Who are you going on holiday with?

Written by Daisy

The holidays will be here soon! Who are you going to spend them with? Are you going to be able to put up with the tastes and little foibles of your companions in relaxation? Here are 12 hilarious portraits describing each of the star signs and the atmosphere awaiting you, whoever your holiday companion! To follow, a small extra observation for those of you intending to go camping in good company.


With Arieses, it will be a make or break situation! Depending on your temperament, their enthusiasm will either fire you up or their intrepid behaviour will be petrifying. You need to realise that they will find it hard to tolerate baking in the sun on a beach all day and the best way to make them into an unforgettable holiday companion is to suggest exploring or going for powerful experiences... literally or figuratively! Between an appetite for exhilaration or bungee-jumping, it will be up to you to make suggestions!
Camping: Your Arieses friend will have forgotten the tent pegs, but will sort something out. What's more, he/she will come back a bit later with a camping expert, who won't have been able to resist your friend's contagious enthusiasm!


If you set off on holiday with a Taurus, don't stint on comfort. Those born under this sign are only averagely enthusiastic about camping basic-style and will be much more pleasant companions if they are well-housed and well-fed. They are rarely sporty, but they do like walking in the country and while they are sometimes slow in their reactions, they will last the course. They greatly appreciate local markets and all the pleasures of the senses: shows and exhibitions will get them out of their loungers!
Camping: Taureans will have planned everything: cool-box, folding chairs and quick-assembly gastronomic meals. It promises to be a very pleasant but sedentary stay.


With a Gemini as a partner, you will have some abrasive holidays, but they may not be as restful as all that. Those born under this sign are perpetually on the move, physically and mentally. If you keep up with their pace and the unfurling of their ideas, you will visit all kinds of interesting places and meet heaps of people with disconcerting ease. Don't try to establish a very precise agenda or you could lose your companion, who will often be ready to change plan according to people encounterd along the way ...
Camping: Geminis will have the tent up in 10 seconds, find the nicest bar in 10 minutes, know everyone within 10 hours and enjoy themselves for 10 days.


Cancerians go on holiday for a rest and to have a good time. Their temperament leads them to follow your ideas rather than taking the initiative themselves, as they are easily content with a continual siesta. However, if you invite them to a local market, a boat trip or an improvised picnic, there will be every chance they will accompany you with pleasure. Don't force them to meet more people: they only feel relaxed with people they know. Give them time ...
Camping: Cancerians will happily set up a warm, welcoming bivouac. In the evening, at sundown, they will get out rugs and offer you a cup of tea.


Let your Leo companion make all the decisions. Leos like that and this will give them the motivation to dazzle you with thousands of ideas, each one more magnificent than the last. This is a generous sign and Leos will like to surprise you with an outstanding restaurant, a boat trip or a magnificent exhibition. Those born under this sign are never more content than when they feel they have made you happy. So, show them gratitude, dress for the occasion and don't criticise their choices. They will then be charming companions.
Camping: Leos like to think big: an 8-person tent and enough provisions for 3 months. This won't be a problem: they will invite the most prestigious people for an aperitif.


If you go on holiday with a Virgo, you could have to remind them that they are on holiday, because those born under this dedicated sign will try above all else to organise things down to the most minute detail and could be in danger of missing out on the relaxation they so deserve. These are discreet and efficient travelling companions, who think of everything and are unobtrusive. Don't force them to face crowds of people: they feel better in small numbers and appreciate the real value of the summer break.
Camping: Virgos are careful and will check everything. They will then make a vegetarian meal, or at least something of a dietary nature. Before a healthy after-dinner walk.


Going away with a Libran is like travelling with an ambassador. They connect with everyone, get invitations every ten minutes and feel at ease everywhere. Best to avoid them if you were hoping to retreat to a desert island: those born under this sign need relationships, good cheer and exchanges with others that are both pleasant and varied. They will always try to leave things as they are, attracting popularity with sometimes disconcerting ease and managing everyone's sensibilities. They will often leave the responsibility of organising your days to you.
Camping: Librans will encounter lots of nice people, who will put up their tent without their noticing and invite them to a restaurant with a crowd of people. This will be timely, as they themselves won't have given it a thought.


Going away with a Scorpio means travelling with someone discreet who gives good advice. Those born under this sign often stay in the background, but nothing escapes them and with them, you are prepared for even the nastiest surprise that could hit you unawares. However, they aren't very sociable towards those they don't know and it will probably be left to you to forge social relations with people you meet. They can be a bit possessive and will observe your exchanges with others but not hold back from being critical of anything they consider pointless or suspicious. However, they will loyally stand at your side.
Camping: Scorpios will rake over the pitch to find any twigs and creepy-crawlies. They will light a fire, tell ghost-stories and stand guard, just like in the films.


With a Sagittarian in your retinue, you will be prepared for going round the world! These are people who are fond of the good life and often multilingual, easy to get on with and eternally optimistic. They will perk you up when you are tired, learn the local language in 3 days and make even the shortest stroll seem epic. However, don't count on this person to look after the passports or book the hotel. They are casual and absent-minded, essentially a “nice companion”, but certainly not a good organiser, or at any rate, not where detail is concerned!
Camping: Sagittarians will obviously go for camping basic-style, without worrying about the context, as long as it's pleasant. If the weather is fine, they will sleep out in the open.


With Capricorns, you will feel safe everywhere. They are distant but attentive and their excellent common-sense will protect you from all kinds of misadventures. They will sometimes lack initiative but they know what they don't want. They will generally flee from crowds and hustle and bustle to recharge their batteries in a small group in a natural setting or around a well-garnished table. They are discreet but attentive companions who will be grateful if you rely on them regarding the practical problems that could arise, and they will respect most of your choices.
Camping: Capricorns will worry about provisions, but then put up a bivouac that is a model of efficiency. In their gallantry, they will take care of the barbecue. This will be basic but nourishing.


Go on holiday with an Aquarian if you like surprises and unusual situations, and you can show at least some independence. Those born under this sign are born explorers, who won't be content for long with relaxing on the beach. Best to leave them free to do as they please, without necessarily following them everywhere. They will then return with heaps of good plans for the next few days, as they have a knack of finding the least-explored places, or coming up with the craziest activities that could be found ...
Camping: An Aquarian will find the nicest tent seen from inside and use this as an opportunity to wear his/her red-spotted breeches and reconstitute packets of sushi.


If you go on holiday with a Pisces, you should take care of all the practical and administrative aspects. You should even check their documents to make sure and leave the role of bard or poet to him/her. This should add a magical element to your trip and will contribute to your true relaxation. Those born under this sign will go further than adapting: they will be looking to soak it all up. In other words, they will often leave the initiative to you and do everything in their power to make your stay restful and pleasant, not to say romantic. On the other hand, this is a sign that is rarely keen on sport, but sea-faring activities can really excite them, so think about it!
Camping: Pisceans will have remembered the cushions and candles, so you could forgive them for having forgotten the corkscrew, given that moonlit nights are so romantic.

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