How to pick up this summer?

Written by Alison

This summer, for a flirt with you I'll do anything… or almost. The love season has come and will not leave you indifferent - a little, a lot, to go crazy. Keep cool! The hottest months spring up in each astrological sign's life; here are some hints for taking the best profit from your erotic zodiac horizons!


Aries Male
Play a subtle game:Be yourself of course but don't rush onto your prey at the beach as coarse as a bulldozer. Watch over your «body language» and model yourself on those exemplary superheroes who stay calm and in full control of their body tenue: this will reassure the person who you wish to charm and will save you from failures.
Aries Female
Use and abuse subtleties: Rank party invitations with highest priority and add subtlety to your glance, make it expressive so that it could communicate your emotions all in enchanted contagion. Moreover, don't be afraid of moments of silence in conversation with your interlocutors and don't feel especially obliged to keep the dialogue alive as it sometimes embraces things far more eloquent than words.


Taurus Male
All aboard:Your love ardor will be galvanized this summer with exalting encounters and under the sign of voluptuousness. In this dynamics think as a pirate: no boarding, no goal and therefore no result. Distribute one or two original compliments and get ready to enchain while discovering your feelings and swinging your heart open.
Taurus Female
Voluptuousness = Blissfulness: Adopt a rather direct approach in order to disprove your reputation of a satisfied and somewhat amorphous idler. Your seduction power is enormous and will find its ideal ground for expanding in complete delight in the shape of improvised drop-ins with your friends. Throughout this summer, whether it is a holiday training course or even an invitation to a concert, all the doors will open to you for promising flirtations.


Gemini Male
And the word becomes flesh:Say a grateful thanks to organised trips, to long promenade itineraries where new encounters are legion. With your glib tongue and capacity to express yourself you will get your advantage. If you don't feel enough response, banter her with a tiny comic quip, just not too scornful all the same; this will be a dangerous weapon for making her laugh and forget her timidity.
Gemini Female
Adjust your gunshot: Affairs without tomorrow - not your cup of tea anymore, and you seek to achieve perfect stability. Basic sports activities will help you channel your galloping libido and your athletic energy. If you choose an environment where laziness rhymes with fun, concentrate on a precise objective in love, which will undoubtedly boost your development.


Cancer Male
Let the waltz move in a groove:Be original in your romantic approach; if you don't feel resolute enough for a frivolous aspect that eases off the atmosphere, then choose a dance world where bodies move about creating a more laidback and even tactile vibration. You will tame a soulmate more easily than you think thanks to tiny relaxed and cool signals that you will send to your partner.
Cancer Female
Camping IV: Don't hesitate anymore to buck up in order to stir up your slightly interiorized emotions, which might most certainly emerge within an environment like a camping site where interactions are more numerous and encounters are easier. Head towards a more animated climate and you will be surprised at gaining confidence and finding a rare gem.


Leo Male
Be open to possibilities:Take care to control your impulsive dashes as you will be especially whetted by the opposite sex. On the other hand, stay as open as possible instead of focusing on a particular type of personality. There are things other than glamour; sobriety could as well titillate you in a person who is very good at it for adding a zest to the day or smiling to life straight off.
Leo Female
Be more constructive: An adventurer spirit is stimulating an intense desire to escape that will propel you to new destinations. However don't lose your head and stay vigilant in respect of building or structuring your relation, in this way you will make your pleasure last longer by delicately directing it towards a strong and sincere realization.


Virgo Male
The rule of the 3:Be creative if you want to avoid getting benumbed or reflecting too much. In order to overcome your timidity or reserve, apply the rule of the 3 seconds: you catch her eye once, and then the second time, no more hesitation is possible and you rush in bald-headed. Don't stay in your corner anymore waiting for someone to come and find you. Go ahead!
Virgo Female
Smile with pleasure: Your pick up mission this summer is your smile, whatever happens. You should create a joyful and cool ambience in your exchanges and never get lost in the wilds of your speculations that can annoy your interlocutor. Spend great moments and use as indicator of your success the pleasant emotion that arises from your interactions.


