12 suggestions for facing the autumn

Written by Alison

Autumn is not just about shrinking days, shower rains and endless running noses. It is also a season full of bright colours like the trees flaunting their best outfits. Yellow, red, orange, ochre... So we should retrieve inspiration from this world of warm tones, to optimize our past summer and face the coming winter. For both your spirits and physical state, we provide here some clues to pampering yourself. Sign by sign, find out how to spend a fantastic autumn full of vital power.


Spirits. Autumn is not a synonym of standstill. Keeping this well in mind, you'll find out that this season is far from offering rest. You will surely need some guts to get off to a swimming pool when it is cold outside, or to go for a run at twilight. But the guts are what you never lack, and when imprisoned at home by the weather, put your decorating projects into practice, ask your friends over or have a party. At once you will notice how much better you are doing...
Physical state. Lighter meals are advised, and above all take your time to savour what is on your plate. Yes, taking your time is the key to finding nutritional well-being, since hurried meals or hasty eating predisposes you to bloats, brashes and to a whole lot of petty pains - nothing serious but nothing funny as well. Arrange for a detox treatment course if needed and get up early. Being an early bird you will take the most out of your upcoming day.


Spirits. Not enough sunshine, shorter days and less time for doing what you have to do - what's more, you often are rather slow and only get into gear 3 or 4 hours after waking up - you often feel some kind of lack when autumn comes into power. Except that what could be perceived as frustrating is in fact an occasion to concentrate once more on what is essential for you. Here comes the moment for engaging into what really fits you and leaving behind the things that don't seem of much use. Think of getting involved in a great autumn clean-up.
Physical state. Going mushrooming or walking the dog, so many chances to stir out. Keep your own pace, take long walks and you will recharge with positive energy; what's more, strolling with some friends will feed your social relations essential for your well-being. It feels soft. It feels great. It will do you good. No violation to your body. In your own rhythm, nothing but your own rhythm.


Spirits. Be it autumn or not, you've got a super advantage of adapting to any environment, even to cold and gloomy ones; and what can't be done in the open air anymore you will easily do in the comfort of your home. For you it is of high importance to maintain a social life rich in meetings and events. Nurturing projects, having a party, a dinner or some occasions to show yourself and chat incite your spirits and help you stay in your own sphere.
Physical state. Staying at home - yes, but not too much however. Since being glued to the TV is no good for anyone. The curious and mobile personality you are, well go move! No need to break records, just for staying fit. Set easily achievable goals: walking 6 000 steps a day, leaving your car as often as possible, no munching between meals... with just a bit of guts, you'll get it done. All those tiny victories boost your self-esteem, an essential thing for getting on well with others.


Spirits. With your taste for intimacy and tranquility, you are rolling up in this autumn as if in an old cashmere sweater, so warm and so soft. Your dreamer and stay-at-home nature makes you curl up in a cocoon. A fireplace, a cup of steaming tea, and you have slipped away into your inner world. This could be an opportunity to nourish yourself with some reading, various stories or even write one of your own. But this also could be an occasion for turning towards the vague inside your soul. With the difference that the chill stinging from the outside has come to stir you up. So you'd better buck up!
Physical state. Limit your sugar and sweets which, despite an instant positive effect on your morale, are a menace for your body. For soothing your empty stomach, choose fresh fruit rich in vitamin C and, whether you like it or not, motion is required. No panic, you don't have to run a marathon but still a minimum physical activity is a must. Better if introduced in the morning as it is exactly when you feel at the height of energy. Some yoga, stretching, walking, just keep it smooth, always so smooth...


Spirits. The autumn sun is going down whereas for you nothing is more precious than shining with a thousand sparks. Annoying as it is, your challenge is to go on glistening despite anything, and for this you've got decent resources. Sensible to the effect you produce, you don't let yourself be adrift, even now, just never. You take care of your skin, your body and your appearance. Your best doping is to state that you are always attractive, even under a thick coat and with a nose reddened by the chill.
Physical state. You should mostly keep your diet in order, with less meat, less sauce, more fish and vegetables, more fruit, more fatty acids so essential for us... At the same time you'd better think of getting more oxygen. Fresh air, even though rather chilly, will shake you up. If possible, in the morning, since you are on top of your energy just after you wake up. By the end of the day you are often in low form. This is the moment to soak in a bubble bath perfumed with essential oils and to relax.


Spirits. Autumn and the approaching plunge into the winter could well be a source of anxiety and not without reason; with all those arrangements for the new school year, the coming taxes and all the costs brought about by the Christmas season, more than enough for feeling stressed out. Except that you could do much better, which is easy to achieve with the help of your common sense. For this you only have to listen to your soft inner voice, listen to the way your body speaks out. Grant your body, grant yourself with what you need: microelements, lipids, carbs... With your attention to the diet you will manage all this perfectly. Trust yourself and take the challenge!
Physical state. For you, the only way to be top fit is after all your commitments have been met. In the morning you accomplish in full conscience your duties as a parent, a hearth-keeper, an active woman. By the middle of the day you are at your best. This way you still have enough time for physical activity and for keeping in perfect shape on a regular basis. With continuous but not violent effort, regular activity without any exploits, under thorough control, you will not aim too high nor be satisfied with too little.


