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Introduction: Feistiness and doubts!

Sagittarius ascendant Virgo: Of a modest, discreet nature, you tend to remain in the background whereas you have many qualities which could give more scale to your life. Generous and devoted, you show yourself more audacious to defend the interests of others than your own. Very emotional, anxious, you hide behind irony and cynicism. Your hesitations, your doubts often make you miss opportunities whether they are professional or sentimental.

Strengths of the for Sagittarius ascendant Virgo: Disciplined and honest
Weaknesses of the for Sagittarius ascendant Virgo: Shy and picky

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Personality: All in contrast!

You flourish by nourishing your abilities through learning, culture, you hunt for areas of ignorance. Doubt makes you move forward, your analytical mind constantly questions everything. This taste for improvement allows you to easily climb the ladder on the social level. You are tormented between your modest habits and your capacities to carry out great projects. You are efficient in many fields, but this does not necessarily bring you the satisfaction you wish.

Vitality / Temperament: Analysis and hindsight!

You like to understand what you are going through and find meaning in it. You analyze the circumstances of your life with precision, in order to find what can limit you. You are endowed with a sensitivity which, in the relational field, allows you to enter all circles without distinction of class, beyond the material factors. You are naturally inclined to step back from the details of life before acting.

Love and emotional relationships: One step forward, two steps back!

You are looking for true love, but you are so sensitive to the smallest detail that you may have a hard time finding it... You have a background of permanent anxiety that slows you down in your impulses, whether they are in love or professional. You need to relax! You aspire to build a stable, peaceful, loving home, but your lack of confidence limits your encounters. You can be passionate without losing sight of your responsibilities, but you have trouble making the first move and revealing your feelings.

In the family: Good teacher!

At home, you are jovial, dynamic, often excessive, and you are not overly concerned about messes. You never make a decision without analyzing every detail, but in the end, there are no problems, only solutions! Indeed, you are able to find a solution to every situation. On the family level, you excel in discussions or intellectual debates. You like to learn and you communicate your knowledge to your close relations, you love to be useful, but you hate mediocrity and idleness.

Relationship with money / material goods: Professional awareness!

You are appreciated in your work because of your perfect honesty and know-how. You have a high degree of conscientiousness that makes you an efficient, organized, precise and trustworthy worker, but you tend to settle for average. Your professional profile is mobile, adaptable, intellectual and skilled. You seek to portray a flexible image of your abilities and often have a cerebral relationship with your work. You need to move, to exchange, to argue, but you lack patience or follow-through in your methods. Your opportunism allows you to seize opportunities more easily than the average, it is one of your greatest assets.

Socio-professional life: Good manager!

You seek balance and good associations to make a living, but sometimes you are dependent. Intellectual energy, communication, reasoning and attention to detail guide you in financial matters. You are perceptive, methodical, thoughtful and logical. You don't leave anything to chance and you keep risks to a minimum.

Sphere of friendship: Cautious, but sociable!

Subject to passion and strong emotions, you constantly seek to keep control of yourself and you restrain your impulses. You need to observe the people you meet for a long time before you feel confident and assertive. You do not open your heart easily, but you are endowed with an optimistic nature which likes to exchange with the others.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an earth sign

You have a critical and inventive mind, capable of formulating many ideas, but you lack the initiative to put them into practice. You are concentrated, reserved, you do not give yourself away, but you have a strong sense of duty, honesty and kindness. You organize your life with care, but, too modest, you underestimate your qualities.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

Your relationships are sensitive, deep, subtle, sublimated and depend on the circumstances, the atmosphere. You idealize the unions and you show yourself too receptive, it is thus difficult for you to feel fulfilled by an agreement, always unfulfilled to your heart. You need a reassuring partner.

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