August holidays: great escapes!

Written by Daisy

August: The Great Escape! Time passes quickly: here we are, halfway through the summer holidays! To avoid missing out on a single minute of this wonderful season, here is some light-hearted advice, which will be refreshing, eccentric, quirky, but very relevant to each sign. Whether you are finally about to take a holiday, or it has already been and gone, or you are on holiday all year round, here are a few ideas that could give you some inspiration!
Lastly, a few ideas about the relationship between the different signs and hotel bedrooms! Frivolous? Yes, but it will be quite informative!


For Arieses, holidays are about challenge, physical exercise and adventure. Their absolute ideal would be to set off on a motorbike for a knife-hunt safari.
In real life, Arieses will use their free time to wear themselves out physically: sport for pleasure and speed for strong sensations.
At the hotel. Arieses will throw their bags down anywhere, open the windows if they can, have a quick shower and go back out again as they will feel stifled.


For Taureans, holidays mean comfort, good food and relaxation. Their absolute dream would be a comfortable journey to a charming little farmhouse, with all the trimmings: chickens and a kitchen garden.
In real life, they will look after their own well-being as a matter of priority. They will do some cooking. D.I.Y. or the gardening.
At the hotel, Taureans will check the price and use this as an opportunity to look more closely into room service and have a little snack.


For Geminis, holidays mean entertainment, shows and exchanges with a variety of people. They would absolutely love to hitch-hike and take their chance on the roads, armed solely with a passport.
In real life, even if work has taken them 500,000 kilometres this month, they won't be able to sit still. They will go out to get moving or they will be bored.
At the hotel, Geminis will try out the TV remote control, the lightbulb in the bedside light and the wi-fi at the same time as raiding the minibar.


For Cancerians, holidays involve romance, moonlight and water! They would absolutely love to bring their partner, children, grandchildren and close friends to a theme park reserved for them alone.
In real life, they will get some rest: lie-ins or siestas at the fireside. When they emerge, they will take care of the cooking and the children.
At the hotel, they will try out the armchair and then the bed, before examining the dimensions of the bathroom, especially the bath.


Holidays for Leos mean sublime landscapes or people, quality and amazing encounters. Their absolute dream would be to imagine themselves in a prestigious stately home recognised by the best clients and adulated by the staff.
In real life, they will have projects and the holidays will fit in well here: they will have a great time developing plans, and making models and sketches.
At the hotel, Leos will look at themselves in all the mirrors to check whether the decor is a good match. A flower in a vase will make them lifelong admirers.


For Virgos, holidays mean simplicity, relaxation and security. They would absolutely love to stay in a show-house, full of gadgets that make life easier, and a gardener to look after the organic kitchen garden and the natural swimming pool.
In real life, they will use this as an opportunity to put the house in order and carry out neglected repairs. They will be delighted if this attracts attention.
At the hotel, Virgos will inspect the drawers and check the menu for special dietary requirements. They will then examine the taps and light-switches.


For Librans on holiday, this means love, exhibitions and cocktails. Ideally, they would re-enact Romeo and Juliet, male or female. Romance and thrills under a starry night, and staying in a trendy, convivial family guest-house.
In real life, they will go along with things as they happen, but especially with people they come across. In theory, they will be available and make the most of this to add dynamics to their social life.
At the hotel, Librans will look for potential connections, networks, wi-fi, phone, a letter box …They will then be keen to call someone to tell them.


For Scorpios, holidays mean retreat, mystery and excitement. They would absolutely appreciate a cave dwelling or a submarine. They would equally go treasure-hunting at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle.
In real life, they will be on the lookout. A stash at the bottom of the garden, a definite way to look after their gains, needles in a haystack …
At the hotel, Scorpios will cautiously put down their bags, switch on all the lights, inspect the smallest nooks and crannies and then start thinking.


For Sagittarians on holiday, this means sport, games and celebrating. Their absolute ideal would be to go round the world in 158 cultural and gastronomic stages. They could learn 6 languages … but they could also lose their luggage a dozen times.
In real life, they will constantly be learning. They can spend hours looking deeply into a subject close to their hearts, whether this involves mechanics or philosophy.
At the hotel, Sagittarians will throw down their bags and get out their exploration equipment to get their bearings, while searching for their swimming costume.


For Capricorns on holiday, this means relaxation, a rural environment with peace and quiet. They would absolutely love a cabin in Canada, deep in the forest, where they would live on berries and maple syrup.
In real life, they will be working. They cannot help it. But they really enjoy putting in double-glazing or bringing back their catch from a fishing expedition.
At the hotel, Capricorns will test the reliability of the equipment and check that they won't be disturbed by noise. They will then organise their stay.


For Aquarians, being on holiday means exploration, discovery and experience. They would absolutely love to spend their holidays on the planet Mars, in the company of a few chosen friends.
In real life, they will reflect on things. They will turn the house upside-down to apply the precepts of Feng Shui, cultivate bonsai trees, learn Sanskrit …
At the hotel, Aquarians will search for a socket for their laptop and in general, feel upset about the common tastes of this kind of place.


Pisceans on holiday like idling the time away, fantasy and the swimming pool. Their absolute dream would be to sail slowly along the water on a barge, dreaming poetically in good company.
In real life, they dream constantly. They are creative and will draw, write poetry and sing. If they are quiet, that means they are relaxing in their own little bubble, on their own …
At the hotel, Pisceans will celebrate the return of their lost luggage by emptying the minibar, before directing the TV at the bathtub.

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