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Kabbalist or Hebrew astrology has 12 signs. Initially, it was the 12 sons of Jacob who gave birth to the 12 tribes of the Hebrew people. During the Exodus, the tribes took into account the order of the constellations as a way to advance. Each tribe is associated with a constellation. The Kabbalist sign is calculated according to the date of birth. The structure of Kabbalah is based on three numbers: 3 - 7 - 12 which, when summed, give the number 22. This figure corresponds to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The name of the birthmarks comes from this alphabet.

The Kabbalist astrological methods are very old and complicated. For the moment there is no software that is competent enough to accurately calculate a Kabbalist horoscope. Only a few astrologers can understand and use it but it is one of the most accurate horoscopes. It tells the connoisseur all the important dates related to their destiny. For Kabbalists, everything is planned in advance but knowing the future is an art that should only be addressed by stable people. There is no point in revealing bad news if the consultant is not able to receive the information. Kabbalist astrologers often work in the shadows, they are concerned about the happiness of others and know when they can tell the truth to someone.

The 12 constellations gave the 12 Hebrew signs, correlated with Western astrology:

- Aries (Nissan): These natives are distinguished by their ability to communicate their thoughts. The tribe associated with this sign is Yehuda (Judah).
- Taurus (Iyar): These natives are individualistic and seek the truth. The tribe associated with this sign is Yissachar.
- Gemini (Sivan): These natives are eternal apprentices, adaptable and mobile. The tribe associated with this sign is Zebulon.
- Cancer (Tammuz): These natives are passive and scared. The tribe associated with this sign is Reuben.
- Leo (Av): These natives are voluntary and fair. The tribe associated with this sign is Shimon.
- Virgo (Elul): These natives have a double personality. The tribe associated with this sign is Gad.
- Libra (Tishrei): These natives are fair but undecided. The tribe associated with this sign is Ephraim.
- Scorpio (Cheshvan): These natives have a destructive power that they must control. The tribe associated with this sign is Menaseh.
- Sagittarius (Kislev): These natives are enthusiastic and enjoy the holidays. The tribe associated with this sign is Benjamin.
- Capricorn (Tevet): These natives are stubborn and disciplined. The tribe associated with this sign is Dan.
- Aquarius Shevat): These natives are just and humanistic. The tribe associated with this sign is Asher.
- Pisces (Adar): These natives sail in the depths of the unconscious. The tribe associated with this sign is Naftali.

Kabbalistic astrology goes further by describing the 22 temperaments associated with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Aleph is the sign of the Ox (from March 20th to April 5th): The Ox is a worker who deploys a great strength of character to get to the end of their projects. They like to build but their only fault is a lack of fantasy. In love, the Aleph seeks the stability and warmth of a home. They need a partner who makes them appreciate the unexpected. Their number is 4, which symbolizes calm, earth and justice.

Beith is the sign of the House (April 6th to April 21st): The Beith is very sociable, they love their family and friends. Above all, this Hebrew sign loves to live in society. They are made to rub shoulders with the world. In love, they give everything and they appreciate the family cocoon. They alternate between calm periods of quiet with moments when they enjoy outings. Their number is 2, symbol of fragility, tenderness and duality.

Gimel is the Sign of the Camel (from April 22nd to May 10th): Of great endurance, the sign of the Camel crosses the deserts. They can bear loneliness, they have a fighting spirit and they are tenacious. In love, the Gimel appreciates above all tenderness and calm. They protect themselves from destructive passions. Their number is 5, symbol of change and movement.

Daleph is the sign of the Door (from May 11th to May 21st): The door is a free person who hates losing control. The door likes to take initiative, they are good at leading a team. In love, this sensual being appreciates the pleasures of love, they love to love. Their number is 11, a symbol of emotion and joie de vivre.

Hey is the sign of Breath (from May 22nd to June 10th): The Breath is an artist who beautifies existence. They find lightness only in their creations. They are sociable and know how to be appreciated. In love, they are often shy, they prefer to stay away because they have trouble controlling their emotions. Their number is 6, symbol of love and freedom.

Waw is the sign of the Hook (from June 11th to June 23rd): The hook likes to make new contacts, within a team, it is a determining element to create a good atmosphere and maintain cohesion. In love, Waw is good at creating a stable and harmonious home. They like order and organization. Their number is 8, the symbol of infinity.

