Child-mother relationship

Written by Mary

Here, in a few lines, are the main characteristics of mothers and children. Get to know yourself, and your child, better: being better at one will make you better at the other. Happy Mothers' Day!


Aries mothers are active and rushed, and, in general, their children generally learn how to work with this mood. Aries are strong-willed in the moment, but rarely hold a grudge. Aries mothers give of themselves without thinking or having to be asked, even if it means getting upset quickly over nothing - and forgetting all about it even quicker.
The Aries child is overflowing with energy, but can sink into a dark mood abruptly. Don't give in to their tantrums - they're trying to find their boundaries. Aries children lack patience and their grades tend to go up and down willy-nilly, but, if they fail, they'll quickly pull themselves together: they want to win, after all. You won't need to impose too strict of discipline. They accept flexible rules easier, especially if they are well-reasoned ones. They need to move, to exert themselves, and will quickly become bored with tedious activities.
Encourage the Aries child's boldness,
while keeping an eye on their ego.


Taurus mothers are attracted to nature, plants, animals - and little children. They are warm and reassuring mothers, but ones that need to fight against their stubborn streak. Children need as much flexibility and understanding as they do discipline and solid ground. And so, it will be up to the mothers to take things into consideration and to bring balance to their child's upbringing.
Taurean children love life, loving to eat and to be pampered. They might start to walk late, but this doesn't matter. They can seem lazy and are slow learners, but once they've learned something, they'll remember it forever. They still need discipline, however, and a solid structure. At the end of the day, they are rather conventional children: they like clear, common sense rules that they can adapt to.
Encourage the Taurean child's fondness for pleasure,
while keeping an eye on their stubbornness.


Gemini mothers are adult children themselves and will bring a special energy to their role of mother. They are often hesitant about creating a family, which, to them, only means responsibility. They need to understand, however, how great their coolness and lively and critical mind in teaching and bringing up a young child. She is the very model of the modern mother.
he Gemini child is impatient and a quick learner. They need to be kept busy and distracted. Boredom, not being on the move, or being slowed down is absolute torture. They can come across as fickle and superficial and can't sit still. You will have to teach them to finish what they've started, but without pushing their back up against the wall - they're clever enough to get away. Facts bore them - they prefer opinions by far.
Encourage the Gemini child's intellectual curiosity,
while keeping an eye on their scatter-brained side.


The Cancer mother in astrology is the golden standard of motherhood. Even the men born under this sign behave in a "motherly" manner. Many Cancer mothers are mother hens. This can be great (the "perfect" mother) or terrible (an abusive mother). It's up to each one of us to look within ourselves and take the best , while avoiding the worst, of what this sign has to offer. This sign's tenderness will be particularly emphasized.
The Cancer child is intuitive and sensitive to shifting moods. They have a phenomenal memory and are sensitive to what they eat and to shows of affection. Discipline relies on a sort of "emotional blackmail": they can accept the rules if they contribute to the family's happiness. They are disorganized packrats: they build their shell, their self-defense system, around themselves. They can come across as shy, distrustful, or introverted.
Encourage the Cancer child's imagination,
while keeping an eye on their mood swings.


Lioness mothers are warm and generous. They give freely, but expect a modicum of gratitude in return. They are highly proud of their children and tend to think they are the best in the world. What they will have to do is take a step back and admit that their children can have different values or ambitions that aren't lofty as their own.
The Leo child is enthusiastic, generous, and possesses an innate sense of organization. They can easily become tyrannical if their heightened need for validation isn't properly channeled. Be careful with your criticism of them. Be warm and funny - they have a fragile ego. The Leo child will have to learn how to listen to reason from other people so as not to be prejudiced or bias.
Encourage the Leo child's enterprising spirit,
while keeping an eye on their domineering and commanding attitude.


Virgo mothers are filled with goodwill and raise their children as everyone else does: patiently, consistently. Be sure, however, to let affection have its place, too. Never forget that a mother's role is all about being natural and free-flowing. Don't fall into the trap of perfectionism. Let yourself make mistakes!
The Virgo child is wise, proper, orderly, and disciplined. They need to be kept busy doing something useful and have a lot of practical, common sense. But, they can also be shy, lack self-confidence, and can be worriers. They're not the most imaginative and their analytical side makes them immune to risky speculation. They are attracted to systems of any sort, to the mechanical side behind things.