Libra Male
Chic killer:Go out and meet the other, discover her instead of playing the mystery card that confines you in your corner. The most important is to open yourself, describe yourself and turn on the «beach» mode where games galore and the fact of getting partially naked is an acceptable rule. The more you act in that spirit the hotter and more affectionate successes will emerge in your summer days.
Libra Female
In the thick of things: Invest yourself in the field of seduction body language and send subtle appeals like a glance full of charm to the one who hinders your sleep. Concrete advances will follow as your romantic aura will do the rest. What is more, make for a holiday that will compel you to enter new circles of acquaintances and your love-life will get a more vibrant dimension.


Scorpio Male
Sex appeal:«To live a happy life, let's live a hideaway life» is your favorite proverb and you are right to a certain point. It is important not to blunder out everything in the course of your first date and to keep a little in stock. At the same time, resurrect your passions, find something in common with the one who has hooked your heart, let her feel at ease and ensure that she never feels judged.
Scorpio Female
At a new angle: Avoid throwing dust in the eyes or using outworn methods for ensnaring a guy, reinvent yourself in your art of seduction with the aim of looking more natural. Consider your approach at an energetic angle as you have a lot to spare, of this incredibly magnetic charm; so don't hesitate to ask him for a service in order to value him as a man.


Sagittarius Male
Fall in love without hang ups:Don't obsess over your beloved one, let her breathe and if you have already failed, get over it, let go and pass to the next stage. Celebrate with your friends without hesitation and you will always have a possibility to make new acquaintances. You are in a phase when it is allowed to concretize, provided however that you don't set out «live» in the emotional field.
Sagittarius Female
Shoulder responsibility: This summer the following golden rule has to be meticulously observed: be responsible for your actions. You are called to take responsibility and be structured in your pick up plans at the risk of getting in a mire or experiencing disappointment. Choose a romantic context for your charm operations and stake on circumstances and on adequate timing for this purpose.


Capricorn Male
In immersion:The «eyes-mouth» method is likely to become your favorite strategy in order to be clear about your intentions, which means look at her eyes and then her mouth, after that her mouth and again her eyes so that you could snatch a kiss which will break the ice. Don't drag on too long as this will rapidly start going in circles and will result in nothing but frustration.
Capricorn Female
In style! : Add a touch of perfume with a floral scent, put on a little light makeup and you will gain confidence for meeting your soulmate. Be disposed to create complicity by laughing at eventual jokes told by the one who makes your heart beat, in order to avoid any tension that could freeze your relationship. In a nutshell, become the sun that he won't be able to do without anymore.


Aquarius Male
De vive voix:As you like speech and words, play this charming trump in your flirtations, but also manage your voice that will become a precious tool for achieving satisfying results. Your leisurely and reassuring contact will be the second major advantage for making the person who has seduced you surrender under your charm. In this way you will be at the top of your possibilities.
Aquarius Female
Spiritual-sensual: Playing sexy girls with a low neck effect is not your trick, so accept yourself as you are, a rational one who loves taking up grand topics, psychology, scientific achievements. Your fine and dynamic mind makes sensations, you have to engage in casual discussions, be also easy to make laugh and you will quickly be surrounded by multiple admirers, which will make you embarrassed at having to choose.


Pisces Male
Open your ears:Listen to your interlocutor and transcend the little moments to render them more magical by accomplishing acts of tenderness. Sensibility, softness and empathy are your selected allies, so manifest them without ever being afraid of missing the mark, as to the contrary they will reassure. Highlight your original personality and your partners will be conquered.
Pisces Female
Flirt with sublimity: You can make undress with your glance - not without a naughty air - the one who whets you and tell him a wonderful story, no matter imaginary or real, provided that it creates an ambience in which both of you will feel great. As soon as he returns like for like, you will have achieved the irresistibly hot degree and a duet will be on the verge of inception in total serenity.

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