not change your life, but it will give them that confidence in you and your common future, which they miss so much.

Group of friends for the Dragon

By nature, you have a particular influence on your friendships, which benefit from your sound advice. This year, you may feel that things are different or that your ideas are no longer welcomed as before. Temper your arguments and, above all, take into account the opinions and wishes of others. In your exchanges, try to be more diplomatic. Moderate your dynamism and everything will be fine.

To know: Please slow down and keep some of your advice to yourself instead of giving it to others before they ask you.

Dragon: your Spiritual life

To live happy, live hidden! Remember this old saying and repeat it like a mantra, ten times a day if necessary. It will help you overcome your overwhelming need to live based on the opinions of others. In doing so, your desires will be directed towards the essential, which is encouraged by the Ox. If you find it too rough, persevere. In the long run, you will end up seeing benefits.

Our advice : : Stop worrying about the effect you are having on others and be yourself. To achieve this, dilute the shyness that you hide so carefully.

Well-being for the Dragon

If you are not careful, extra pounds can build up. To avoid this, soothe your gluttony and do your favorite sport. Above all, do not let go of it in the name of an unusual laziness that could arise out of nowhere. If, by chance, it takes over, put the competition aside and practice your hobby in leisure. By doing so, you will maintain your beautiful figure that you care so much about.

Tip-Off :You can indulge in the virtues of laziness from time to time but on the condition that it is within reason.

Dragon: your Family life

To keep everything going well in this sector, you are strongly recommended to go to the basics. Avoid losing your entourage, and yourself, in endless and unnecessary recommendations. Be sober in your advice and in the way you do things. In doing so, your authority will not be or will be sidestepped, and harmony will reign in your beloved home.

To meditate :Do not put rules everywhere and in everything. Focus on what's important. As for the rest, forget it and don't dwell on details.

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