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What Stage Are You At In Your Love-life? You have just met someone but aren't feeling very sure of things and only know his/her birth sign? If you are single, find out how to win over this person, by taking his/her sign into account ... as well as your own! If you have recently found your perfect match, find out how to get to know him/her better, to avoid making any gross errors. Your relationship is established, but you sometimes find him/her difficult to put up with? Find out what you should expect and which strategies to use in response.

You're not satisfied with your relationship and want to break up? We'll have a look together at what is the best way to tackle this area, sign by sign. You have broken up and are wondering what to do now. We will give you exclusive advice for moving from one sign to another with informed choice.


How to win them over
Surprise them! Most Arieses are subject to falling in love at first sight, so don't be afraid of giving your all at the first meeting. Be cooperative with regard to the numerous initiatives that they could undertake.

How to hold on to them: Give them time and space to themselves. Allow them some freedom and take an interest in what impassions them, which will be vehement but short-lived most of the time.

How to put up with them: Keep a perspective on their acid remarks and don't take them personally. Arieses lack diplomacy and don't take time to think, that's how it is ...

How to break up: Don't beat about the bush, but make a clean break. They may suffer quite a blow, but once the crisis has passed, they will be grateful to you for having made things easier.

How to forget them:Go out with a Gemini. They are more cerebral and will amuse you with their pranks. They will open you up to thousands of worlds whose existence you never suspected.


How to win them over
Wrap them in tenderness and sensuality, take them dancing, invite them to a nice restaurant, offer them flowers ... or chocolates! Don't hesitate to express your affection physically.

How to hold on to them: Look out for their well-being and security. Taureans are not fickle and will find it difficult to leave a relationship that ensures them comfort and peaceful communication.

How to put up with them: You will have to reckon with jealousy, not to say possessiveness and fierce stubbornness. However, in exchange, they will give you lots of strong sensations and continual proof of their attachment.

How to break up: Prepare them psychologically and don't try to debate reasons or outcomes. Be firm, clear and friendly ... but put a cross against potential future relations ...

How to forget them:Go out with a Cancerian. They will protect you without suffocating you and their colourful imagination will take you to the 4 corners of a subtle and rich inner world.


How to win them over
Amuse them and arouse their interest. Those born under this sign are interested in everything and the right word at the right moment will instantly enhance you in their eyes. Don't overplay the romantic card, or they will already be yawning ...

How to hold on to them: Those born under this sign have a profound need for communication and movement. Don't tie them down, but trust them and show an interest in their pet subjects.

How to put up with them: Accept their acid criticisms for what they are, the expression of a lively mind that misses nothing, in a person who doesn't put feeling into his/her repartee, just humour or derision.

How to break up: It's often easy to leave a Gemini, as long as you are loyal and uncomplicated in particular. This is one of the signs with whom it's easiest to remain good friends.

How to forget them:Go out with a Leo. Those born under this sign will carry out everything they do with style and generosity. If you share their passions, you could go a long way ...


How to win them over
Feed their dreams. Dare to be romantic, not to say imaginative. Those born under this sign are very impressionable and avid for affection. However, you should take it gently as their keen sensitivity will sense your ulterior motives. Cancerians are less naïve than they appear.

How to hold on to them: Cancerians are very attached to those they love and as long as your feelings are powerful and sincere, it will be enough if your mutual exchanges are pleasant for you to hold on to your partner.

How to put up with them: Cancerians are famous for their extreme mood swings, as well as their ability to be melodramatic in the extreme, not to mention their pathological hypersensitivity. The best weapon for countering their whims is silence.

How to break up : Give them reassurance and be understanding if they are upset. Don't reproach them, but encourage them for the future. You absolutely must avoid blaming them as they will do this very effectively themselves ...

How to forget them: Go out with a Virgo, who will be much more realistic and stable. Your mutual exchanges will be full of intellectual stimulation and a variety of activities.


How to win them over
Flatter them, but without base motives. Be elegant and well-mannered, and don't hesitate to admire them. They will feel charmed and take you under their protection, or shower you with presents.

How to hold on to them: Show an interest in their plans and achievements. A little bit of jealousy will be flattering to him/her as long as it doesn't degenerate into a public scandal. Don't hesitate to express your gratitude in the face of their generosity and don't feed controversy.

How to put up with them: Those born under this domineering sign often try to dominate those around them. Don't seek confrontation, but be tactful, dynamic and dignified.

How to break up: Never humiliate Leos or you would turn them into deadly enemies. You should always try to manage their dignity. Don't stagger your break up, or overwhelm them with the responsibility for a potential fiasco.

How to forget them: Go out with a Libran. You will be delighted with their affable manners and natural courtesy. You will have every latitude for taking most of your decisions together.


How to win them over
Be discreet, but direct and very attentive. Those born under this sign appreciate sobriety and things that are natural, so don't overdo things. Sharpen your intellectual arguments and make them talk about themselves.

How to hold on to them: Offer them a tranquil relationship and secure reference points. Those born under this sign are not very adventurous and appreciate an intimate atmosphere, subdued lighting and whispered confidences.

How to put up with them: Virgo fussiness is famous and this is generally about expressing chronic anxiety. Don't take them to be you and be content to congratulate them on their orderliness, while respecting their sometimes rigid organisation.

How to break up: In general, a frank explanation will free you form those born under this sign, but prepare to have to go into infinite detail, if they feel betrayed or humiliated... Virgo stories are a nightmare of seemingly anodyne detail.

How to forget them:Go out with a Scorpio. Your life will be spiced up with a torrid sensuality and passionate exchanges. Intelligence will give way to intuition and good management will be impregnated with depth.