Libra mothers are often the perfect housewives, welcoming others in with charm and raising their children with a great respect for others. Their main asset is their strong taste for socializing, which will bring their children into contact with all sorts of people. Their weakness is the difficulty they have in using their authority when they need to. Compromising doesn't always work with children!
The Libra child is charming, easy to please, but can be lazy and tend to continually put off decisions until later. You will have to teach them to be more decisive - they really struggle with choices. Consistently show the many solutions to a problem and train them to form a personal opinion. They are sensitive to injustice and can become totally hung up on it. They possess, too, a certain creative potential that must be encouraged.
Encourage the Libra child's empathy,
while keeping an eye on their frivolous side.


Scorpio mothers are all about delicacy and finesse. They can guess things they don't know, and their instinct is way above average. They will have to be careful not to hurt their children in a fit of rage, as their critical remarks are particularly on-the-nose and can really crush some children. That being said, they are capable of making great sacrifice when the situation calls for it.
The Scorpio child is serious and deep. When they run into a problem, they tend to sink into silence. They must be encouraged to express themselves, otherwise, they'll keep brooding and dwelling on the same injury over and over. They need to have passionate interests and need help finding hobbies. If they have an active streak, they'll be more into hard sports or swimming, rather than ping-pong, for example...
Encourage the Scorpio child's depth,
while keeping an eye on their tendency to hold a grudge.


Sagittarian women will have children like they do everything else: enthusiastically and generously. This sign is full of goodwill, but will have to learn to keep their zeal in check when dealing with temperaments that are a little more somber than their own. Children can teach them a lot in this regard by forcing them to subdue their outbursts that might not fit well in a regular and safe life.
Sagittarian children are enthusiastic, exuberant, and, from a very early age, full of wild ideas. This natural turbulence will need to be channeled into various interests. They need to express their excessive vitality, their need to win. They can have trouble following rules or regulations, but will accept restrictions if they are sensible. They often learn to speak and read early.
Encourage the Sagittarius child's enthusiasm,
while keeping an eye on their indifference and aloof attitude.


Capricorn mothers are known to be cold and strict, but their children know that underneath this thick shell beats a heart of gold that is willing to make great sacrifices for their well-being. They offer their little ones an extremely reassuring structure in their lives will learn, much to their pleasure, to let go a little, to let themselves be a little more tender from time to time in their own repressed, but long-lasting way.
The Capricorn child is loyal and puts great importance on conventions, on a safe and secure environment. If they feel loved, they will be confident and optimistic and have a great sense of humor. They are the serious type. They progress slowly but consistently and confidently, and have patience. To develop these positive qualities, it is absolutely imperative that they receive encouragement as they get depressed easily due to their own self-criticism.
Encourage the Capricorn child's ambition,
while keeping an eye on tendency to be inflexible.


Aquarius mothers are often very original people. They don't do anything like others do, and while Libra or Gemini children might quite enjoy this, Virgos and Capricorns might be thrown off by their mother's ever-changing whims. As long as they don't think that their way of raising their kids is the only worthwhile one, everything will be fine, and relations between generations will be particularly enriching.
The Aquarius child has an original personality, eccentric even, that will show itself early and can lead to huge temper tantrums. They are, however, kind and loving by nature, not exactly the wild type, and like compassionate environments. They are often endowed with creative talent or are gifted in the sciences, and quickly get used to new technology. This is a rational child who is sensitive to logical reasoning, but with the soul of a rebel.
Encourage the Aquarius child's originality,
while keeping an eye on their provocative side.


Pisces mothers are dreamers who charm their children with their kindness and self-sacrifice. But, they can also upset some with their uncommon and out-of-the-ordinary methods of communication, everything being based on what is unsaid, what is implied, but some children need more solid points of reference to orient themselves. It will most likely be up to the father to make the rules clear and enforce them.
The Pisces child is a radar, their antennae picking up the information around them, which they then adapt to. They are sensitive, easily influenced, and imaginative, so much so that they tend to embellish at times. They must be taught to be honest and loyal as they can lie just for the fun of it. Their imagination must be channeled into artistic or creative activities. You may have to give them a little push from time to time: they always know someone who does things better than them. They need to learn to concentrate, to leave their dreamworld.
Encourage the Pisces child's creativity,
while keeping an eye on their indolence.

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