Mars in Gemini

Written by Susan

Mars enters Gemini: Spotlight on communication! Mars leaves the sign of Taurus. He emphasized slow, patient and determined action aimed at the concrete realization of well-defined goals.
Here it is in the constellation of Gemini, a more mental than physical sign, where the action will come from speech, communication and exchange of ideas. Slowness is out of date. It is necessary that the energy circulates. We are in the movement. At the extreme, this can lead to agitation and nervousness. Here, the action unfolds in several directions depending on the opportunities and interests, which could be varied.

Positive aspects: dexterity, skill, speed of execution, precise gestures, eloquence, and an aptitude for debate. In need of action and movement, unable to stay still. Resourceful opportunistic, assimilation, rapid metabolism and very good reflexes.
Negative aspects: discussions, polemics, impulsive and violent gestures, imprudences, agitation, turbulence. Lack of self-control, opportunism not always honest. Inflammation of the bronchi or lungs and injuries to the hands and forearms.


This period is rather hard and requires you to think more than usual. You are used to relying on your intuition but every now and then it may be good to take the time to take stock of the situation. With your inclination for leadership, you often tend to neglect the opinions of others. Mars in Gemini encourages you to dialogue. There may be some turmoil in your entourage. Some tensions may occur within the groups you frequent. It is in exchange and consultation that you will be better able to solve the friction.


Mars has just passed in your sign and provided you with a great energy, perhaps infusing you with the desire to undertake new projects. Now it's time to consider what resources you have to get the job started. Mars in Gemini invites you to explore all the possibilities that are offered to you and to be imaginative. It is also by discussing that you will find ways to achieve your goals. An association could be of benefit to you.


Mars in your sign gives you energy and enthusiasm. Be careful, however, not to overdo it. Watch out for dissipation. A spirit of conquest pushes you to new horizons. You meet new people or start learning new subjects. Your mind is bubbling with ideas that will have to be sorted when the time comes. You will tend to act quickly with a risk of rushing and nervousness. Therefore, pay attention to the fatigue that can result from this. But in any case, you can count on the support of your friends.


For you, the energizing effect of Mars will be less set in stone. On the other hand, he will focus his energy on the level of your poetic inspiration. Your dreamlike activity will be important. Events or characters from the past can resurface. These dreams and memories can provide you with rich material for artistic creation, for example. This period will be conducive to explore all the potential that lies dormant within you. Have you ever thought of getting into an activity in which you could express your beautiful sensitivity? This period could be conducive for considering a step in this direction.


When we talk about communication, it's as much about listening as talking. Dialogue is not always your forte. Your benevolent authority intends above all to share its own ideas for the greater good of those around you. The teacher is you. The model is you. It is also you who intends to lead the action in a personal way and well organized by your good care. With Mars in Gemini, you will need to be more open to listening. Your friends will help you by providing you with valuable and useful information for your own goals.


The presence of Mars in Gemini, in the square of your natal Sun, can bring you increased tension with the impression of drowning in constraints and losing sight of your own aspirations. You are used to putting yourself at the service of others, or putting yourself second with modesty and disregarding yourself for the benefit of your partner or others. A certain wind of revolt is blowing at this moment, it invites you to better take into account your own desires and better express them. This is essentially in the professional context where conflicts of interest may arise.


Communication, for you, is a tool of choice in the service of your social life to which you attach great importance. Mars in Gemini supports you and gives you enthusiasm and energy to move ahead in your relationships. You will even seek to expand the circle of your knowledge. A trip could bring you opportunities for new encounters, unless it's part of your studies or a conference. You may also have to address the issue of communication as part of a specific relationship or contract. Your sense of diplomacy could in this case be solicited and used to optimize the dialogue and exchange of information.


You are of a rather secret temperament and you privilege observation and silence. For you information rhymes with power and according to your interlocutors, you prefer to keep it for yourself. Mars in the sign of Gemini comes to place you in front of this choice: to remain silent and risk seeing a relationship lost in the mutual incomprehension or to tear down some of your walls and relaunch the dialogue. You are strongly encouraged to get out of your silence. You have everything to gain on a personal level, to preserve both the atmosphere of your everyday life and your peace of mind.


For you, this period highlights your relationship domain. There is electricity in the air but that is not necessarily negative. It all depends on what you will do with the challenges that will be thrown at you. The competition is far from displeasing to you. Here, you could be put in front of competition pushing you to surpass yourself. However, you must avoid reacting too impulsively. Some hindsight will be useful to defuse the temptation of anger or a breakup. It is through dialogue and setting things right with your interlocutors that you will find an opportunity for personal progress.


You, who are used to acting alone and relying on yourself, may be more inclined to appeal to a team during this period. You will remember that your friends can give you valuable support or that some of your family members will be there to help you with your daily tasks. It will not be easy for you to agree to delegate some of your responsibilities. But finally, you will find a certain pleasure in this sharing, which allows you to lighten your load and to advance in the realization of your objectives.


Mars in the sign of Gemini, makes you very creative and inspired. You words will come easily, your eloquence will be outstanding and you will have a swarm of new ideas that you will want to share. Your enthusiasm will be well received in society. Your ideas will meet with followers. You will be convincing. This could give you opportunities to put yourself forward in the professional sphere. You should put this period to good use and promote your merits. This is also the time to offer your entourage all the improvements that you could have designed for the common interest.


Speech is not your favorite means of communication. You often privilege the language of the heart over great speeches and you wish that the people could be understood without even having to speak. In the current situation, the dialogue will nevertheless be necessary. You will be obliged, by the circumstances, to express clearly what you expect from the other. It will take courage, begin to clearly define what you want and then share it with your partner. Failing that, the mutual misunderstanding is likely to settle down and with it, rancor and disappointment that could lead you to the breaking point, if you are not careful.

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