Principle of world astrology

Written by Daisy

Rather than addressing the events of everyday life and the future of people, astrologers specializing in world astrology analyze the future and evolution of nations. Their studies focus on political movements, revolutions and human issues. In this state of mind, they decipher the key events that have marked the history of a country in order to give them a deeper meaning. In these circumstances, they can predict how a people will evolve after a revolution. They can analyze the future of a nation that has lived under the yoke of oppression. However, world astrology does not stop there. It has faculties of geopolitically relevant and also financially relevant analysis. These experienced astrologers can analyze stock markets internationally. The future of a currency according to its date of creation has no secret for them. They can explain the future of multinationals and their impacts on society. Their analyzes open minds to new perspectives.

However, world astrology is not just about analyzing a country, the world, its history and its future. Strikes, popular demonstrations, the fire of a monument, the emergence of a political party, the stars that meet a worldwide success, the appearance of an epidemic, natural disasters, sports achievements, nothing escapes world astrology, because everything makes sense, as long as an event touches a nation. The analysis by world astrology of a fact out of the ordinary allows to give it a different meaning. It explains what everyone needs to do and the message they send. It's the same for political ideals and their leaders. The astral themes of the latter are analyzed with extraordinary precision and compared to the themes of the nation they lead. In doing so, analyzes and predictions show the history of a country, its oppression or its sense of innovation and freedom, from a different perspective. It gives glimpses of dark times in another light.

World astrology combines events with planetary transits, as well as characters that mark an era, a century, or a cultural or ideological movement. For example, it can give an astrological interpretation to the worldwide success of a rock band. It's the same thing for a major artistic movement like the birth of Impressionism or something else. In doing so, world astrology gives a deeper meaning to the characters who mark history by their ideals, their discoveries, their geniuses or their dictatorship. It reveals the intrinsic meaning of the discoveries that have been made in the course of history, their future and what the concerned must do. It is the same thing for exploits accomplished by man such as the conquest of space.

It also explains the challenges that humanity will have to face over the centuries to come while considering those who have presented themselves in the past. In doing so, these challenges take on another dimension and they can be better understood by ordinary people.

Moreover, world astrology makes it possible to understand the state of mind of a people, and this, to which it must evolve. It indicates the confessional or political movements that arise, the reasons and their ancestral origins. It also reveals the trend of political ideals that will take over. All with explanations that are inspired by the past of the country concerned and its history. World Astrology is interesting for international-sized companies because it allows them to understand consumer expectations and satisfy them. Also, it is interesting for some politicians although it is not really recognized. This art offers them a different analysis of the issues they face in the exercise of their functions.

The world astrology encourages introspection as individuals. It reminds us that we are part of a great whole and that history repeats itself tirelessly until the human understands the deep meaning of events.

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