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Creole people have a very rich culture and astrology takes an important place in their beliefs. Creole astrology is a divinatory art of Caribbean origin that has its source in plants and flowers. The signs are based on the date of birth. It is a poetic art: rather than relying on the planetary system, we associate a sign with a tropical plant. It is an astrology close to nature that could remind us of that of the Amerindians.

Gwo Zandoli - The Flamboyant (from March 21st to April 20th): The Flamboyant is a tree native to Madagascar. Its flowers are bright red thanks to the sun's rays. In the West Indies the flamboyant symbolizes life and power. The natives of this sign rely on their life as a couple, they like to take risks together. The Flamboyant does not support loneliness and needs a partner to confide in during moments of doubt. Family life is very important in their lives. At work, they are overflowing with projects but they are waiting for the best time to implement them. It is a serious and organized sign that meets with little concern in their businesses. Persevering and courageous, they get what they are looking for but their sometimes too sedentary life can cause problems of blood circulation, they have an interest in exercising regularly. It's the only way they can keep fit.

Bef a Bos - The Venetian Clog (April 21st to May 20th): The Venetian Clog is part of the family of orchids, it is a flower of a sublime beauty that grows up to 20 to 50 centimeters. It is a solitary flower, leaning on the side by the weight of its crown. The natives of this sign put all their happiness on professional success, they do not sacrifice themselves for their family. The relatives of this sign may feel neglected because of their absence, they tend to disappoint at this level. Their investment in the workplace risks creating tensions within their own relationship. It is therefore important to successfully communicate with their partners. They are someone who is loving and sincere but they have a hard time knowing their limits and they have to determine where their priorities are. Friendship, love, human relationships are an enrichment. However, they have a good life because they always reap what they sow.

Foufou - Canna Indica (from May 21st to June 21st): Composed of ten red-orange flowering branches, this plant blooms between February and November. It is the hummingbirds that fertilize it. In love, the Balisier is passionate and bubbling, they need to feel the flame burning within. They always have a smile, even when their morale is low. It's not in their nature to share their worries. In the company of their other half, they tend to doubt their love, they need to constantly be reassured, in order to live their happiness fully. They are a faithful and romantic sign, life is never boring in their company. If they stay single for too long, they tend to get depressed and doubt love. At work, they think positively about the future, they work and set aside enough for both themselves and their children but they do not put their happiness on the accumulation of goods: they prefer simplicity. In terms of health, the Canna Indica are fragile in winter and autumn.

Touloulou - The water hyacinth (from June 22nd to July 22nd): The water hyacinth resembles that of our gardens. Its flowers form clusters of varied colors between blue and mauve. This plant needs a lot of water. The native of this sign is attentive. Tenderness is one of their main traits of character. They happen to be jealous, but if they take confidence, they will evolve serenely with their partners. In their professional life, they are overflowing with energy, they are good at leading a team or leading a project. Besides, they appreciate the responsibilities, they like to feel that they are needed, it reinforces their confidence. Financially, they may encounter difficulties, despite their efforts at work. They need to better manage their budget. They also need a rigorous lifestyle, they must play sports and eat a balanced diet. As this sign attaches great importance to their physical appearance, they tend to be careful not to let themselves go.

Manglous - The Bird of Paradise (July 23rd to August 22nd): It is a pretty bird-shaped flower that can grow to more than a meter. Very resistant, it blooms in November for six months. The native of this sign is a tender lover who appreciates carnal pleasures. They live in the present and make the most of it. They knows how to balance things and chase away bad memories to focus on the joy of the moment. Thanks to this faculty, they often overflow with energy. They like traveling, feeling away from everything and loneliness does not worry them. Stress and fatigue can make them depressed, but their strength of character allows them to get up again. They are frank people who can sometimes hurt their relatives unintentionally. When it comes to money they are rather a spendthrift and sometimes forget to pay the bills! Their health is fragile in times of stress, their body suffers when their mind is preoccupied.

Manman d'Lo - Lollipop Plant (August 23rd to September 22nd): The Lollipop plant is also called the yellow candle. It is a plant that stands straight, like a soldier at attention. The native of this sign struggles to express their emotions, they are introverted and do not dare to say what they feel and sometimes it is difficult to define it. As a couple, they are not very expansive, their partner can sometimes doubt and if they need to be reassured, it is better to talk to them and express their feelings. Of a peaceful nature, this sign is rarely in a fight and seeks a quiet happiness. If they are with the right person, they are not afraid to develop joint projects. They know how to communicate their joy to others when they are confident. We love their company because they are always smiling and respectful of the order, without being submissive: when they find injustice, they defend the victims. They never mixes professional life with their private life. In terms of health, they must pay attention to diets and eat well-balanced.