Zain is the sign of the Arrow (from June 24th to July 13th): The Zain loves tranquility, naturally they are a homebody but they are able to adapt to a hectic life. Their magnetism makes them an outstanding seducer. In love, as soon as a person pleases them, they do everything to seduce the other. This is one of the most seductive signs of the Kabbalist zodiac. Its number is 9, the symbol of the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Heith is the Sign of the Barrier (from July 14th to July 26th): Heith tends to hang in some difficult situations. The Barrier needs affection to feel confident. They tend toward immobility. In love, they do not have many ideas to change the daily routine. This is their only fault. Their number is 14, a symbol of friendship, loyalty and tolerance.

Teith is the sign of the Serpent (from July 27th to August 9th): People born under this sign are often connected to their past. The Serpent tells the origin of life. In love, the Snake is a sensual being who is passionately involved in their emotional relationships. Their number is 3, the symbol of dreams.

Yod is the sign of the hand (from August 10th to August 23rd): The hand is a sign of exchange, sharing and contacts. These are the essential tools for building. The Hand is sociable and loving. In love, the Hand suffers from a sensitivity that can make them vulnerable but their heart is never closed. Their number is 19, a symbol of light.

Kaph is the sign of the Crux (August 24th to September 10th): Kaph knows no limits, they talk about their sensitivity.Love-friendships suit them perfectly. Kaph loves dialogue with their partner. Their number is 13, a symbol of transformation.

Lamed is the sign of Instruction (from September 11th to September 23rd): The natives of this sign follow an original way of life because difficulty does not scare them. They flourish by not doing like everyone else. In matters of the heart, they are lucid, they never wait for miracles and love in all simplicity. Their number is 15, a symbol of benevolence.

Mem is the sign of Water (from September 24th to October 11th): Creative and sensitive, this sign is never overwhelmed by the vagaries of life. They go where the wind carries them. In love, this sign is a faithful and passionate lover. Their number is 17, a symbol of happiness and luck.

Noun is the sign of Fish (from October 12th to October 25th): The fish is a sign with great inner richness, they are creative, ideas never fail them and they love movement. In love, they fight against any form of monotony. Their originality pushes them to invent every day. Their number is 27, a symbol of energy and inner strength.

Samech is the sign of Support (from October 26th to November 13th): Samech is an optimistic sign who is always moving forward and providing strong support to others when they need it. In love, they are a faithful partner. Their number is 30, a symbol of an intense desire to live.

Ain is the sign of the Eye (from November 14th to November 27th): The eye watches, it looks before acting. This sign is the actor of their life, they are afraid of nothing and know where their interests are. Love is an important part of their life, they are hungry for new sensations and appreciates stable but exhilarating relationships. Their number is 12, a symbol of charm and energy.

Phe is the sign of the Mouth (from November 28th to December 13th): The Phé is gifted to speak in public, they like to teach. This Kabbalist sign shows the desire to teach and to transmit. In love, the Phé is attentive, they give more than they take. Their number is 21, a symbol of creativity and openness.

Tsade is the sign of the Opponent (from the 14th of December to the 3rd of January): Tsadé is endowed with a great intuition, their overflowing energy makes them creative. Once they have found their other half, they are faithful. Love for them is sacred. Trust is something that is deserved. Their number is 40, a symbol of ingenuity and change.

Qoph is the sign of the Monkey (from January 4th to January 19th)
The Monkey is a mischievous person, full of wisdom. It represents knowledge and maturity. They always act after a long reflection. In love, Qoph never lets themself be invaded by their emotions. They are a romantic and attentive partner. Their number is 100, symbol of the eye of the needle.

Reich is the sign of the Head (from January 20th to February 14th): As the name suggests, the Head tends to think too much. They lack spontaneity and must learn to reduce their philosophical reflections. In love, it is a fair and upright sign but one that lacks fantasy. Their number is 50, a symbol of spirituality and faithful friendship.

Shin is the sign of the Tooth (from February 15th to March 4th): The tooth likes action, movement, metamorphosis. Unable to stay in one place for too long, they are an adventurer. Love for them is synonymous with passion. They ignite quickly but can also get tired quickly. Their number is 33, a symbol of the crossing of several paths.

Tav is the sign of the Sign (from March 5th to March 19th): The Tav gives direction and lights the way. The Sign is there to guide us, it allows us to navigate the most delicate situations. In love, the Sign is tender, warm and always gives good advice. They love to party. Their number is 24, a symbol of refinement and righteousness.

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