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How do you say no?

Written by Alison

Sometimes (or often),you say "yes" when you want to say "no." Is it the fear of being seen as selfish? Of disappointing? Fear of being rejected? Why must the needs of others end up overwhelming us? How to live up to the challenge of saying "no?" This is what we invite you to discover based on your astrological sign.


Be serene
You are the type who fears that an opportunity does not come twice. You have ruled that missed opportunities are none of your business. So you embrace life and say "yes" to many things, especially at work. You accept a maximum of proposals because you fear that otherwise, this would affect promotional openings in the medium term. This is where you have to learn to say "no".


You have a hard time admitting that saying "no" is a very complicated business. You are afraid of being judged and, therefore, of being perceived as an impolite person. You have to realize that you don't have to be seen by everyone. And too bad if you are not fully accepted. You will have at least asserted your individuality and your temperament. It is not nothing since it is just asserting who you are - and not who you are not!


Listen to yourself
Above all, you must tell yourself that it is by learning to say "no" that you will occupy your own place and that you will respect yourself. From there, you can reconsider things from a constructive psychological angle. Your slightly mad and sometimes careless side prevents you from properly marking your territory. In fact, others take advantage of it and you are overwhelmed by their desires. From now on, you will know who you are without being distracted from your own goals.


Go there in stages
You have so much empathy that saying "no" is a gamble for you. To learn how to pronounce the magic word, why not go in stages? For example, try an alternative. If a friend offers to have a drink with you when you have something else planned, why not ask to see them the next day for a chat? It's a good start to start saying "no" while nuancing your point. You manage to pass your refusal while remaining open!


Be straightforward
To be sure that you can express your refusal, start by saying "no". And don't hesitate to repeat your negation. It is the surest way to affirm your desire and who you are. To motivate yourself in this clean and clear path, make yourself think that by doing yourself a service, you are also rendering service to others. This does not prevent you from using diplomacy with this formula: "I would have been delighted but...". This way you remain positive, and your interlocutor thinks that their proposal is good.


Don't be sorry
It is crucial to assert yourself. The concern is that with your spirit of service, this can sometimes turn into sacrifice. Make it a habit to say the magic word "no" as often as possible, when necessary. And don't apologize. It is important to accept your refusal. Otherwise, others will have the feeling that you say "no", thinking "yes", which would put you in a situation of weakness.


Open the "yes" session
Defuse the reflex to justify yourself all the time. You make excuses like, "Sorry, I can't because of a big workload...", which actually hides a quiet evening on your sofa with Netflix, and it gives you a guilty conscience. It's your right to refuse: don't be shy! The hardest part is the first time. Once you get into the habit, you will no longer be embarrassed to express what you want.


Find a balance
By dint of saying "yes" to everything, you become the famous pressure cooker which is on the verge of implosion. So your first "no" comes out dry and brutal. And then you drop, "No, I'm so sorry, however, I will come the next time." All this sounds strange to your interlocutor. Be calm and diplomatic, express yourself as a person who allows themselves to live life as they see fit.


Take a break before responding
Your friendly and overly lovable nature may tend to give an immediate "yes" to requests from all sides - in the workplace, for example. Learn to take a long break before answering your caller. They will understand that it is not always enough to ask for their request to be granted. This will be a big step forward for you. You start to respect yourself!


Use Your methodical abilities
If you have trouble saying "No" (especially at work),your sensitive and organized mind could still get you out of trouble. Do not hesitate to turn to a competent third person and delegate powers to them. You will be released from certain requests that do not necessarily correspond to your desires or the dates of your schedule. Then you can focus more on your priorities, which is a luxury for you!


Consolidate links
Despite your spirit of contradiction, you may find it difficult to say "no" to your friends. They represent a good part of your life, and you fear disappointing them. To avoid sacrificing your own desires, reconsider your needs and seek common ground with them. You could finally drop a "no," which will open up exchanges with your friends. And that will only strengthen your links.


Don't sacrifice yourself
It is important to know your priorities. You have too good a heart. Being there for others is blocking the way for yourself. The others demand your spirit of service, and you do not know how to refuse them anything. Know how to focus on your deepest needs, and you will succeed in identifying the ideas that are important to you. You will feel much better and will be able to say "no" more easily when it is justified.

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