Compatibility of Sagittarius in love with the Pisces sign

Written by Alison

Sagittarius is all fire all flame, spontaneous, idealistic, and autonomous. Pisces dreams of osmosis in their love and remains very dependent on affections. They are romantic and often destabilized by the emotional outbursts of Sagittarius. Harmony is hard to find between the intrepidity of one and the fragility of the other but each is a potential for the other.

Love compatibility between Sagittarius and Pisces

It's all or nothing in this case. Worlds collide: the enchanted but unmoving world of Pisces and the hectic world of the other. If you're not careful, you could end up separated on accident, your paths being so parallel. For this to last, turn the roles around: Pisces, take initiative, and Sagittarius, stop giving orders...

Compatibility between a Sagittarius woman and a Pisces man

A fragile relationship for this picturesque couple! At the start, you will be in perfect harmony, but be careful which direction Pisces takes. Will he swim against the current to get what he wants or will he let himself be carried along by the water's flow, which might greatly annoy his Sagittarius and push her to the edge? For a life of harmony together, Pisces will have to avoid self-pity, and you, woman Sagittarius, will have to stop constantly butting in. Give up your old habits and dedicate yourselves to a shared passion that will enable you to build upon a common ideal.

Compatibility between a Sagittarius man and a Pisces woman

These two signs are very attentive to the other and could find a wonderfully harmonious union. Pisces openness and perfect listening skills will attract this Sagittarius who will at last be able to shine and reveal all the affection he holds for his partner! And still, these are two contradictory signs. She is introverted, kind, and tender, while he is extraverted, embarrassingly forthright at times, and a little neglectful. They might run into conflict where both can be tactless with their words. He isn't one to hold a grudge, however, and will always find it within him to come back to her and take the heat out of any situation with much optimism and warmth!

Compatibility between a Sagittarius woman and a Pisces woman

Pisces, don't let your partner's vitality and through-the-roof energy level trouble you. You will have to hang onto, and even increase, your spirit of initiative, even if she is quicker than you at taking action. Find out how to transform this positive energy to gain your own wings to fly on! Just jump in and go for it sometimes, like your partner does - it'll earn your spirited partner's respect! Your sensual harmony can take you far along the sultry paths of pleasure. This path will be one of the best ways to cement your bond and enjoy it to the fullest!

Compatibility between a Sagittarius man and a Pisces man

You are likely to find yourselves stuck in situations where you can't understand each other. Pisces runs solely on intuition, with a strong disposition towards fantasy, premonitions, and hypersensitivity. Sagittarius continually seeks to broaden and expand upon their knowledge and ideas, and can easily find their partner unrealistic (which is often the case), whereas Pisces can find the other to be condescending or tiresome with all of their rationalizations. Neither is right or wrong, and each can arrive at reasonable conclusions, but just by different ways. Through compromise and tolerance, this will only be a small problem.


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