Grangouzié - Red Ginger Lily (September 23rd to October 22nd): With a long stem that looks like a wild grass, the Red Ginger Lily forms a rhizome. Its size can reach more than 5 meters, the color of the flowers is red-orange but its interior petals are pink. The native of this sign is undecided. In love, they can doubt their partner, love several or not know which to choose because they are afraid of commitment. But once they are in love, they give everything, they can sacrifice themselves for the happiness of the other by accepting too much of a compromise. They are often dissatisfied in the professional field, they need movement, repetitive work depresses them, they need to use their neurons to feel fulfilled. Always looking for something new, no one can really grasp it. They are generous, they help their friends but they are nervous and do not stay in place. Even though they are afraid of the looks of others' they confront this fear and grab all the outstretched hands.

Siyedlon - Aloe (October 23rd to November 21st): Aloe is a plant known for its health benefits. It heals skin problems and protects the nails from bacteria and fungi. The native of this sign is loving. They are interested in everything and passionate about everything. In love, everything bubbles inside but they do not always dare to express this passion. As a couple, they have the gift of making life better and more energetic, the daily routine has no place. Moreover, the daily routine depresses them, they need passion, otherwise they feel empty of emotion and amorphous. At work, they are a perfectionist, their hierarchy appreciates them for that, they are not afraid to make the decisions. They manage their career well and they appreciate change. A position without a future perspective does not suit them. When they encounter financial problems, they easily find arrangements with their banker. Physically, they tends to suffer from joint pain. Subject to aches, they must play sports to keep their energy.

Kribich - The Hibiscus (November 22nd to December 21st): The hibiscus is a shrub that can reach 4 meters in height. Its flowers form pretty rosebuds. Colors vary from red to purple to orange. The native of this sign is often clumsy in their remarks. They are not tender and they say what they think without caution. Their gestures of affection are discreet, they are not demonstrative. Besides, they hate to reveal their feelings, often they wear a mask. But when they opens their heart, when they are comfortable, then they reveal all their flaws. And behind the mask, we discover a person who is hypersensitive, fragile and shy. On the professional level, this sign is lucky, it adapts easily to all situations. They manage and direct without problems, they are comfortable in this kind of role. When it comes to money, it's a sign that likes to spend with no limit. they must try to be more economical to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

Krabit - The Anthurium (December 22nd to January 19th): The flowers of anthurium are often bright red. But we find roses or coral colors too. It is an extremely resistant plant. The native of this sign is insightful and perfectly understands their partner. There is no need to talk, they feel when something is wrong. They tend to judge others but they also knows how to question themselves and finally accept their loved ones as they are. Their partner confides easily in them, they are an excellent confidant. They are a timid sign but they overcome these difficulties when they want to seduce. Firm and tenacious, they are never let down. At work, they finish the projects meticulously. Independent trades suit them because they are able to organize their working time. They are economical and they protect their family by providing for their needs. Their health is fragile, they are regularly tired because they do not know how to take care of themselves. They must get up from time to time.

Lambi - The Frangipani (from January 20th to February 18th): The frangipani has a knotted trunk, its branches bloom red, yellow or white and exude a perfume like jasmine. It is a shrub that is very resistant to drought. The flowers can be eaten, on the other hand the sap is toxic. The native of this sign does not like to question themselves, they tend to flee their responsibilities. Often, in case of difficulties, they prefer to assume everything, all alone. It's a shame because their friends are willing to help them if they wanted to grab the outstretched hands. They are independent but surround themselves with solid friends whom they know they need. They doubt most of the time, not knowing which path to take. They do not get discouraged and follow their instincts. Even if they feel misunderstood, they continue their quiet way, at their own pace, without worrying about the eyes of others.
With great energy, they are rarely tired. Only their morale tends to trick them.

Karet - The Alpinia (from February 19th to March 20th): Alpinia is also called a red ginger. It is a plant with long leaves, between 1.15 and 4.50 meters. The flower stalk looks like a red spike. To bloom, it needs a rich and moist soil. The native of this sign is a seducer. Their natural charm escapes no one, they are sensual and extroverted, their partner loves them for all these qualities. Their heart is filled with fantasy, they know how to make life a true work of art. Nothing is lost, everything is created and they create happiness, joy and energy around them. Their intuition guides them and they are trusted. They are not materialistic, for them nothing is served by possessing too much, to live their life is enough. They enjoy every moment as if it were the last. If they have money, it is to share it with others. They like to please. Hiking is their ideal sport to forget the stress of everyday life.

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