Making changes to what you eat this winter!

Written by Alison

Christmas celebrations and a slim figure don't always go hand in hand, and some of us fear we will have to pay for a few hours of joyful celebrating with great disillusionment before the mirror or on the scales. We're therefore going to look at the metabolism of each star sign, along with their strengths and weaknesses in terms of their eating habits.


Aries is a proactive sign and those of you born under this sign often have a rapid metabolism that reflects your temperament.
Not only are you not too dependent on sweet things, but you are able to lose weight faster than average. However, you are very self-willed and you won't change your mind if you want something very much, even if this is full of calories. You are often in a hurry and this can lead to unfortunate eating patterns, regularly including fast food or sandwiches, which are real snares with their wrong kind of fats. However, if you formally decide to go on a diet, you will manage this with ease, especially as you aren't opposed to expending physical energy, which will naturally help...
Arieses slimming bonus: a rapid metabolism

Obstacle to slimming: stubbornness


You belong to one of the signs that is the most vulnerable to a portly figure, as much because of your metabolism as your tastes, which lead you more towards cream- and fat-laden meals.
However, your innate common-sense and acute sense of reality will often stop you in your track towards those extra kilos. You simply need to make a greater effort than the average person to resist temptation. Learn to find a way round challenging situations. All kinds of culinary artifices can help you here: beaten egg-whites replacing whipped cream, or eating low-fat versions should help you without making you do without. It would also be a good idea to make an effort, as many of you are not remotely interested in sport, which would actually do you a great deal of good.
Taurean slimming bonus: goodwill.
Obstacle to slimming: pure greed.


You are not the sign that is the most interested in food and that's a good thing. You are also not too keen either on the idea of limiting yourself willingly and that becomes more awkward. This could be why there are as many model sizes born under this sign as outsize figures.
For you, the important thing is not to let yourself go and pile on lots of kilos, which you would then have enormous difficulty in losing. The best thing is to keep an eye open on a daily basis and quickly get rid of any excess weight you may have put on. If you are the eternal adolescent type, who is naturally slim, you should still be careful of your cholesterol levels and other disorders that will be less visible, but more toxic.
Gemini slimming bonus: your tastes.
Obstacle to slimming: your casual outlook.


Cancerians have a reputation for being excellent cooks and great food-lovers. It's particularly hard for you to resist sweet things or slow-cooked dishes, because you love traditional family cooking. It would be a good idea to make an incursion into sites specialising in lower-calorie but tasty recipes, by learning for example to use more spices and condiments that will add flavour to a dish without putting on extra calories. After that, it will be a question of habit and you will have no problems conforming here! You're generally not the sporty type, but it would be a good idea to compensate for this with short, regular walks.
Cancerian slimming bonus: fear of being unattractive.
Obstacle to slimming: comfort-eating


Your thing is your pride. You will never accept having a figure that wouldn't enable you to hold your head high. To achieve this, you often have to fight a tendency to overdo things and to be provocative at times. But when you have taken things too far, there is no-one more pig-headed than you about regaining your attractive figure. You are capable of enormous effort, if that means being noticed and admired once again, and even arousing jealousy.
Beware, however, of the yo-yo effect that this could involve, which will be potentially harmful to your health and morale. Better to live a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis.
Leo slimming bonus: pride.
Obstacle to slimming: your voracious appetite.


Your cautious and measured temperament doesn't predispose you to excess. Nevertheless, vexations are a source of stress and these can translate into dietary lapses. As you are quite anxious by temperament, you sometimes have a tendency to eat indiscriminately and then blast yourself for lack of self-control. The best thing is not to buy things that are forbidden. If you suffer from bulimia, you can then tuck into seasonal fruit or other healthy eating ideas, which you won't be short of ... If you decide to lose weight, you will be uncompromising with yourself, with the danger you will feel discouraged early on. Consult a dietitian for help.
Virgo slimming bonus: your temperament.
Obstacle to slimming: discouragement.


Librans are too fashionable and graceful to be fooled by calories. However, their sociability can lead them to dangerous situations such as multiple invitations, whether at home, in other people's homes or in restaurants. The period of confinement is therefore excellent for their figure, their health, and their wallet... A little less for their morale. It is at these times that you must be vigilant so as not to compensate for your isolation with repeated sweet or greasy treats. Your lack of attraction to creamy or unbalanced dishes helps you a lot. You are not the most athletic person in the zodiac, but a nice walk around the house with a dog or a jog with a helmet over your ears makes you run a marathon, without even noticing it.
Libran slimming bonus: ccoquetry..
Obstacle to slimming: bad company!


You are rather wary of dishes you aren't familiar with and sauces that conceal what lies underneath. You are very strong mentally and have a willpower that can stand up to anything. It isn't easy to take you by surprise. Forewarned is forearmed and you will mostly be immune to temptation. With you, everything depends on your motivation and objectives. You aren't driven by others' opinions. If you have decided you want to look attractive and this will involve losing weight, you will do so quite easily, the difficulty being more in being able to stop once you have started!
Scorpio slimming bonus: determination.
Obstacle to slimming: denying there is a problem.


You are full of goodwill but easily distracted. It is very difficult to force yourself to do anything. Fortunately, your attraction to physical pursuits of all kinds will generally help you considerably to get rid of the excess calories that you can build up without thinking about it.
When you like something, you can't get enough of it and it's tough if it's bad for your figure. You will often rely on the next day to put off an examination of your conscience and making some real resolutions. As long as you expend some energy, it's not a serious problem, but watch out if you are doing a sedentary job.
Sagittarian slimming bonus: goodwill.
Obstacle to slimming: excess.


Capricorns generally have simple tastes, though this doesn't prevent them from having a robust appetite. They instinctively prefer energising food to culinary extravaganzas, but get great pleasure out of eating good, home-cooked food. Most Capricorns are discerning eaters without being greedy. Despite this, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain, especially with age, and you will fight this in a disciplined way. A rough patch will be enough to make you lose self-confidence and put on weight very quickly. However, as soon as the situation improves, you will lose the weight associated with these disappearing anxieties quite easily.
Capricorn slimming bonus: your austere outlook.
Obstacle to slimming: relaxation.


You hate being given orders, wherever they come from. You find it hard to tolerate restrictions and you eat in the way you please. You are open to all things new where eating is concerned and some of you will be interested in macrobiotic or molecular food. However, you aren't very easily influenced and while your tastes are unusual, they don't change. The result will be that, if you develop a taste for a new kind of food that isn't very good for you, this won't necessarily respect the fundamental needs of your body. If you are led into reducing your calorie intake, you will have enough determination to return to your ideal weight, if only to remain in good health!
Aquarian slimming bonus: wanting to be different.
Obstacle to slimming: provocation.


Pisceans are very dependent on their environment and a number of them have absorbed the eating habits of their background. The good or poor management of your health and shape will depend on the quality of this legacy. In spite of everything, it will be medical arguments that will prevail if you need to go on a diet, as a lot of Pisceans aren't really aware of the effect they have on others. You will stuff yourself at times to compensate for anxiety, without realising the effect on your figure. To follow this regime and a balanced diet to good effect, you will probably need advice and support from those close to you.
Piscean slimming bonus: creative flair.
Obstacle to slimming: your carefree outlook.


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