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What kind of friend are you?

Written by Olivia

When it comes to friendship, are you a faithful friend, one that can be counted on in any circumstance? Are you an attentive listener, that shoulder to cry on, that person that your friends call on to be comforted? For each sign, we're going to find out together what type of friend you are by showing you your main positive qualities and your weaknesses.


Your enthusiasm is contagious. You are a joyful friend that it's always fun to hang out with. You give without a second thought and are always on the move, pushing forward, and are never a bore. You have a warm and passionate character and are a sincere and devoted friend that can always be counted on to stand by others' sides. The role of confidant fits you like a glove, always ready to listen and to simplify even the most complex situations with your fitting solutions. Still, you do tend to lack subtlety, patience, and tact, which leads you to unwillingly, but frequently, offend or push around your friends.


When you become friends, you're friends for life and can be counted on no matter the circumstance. Faithful and consistent, you are a wonderful host who loves receiving guests and will bend over backwards to please your friends and have a good time. You are an attentive listener and invaluable confidant that people can reveal their secrets without hesitations and that you can be counted on to keep. In difficult situations, you are a reliable support, who's always ready to comfort and help out. Very devoted, you are the perfect friend, who is easy-going if the other person is just as sincere, trustworthy, and simple with you in return. Your only fault is your possessiveness which, if you don't manage and control it, can become suffocating.


You are friend who is full of cheerfulness and are excellent company. You adapt to any situation and won't fail to have enthusiastic and stimulating exchanges with others. You love to have fun, are always down for a party, and follow your friends out to for night on the town. With you, no one is ever bored and your good humor can be counted on to set the mood. You have a spirit of originality and you push your friends to open themselves up to newness and to things they could have never imagined. But, your weakness is that you get bored quickly and are inconsistent in your relations with others.


Once you've invested in a friendship, you are attentive, compassionate, and very loyal. Faithful and consistent, you put in 100% of yourself. You are always ready to lend a hand and can be counted on in any circumstance. You are gifted at offering invaluable advice. Quite the homebody, you prefer invite than be invited. You are a host that is remarkable in every way, who knows how to create an intimate atmosphere to make each person feel at ease. Your only weakness is your unstable mood that can cause tension and force your friends to have to make a lot of effort to relax the mood and boost your mood.


Extraverted and generous, you are a cheerful buddy who likes to please and who loves to share fun times with your friends. You are overflowing with inventiveness and creativity to help you organize your activities or fun nights out and to make sure everyone is happy. Dedicated, forthright, and loyal, you are a faithful friend, who maintains relationships over the long term. No matter where or at what time, you are always ready to come to the rescue and boost even the worst pessimist's mood. On your own, your authoritarian side can play tricks on you. You like to give directions and make every decision, and want people to obey you to the letter, which won't always be to everyone's liking!


A very attentive listener, you are an invaluable friend that can always be counted on in any situation. Even if your schedule is full, you will always be there to offer you support and aid. You like to share your favorite pastimes and hold long discussion. You're also always down for going out and improving, or offering, your organizational skills when it comes to setting up a party. You have marvelous tact and great understanding when it for getting to know, and comforting, your comrades. But, what can be held against you, is your perfectionism and critical spirit that can cause people to grit their teeth at times.


Sociable, flexible, and obliging, you are an accommodating friend who can adapt to each person and situation. It's always pleasant to share good times in good company, and, with you, animated discussion on various subjects of common interests are sure to always be interesting and amusing. Warm, kind, and sincere, you are a wonderful confidant. You are someone who is trustworthy and always ready to help out. Your only flaw is your indecisive nature. With you, nobody should ever expect you to take control of things or organize anything. Quite often, your friends are the ones who will have to end up making decisions for you.


Once you've become friends with someone, you prove to be excellent company and love organizing dinners or parties. Your analytical mind and gift for talking to others makes you a good person to confide in. You are also a stimulating friend who pushes their friends to take action. But, due to your fluctuating mood, harsh reactions, and possessiveness, it is often difficult to understand, follow, or put up with you. Your friends need a lot of tact to maintain a relationship with you. Because of this, your friendships have trouble lasting over the long term.


You are a pleasant friend who likes to share their joy for life and optimism without restriction. You are excellent company and love to have people over. You enjoy life and like to taste life's pleasures alongside others. Full of good will and very stimulating, you like to make yourself useful, share ideas, and encourage your friends to take on new challenges. But, your craving for activities of any sort and your thirst for freedom make you an unstable and unloyal friend. You are more the type to have acquaintances rather than a solid friendship.


You are an extremely loyal, consistent, trustworthy, and faithful friend that it is great fun to be around. You never leave anyone hanging, are always there for your friends, and can truly be counted on in case of trouble. You are an attentive listener and shoulder to cry on, and you offer excellent advice. You love to have fun and have a great sense of humor. You are always down for a wild, if not off-the-wall, night out. But, you just can't help yourself from feeling superior to others, which can cause a rift between you and your friends at times, whether you intend it or not.


You are a faithful friend and excellent company who likes to share their passions, loves to have people over and organize great parties. With you, nobody's ever bored. You are overflowing with imagination and inventiveness that makes every moment together exceptional. In your presence, conversations are dynamic and intellectually enriching. You are an invaluable friend: you can always be counted on when the need arises to come to the rescue and find a common-sense solution. Remember, however, that even if you are extremely welcoming, you should still hold onto your independence at the end of the day. This means that you can't always be asked to give a 100% of yourself!


You are a gentle, attentive, and dedicated friend that can always be counted on and easily trusted. You won't hesitate to give your time and support. You are very open to your friends' worries as well as their well-being, taking care to surround them and shower them with affection. You like to share thrilling and exciting interests with others or to jump feet-first into out-of-the-ordinary experiences. Nights out with you are some of the most pleasant and enriching. Still, your great emotivity and ever-changing mood can be quite off-putting. Your friends need a lot of tact to understand you and to avoid upsetting or offending you.

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