Spirits. Autumn is just like you, warm and chilly, ardent and rigorous. This season mirrors your ambivalence, there's good reason why your birthday is celebrated in this period. So since it is your birthday season, get involved in celebration, with no doubt as to your capacities for living this epoch in harmony. Because well-being is in your own mind in the first place. For this, set yourself easily achievable goals. So many occasions to gain self-confidence and to cultivate the optimism that you lack from time to time.
Physical state. The essential is to get well oxygenated by staying outdoors as much as possible, doing yoga, breathing deep. Provide for physical activities during the afternoon, as in the morning you still have not got over the sleepless night or a lack of rest when you returned so late after the celebration. Due to frequent bronchi issues you should take special care to avoid catching a cold. A cute coat and a thick sweater on, here you are ready for a trip through this autumn in good shape and brightness.


Spirits. Born in the heart of autumn, you are like the nature that is getting ready for a long sleep but deep underground is still keeping the warmth that allows her to carry on. It is for you to use this secret subsurface transformation as a springboard for facing the winter and coming back to life in spring. For this you have to head for the light. If there is a chance, book a flight to a sunny destination. Otherwise, take up luminotherapy. Daily exposure to this white light imitating the sunshine will set the accurate time for your internal biological clock.
Physical state. A keen appetite and violent sport activity for compensation, half-measure is never enough for you. Well then, you will make a start this autumn! With a healthy diet above all, not surrendering to the esthetic tyranny imposed to us but having the full tank of fuel required to keep in operation. Next thing you can arrange some drainage for eliminating the effects of stress. It is important to cherish yourself and reconcentrate on your profound resources.


Spirits. As optimistic as you are, it is not autumn and low temperatures that will undermine your morale. All the same, what you ideally aim to do is not always consistent with what you carry on in reality. That is why even you have to buck up. But beware, this does not mean going overboard, just doing right. For this you'd better place the bar at an achievable height. You don't have to prove anything, and even less to prove to yourself, the important thing is to go through this season in a good condition. Not more. Not less.
Physical state. Whenever there is a chance, escape to the countryside, take deep breaths, take up outdoor activities. You were made for staying outside, fresh air regenerates you, and when the weather does not let you go out you'd better compensate it by a well-balanced diet. Despite all your love to meat, limit your consumption. Go smooth about cheese, sauces, sour cream and good vine. This way you will avoid gaining extra weight, and nothing is as energizing as that.


Spirits. Pressure and stress are your most vicious enemy, your self-pressure that you exert on yourself by the way. You often stifle your desire to do what you wish to do, pretexting that it is unwise or that excess will work you wrong. However, ceasing to force yourself in a moral or physical way would really do you good. Even if autumn inspires you certain temperance, too cold, not enough time that is to say dozens of false reasons for escaping into your shell, it is highly important to avoid stale atmospheres that pollute your body and mind.
Physical state. Eating more will help you stop munching your head off. Eating more will make you feel full at the end of the meal, provided that what is on your plate is light. Cut off eating those dainties that you gulp without notice, sinking into a pack of crisps or giving in to another piece of cake. Being the right moment for purifying your body from all the clutter, turn to green juices and smoothies; what's more, get ready for sleep by going to bed as soon as you feel tired. It is not all about hibernation, just about making some benefit out of this autumn, aimed at retrieving your rhythm and observing your sleep cycles.


Spirits. You are not interested in the past. As for the present, you don't dwell upon it. As focused on the future as you are, walk through this autumn phase as a moment to be passed before facing the winter and retrieving the fair days. No obsessing over the autumn for sure, but providing yourself resources for living it easy, in order to be well tuned for the warm season; that is the challenge you should set your mind on. Imagine yourself a high level athlete. Imagine that you are following a training course prior to an important competition to perform at the limit of your capacity. Well then, shape up your champion's mentality.
Physical state. Don't skip your meals on the ground of not having enough time, or even worse don't swallow goodness knows what in your busiest periods. You'd better take profit from this autumn for drawing closer to nature and slowing down. Slowing down but not falling asleep however. Devote several days a week to physical activity of your choice and commit to regularity. Regularity is essential. It will put structure into your weeks, your activities, your willpower. You have to toe the line if you want to walk far.


Spirits. Instead of soaking in the others' attitudes and suffering from those attitudes at the worst, define your own emotions, awaken the ones that do you good and dispose of the disbalancing ones, by means of Bach flower remedies for instance or magnesuim. It is vital to keep in harmony with your feelings. This way you will be better armed for getting over this autumn heralding the winter's austerity. As the days are getting shorter, it is even easier to live them more intensely. Taking care of yourself. Keeping in touch with others.
Physical state. Say no to indolence. Say no to idleness. Stop looking for excuses, there aren't any. Be it morning frost or not, you have to be in motion. Not for breaking records, just to keep moving. Launch your day with a nourishing breakfast made of eggs, ham, cheese... Banish white sugar that demineralises your body and take up a minimum exercise. Define an action plan: going shopping with some friends, cycling with the one you love. Together you will feel stronger, more audacious and more motivated. Well now, you've got the point.


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