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Snapchat's free application offers the possibility of sharing fragments of your daily life with funny photos or videos for an ephemeral duration, in the company of your friends. The personality of each zodiac sign has its own approach and perception of this fun tool with over 200 million subscribers. Let's talk about how each astrological sign lives their "snap" experience:


Win the Trophies
The more actions you perform on Snapchat, the more you earn trophies. These are emojis of all kinds (toddlers, lollipop, rainbow ...) that will reward your digital actions, ie your selfies posted with 5 different colors, your snaps in night mode, your snaps with zoom, your snaps in black and white ... in short, the more you snap the more you are champion. But by the way, what are all these little trophies for? To reward you as a snap geek. Oh, that's all? You are likely to move on.


View Your Friend's Stories
Aside from your friends, nothing gives you much more pleasure than seeing the contents of these snaps and obtaining a glimpse of their stories, that is to say their snaps addressed to all their friends, accessible during a few seconds or a few hours. You will then click on their icons if a story is proposed. But you also have the opportunity to benefit from snaps addressed only to you by your friends, and you like this kind of unique digital attention: for that, you will click on the icon at the bottom left of the photo screen!


Write Against All Odds
You were somewhat disappointed when you quickly realized that Snapchat is not the ideal social network for producing text but rather for sharing "visual" moments. For sure, you like beautiful photos or videos that are well made. But because you are clever, you have poked around the corners of the application and have unearthed this feature that allows you to add text on your Snapchat photos. And in addition, you even have the choice between different writing fonts. It's the cool option for you!


Create a family story
Creating a story is one of Snapchat's hints, that is, you can create group content where you will invite a list of contacts chosen by you. But like the good Cancer that you are, you will choose very close members, those with whom you have a blood relationship with, in other words your family! You will click on "create a story" on the Stories page while you give it a name. For example: "holiday ideas for next summer". And as you have decided who can help answer, you will share bright ideas about your next destination with your kids, your cousins or your partner.


Start Your stand-up
With your sense of humor and your marked propensity to express your feelings, you have everything to be an uninhibited artist even if you are still in the early stages. Stand-up is the improvised or written show embodied today by great artists such as Gad Elmaleh. Snapchat has become a career accelerator for fledgling comic stars. Your everyday life can become a source of inspiration for making a mockery of the small, unusual events of your life! It's time to get started in just a few clicks ...!


Enable Face Swap
You who like that we sometimes forget your humility and your discretion, will be tempted with a touch of fun to activate the "Face swap" of your Snapchat. This function will allow you to swap your face for that of a friend. A crisis of laughter is assured! Select the "selfie mode" and then press down on your face for a little bit to initialize the effect.


Chatter Aimlessly
You are one of the most talkative signs: your sociability is second nature. So if Snapchat allows you to have a chat with a friend, that's enough for your happiness. You will ensure that a user is connected at the same time as you, and for that nothing more simple, an emoji appears when you consult the same chat window simultaneously with another user. And at this point, it's time to jabber, gossip, exchange and share news. You do not need much more!


Brighten your photos taken at night
You are a sort of a shadow adventurer, a poet of the night sometimes going into veiled worlds that stimulate your senses. Whether at a night party or a solo walk in the depths of the night, you will take your selfies where the darkness is while activating the "Flash" option that will allow you to illuminate your shots when everything is gray.


Send snaps to the right people
Your Snapchat tool is so much fun that you post your photos and videos at your fingertips by targeting friends or contacts according to the theme of your Snap. For example, you have just got a great swimsuit that enhances your figure and then you make your selfie wearing your monokini while you send it Oops ... to the wrong recipient, namely to a colleague and not to your friend ... Beware of your clumsiness.


Remove Suspicious Requests
Before you close your eyes in Snapchat, you need to master the application to avoid getting tangled. For example, it is out of the question to accept requests from friends you do not know: you will click on the cross to the right of their username when you have received this request. You are not one of those who open the door of their social network to anyone; your existence should not be threatened by too much digital social activity.


Add as many friends as you can
You'll quickly get to know the nicknames of your friends on Snapchat to add them to your friends list. You will go to the ghost icon at the top of the screen when you access the platform and enter their name in the search bar and validate the request. Then in the process you will feed your account with multiple light, perky and fun snaps by selecting a maximum of friends as recipients.


Filter Your Images
What amuses you most in Snapchat, is the opportunity to embellish and enhance your photos with fun and colorful effects and bizarre filters. You will go to the "Additional Options" menu and then "Manage" and check the "Filters" box. You can even run your own drawing with your finger on the screen and color, for example, the hair of your selfie in red, mauve or green. Just for the fun of art!


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