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To the guests of christmas, it goes well

  Written by Alison

Christmas is the perfect time of year to reconnect with your more or less extended family. Everything should be bathed in joy, sweetness and harmony. Well almost. Because in reality, there tends to be some tension. Christmas spirit, where are you? Let's keep in mind that our reactions depend on our zodiac sign. Here's how to defuse possible crises and take full advantage of the New Year!

Aries: It is usually at the last minute that you send out your invitations. In your head, just a phone call and the deed is done! No need to send a card, your guests will come at the appointed time, no directions needed. The same spontaneity characterizes your relationships. You forget as well, the old arguments that you can crack for your new in-laws.

Gemini: For Christmas, you do not necessarily stick to family in the strict sense of the term. Friends and even neighbors are welcome, if only to spend time for a quick drink. You might even slip an invitation to someone you have just met. You will never say no to your brother who wants to come with his new friend: you are too curious to discover them. And the more we are crazy, the more we laugh!

Leo: You are determined to do things spectacularly: your guests will notice as soon as they receive their invitation, a very beautiful card. You do not hesitate to plan a table, which allows you to enthrone, sorry to chair the meeting at your leisure. You do not forget to include the brother-in-law, who is a prominent artist and the sister-in-law, who is a successful business woman.

Virgo: Initially, you see "Operation New Year" as a strategic plan. You should avoid putting your mother-in-law, who is a little snobbish, next to your hippie niece or your political brother-in-law whose ideas bother your militant sister. Phew! It is done. Thanks to a little thought, you have the ideal table plan. So relax, everything will be fine.

Scorpio: Before Christmas, you tend to see the risks of slip ups everywhere. Avoid focusing on past disputes, do everything to neutralize rivalries and avoid reopening old accounts. Count on the support of grandparents to act as a buffer. Put yourself at the other end of the table, opposite your father-in-law or sister-in-law who annoys you and smile!

Capricorn: It's not because it's Christmas that you have to stay serious like the Pope all evening. Count on the humor of your younger brother to relax the atmosphere or put on some background music. In general, you do not like parties full of people: those who are there, therefore know that they have a special place in your heart!

Aquarius: Your specialty? To hijack Christmas. The parents of your partner - with whom you are common law rather than married - will do (or not), but they may well have surprises at home. At the festive table, you invite your housekeeper or a new friend met in an asylum seekers center. After all, the message of Christmas is solidarity, right?

Taurus: A zest for life and a pleasant nature, you expect that others are the same, that they will leave aside their possible moods. Yes, every year has its share of difficulties or bad news, but nothing can ruin New Year's Eve. You may have a slight preference for this old aunt who always brings her famous dessert or for that cousin who bombards you with chocolate pralines.

Cancer: There is no one more family oriented than you. And your number one priority is for the children, around whom everything revolves. The schedules, the tree, the numerous gifts: everything is planned so that they experience unforgettable moments. Your relationship with the other adults is not important, just seeing the eyes of the children sparkling fills you with happiness. A true soft heart, you do not forget the grandparents either.

Libra: Sociable, you consider New Year's Eve as an opportunity to strengthen family ties in the broad sense. So you always agree to add one or two chairs for newcomers: the brother's fiancée or your eldest daughter's boyfriend. Moreover, as soon as there is a love story in the air, your eyes shine. You will be even more inspired to get closer to your own lover.

Sagittarius: With a cheerful and open nature, you know how to communicate your contagious good humor. As soon as they walk in the door your guests are met with a glass of champagne in their hands or fruit juice for the children, just to put everyone at ease! And you tell joke after joke: the rest will go like clockwork.

Pisces: In a soft and intimate atmosphere, this is how you see New Year's Eve. The number of guests will depend on your family relationships. Basically, you only invite those who are of gentle and courteous temperament. On the contrary, you are running away from the most aggressive or critical specialists. To the point of sacrificing an old cantankerous uncle to the benefit of a neighborhood volunteer.

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