How to win them over
Those born under this sign hate coarseness and controversy. Be elegant and sociable without being ostentatious and you will have every chance of attracting their attention. Refine your choices and suggest going to an exhibition or other sociable event.

How to hold on to them: Librans seek peace and harmony in their intimate relationships. They appreciate discussing their choices to the end of time, as they need support and advice.

How to put up with them: Those born under this sign are perpetually indecisive and they can be annoying with their lack of initiative. Their ability to be in harmony with everything around them can sometimes be seen as a weakness.

How to break up: If you are skilful, you will end this relationship without problems. Librans don't dislike the idea of others making difficult choices for them and as long as you are courteous, everything will go very well.

How to forget them:Go out with a Sagittarian. They will take you to the ends of the earth, unveiling new possibilities, or they will encourage you to give the best of yourself.


How to win them over
By allowing yourself to be won over. Those born under this sign are passionate, intense, shrewd and suspicious. Show that you can be equal to their fantasies and prepare for all kinds of strong emotions.

How to hold on to them: Don't let go, but keep the flame burning and increase your seduction skills. Scorpios love their senses being titillated and will never get tired of it.

How to put up with them: Scorpios are eternally suspicious and enjoy testing the resilience and limits of others. If you love this person, prepare for an everlasting round of reviews and questions about the meaning of life.

How to break up: Scorpios will have often sensed the way the wind is blowing and won't be surprised. On the other hand, they will feel betrayed and could become aggressive, and worse still, resentful. Handle them as tactfully as you can, without allowing yourself to be manipulated.

How to forget them: Go out with a Capricorn, who will be sober and genuine. Here you will find a reliable partner, who is full of goodwill, with the desire to build something lasting.


How to win them over
Those born under this sign are stimulated by any kind of challenge. They will join in all your games, including games of seduction. As long as you play fair and are loyal and courageous. Sagittarians are quite conventional and appreciate a classical approach.
How to hold on to them: It's often a spirit of camaraderie, stimulating challenges, unfailing solidarity and mutual encouragement that keep relationships with Sagittarians going. They have broad ideas and high spirits, so you will have much to learn ...

How to put up with them: Sagittarians are often restless and sometimes casual in their approach, making them difficult to put up with on a daily basis for anyone who doesn't like upheavals or paternalistic advice. Look after your personal interests in order to bring fresh air to your mutual exchanges.

How to break up: Those born under this sign hate dishonesty and anything underhand, so they will appreciate an open clarification of the state of affairs, without going round the houses. They have a generous outlook and find it easy to mutate into best friends.

How to forget them: Go out with an Aquarian; that will change your ideas! These non-conformists will keep you amused for a long time with their original ideas and unconventional behaviour. If you like adventure and the unexpected, this sign is made for you.


How to win them over
Those born under this sign are not very receptive to pretence and are often attracted to another person's inner beauty. Take the time to get to know them and get them to talk about themselves, far away from life's hustle and bustle.

How to hold on to them: Capricorns are demanding and expect proof that you are serious, loyal and faithful. Don't provoke them where their feelings are concerned as you would make them suffer greatly. Encourage them in their undertakings and show them some interest.

How to put up with them: Give them some personal space, where they can recharge their batteries away from the hustle and bustle. Respect their silence, but encourage them to express themselves. In private, those born under this sign have a caustic sense of humour, which is worth discovering!

How to break up: Those born under this austere and intransigent sign can take what they consider to be abandonment very badly. Don't overwhelm them with reproaches, but keep to practical matters. They will be grateful to you for not making a drama out of the situation.

How to forget them: Go out with a Pisces. You will find a buffoon, who is poetical and conciliatory. You will set off on an imaginary journey, which will be chaotic but unforgettable ...


How to win them over
Those born under this sign love surprises and unusual situations. Don't hesitate to disconcert them and they will quickly be caught up in your little game. Their love-lives often start with a good friendship and they aren't too keen on emotional complications.

How to hold on to them: Aquarians have a fundamental need for freedom and independence. If they feel tied down and bogged down in emotions, or in anyone's debt, they will disappear. The best way to hold on to them is to set them free.

How to put up with them: Aquarians have a tendency to always be right, holding up their eccentric ideas as gospel and systematically criticising the rest. Hold on to your own life and leave them to theirs.

How to break up: Try to be as unsentimental about it as possible. Be frank, direct and clear. If they take this badly, you could try humour and if this doesn't work, make yourself unbearable and they will go.

How to forget them: Go out with an Aries, who specialise in dynamics without dirty tricks! Arieses are completely together, without malice or resentment. They will add a refreshing element to your everyday life.


How to win them over
Those born under this sign are sensitive to vibes. They can guess what they aren't being told and often, an expressive look is enough to knock them over. Don't try to give them thrills, but try to move them ...

How to hold on to them: Keep the dream alive. Those born under this sign are put off by the harsh realities of life and will be very grateful to you for bringing them stability and common-sense into their lives. If you weigh heavily over them, they will disappear ...

How to put up with them: Pisceans aren't always reliable. They often lack initiative or the tenacity to see their plans through. Don't expect too many acts of bravery, but appreciate the softer side they have brought to your life.

How to break up: They will often have second-guessed the situation, but they can often find themselves completely derailed. Make for those close to them, warn their best friends, so that they don't get trapped into morose thoughts.

How to forget them:Go out with a Taurus. Their common-sense and warm-hearted simplicity will illuminate your mutual exchanges, adding a touch of the authentic and realism.

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