Astrology: slim down for the summer

Written by Alison

Starting.... now! Summer is fast approaching. The countdown has commenced! So, to make the most out of the time between now and the day when we get to slip into our swimsuits and lounge on sandy beaches, and to drop those few extra pounds, it would be smart to find out exactly what our faults are. Even if we can't fix them, we can at least manage them. A quick overview of the main dietary challenges each sign will face. After a little digestion, we'll help you find the diet and physical activities that suit you the most.


An over-the-top food lover who is always busy and impatient, Aries never has time for anything, which means they're always eating on the go, eating whatever they feel like at the moment. Goodbye caloring counting and the sacred 3 meals a day. They are impulsive when it comes to food, and, since Aries exerts a lot of energy throughout the day, can eat like a bear. Aries can eat just about anything and won't hesitate to take a second helping or to snack between meals to make sure their stomach is always full. But, one day, he'll notice that that last pair of pants he bought no longer fits! How horrible: the time has come to go on a diet, and, like any self-respecting Aries, a small challenge won't scare him away!


Taurus is a natural expert and lover of food. They are marvelous hosts who love having people over and will invite their friends and family to sumptuous dinners where the food is not only excellent but abundant. Taurus tastes, and savors, everything on the table. Their love of food will naturally lead to them packing on a few pounds just by looking at a nice spread! Their relationship to food is a deeply emotional one. When they're down, Taurus tends to treat their suffering with a chocolate bar or drown their sorrow in a nice stew. Moreover, they always have room for dessert, too, so of course they'll gain a few pounds without even noticing. Going on a diet is a real punishment for any self-respecting Taurus. What to do, then, when it becomes absolutely necessary?


Gemini has a very unusual relationship with food. The idea of eating is more important to them than what they actually put in their mouths. A good part of the time, they're happy with snacking throughout the day, and when they finally decide to sit down at the dinner table, it'll usually turn out that their eyes were bigger than their stomachs, and they'll rarely finish what's on their plate. By nibbling here and there all day long, Gemini could develop a metabolism dysfunction. These little snacks, forgotten as soon as they're ingested, can slowly and imperceptibly stack on a few extra pounds, so what is Gemini to do if they want to keep their famous youthful figure?


Cancer can develop an emotional relationship towards food. Each little frustration whets their appetite and could lead to bulimia. All it takes for them to stack on 2 or 3 extra pounds is to be down in the dumps: they'll absolutely devour snack cakes, chocolate bars - anything within reach. In fact, Cancer loves sweets and candy of any sort. They make them feel good, feel safe. Cancer has trouble resisting temptation - it is stronger than anything, and they will run from even the idea of starting a diet. So, what are they to do to feel a little lighter without getting depressed?


Though they care about their appearance, at the dinner table, Leo won't deny themselves. A food-lover with a rather "aggressive" and extraverted attitude, Leo is in theory quite the healthy eater. They appreciate the good things in life, and their excesses often lead to them eating overly rich foods. Their warm and welcoming temperament is obsessed with delightful pleasures. If, all at once, they pack on a few extra pounds, it will be because they've overindulged their Epicurean nature. So, how can Leo choose to start a diet without getting frustrated and having his boisterous energy stymied?


Virgo doesn't usually have weight problems because they restrict themselves to an almost draconian form weight-watching. Indeed, Virgo's lifestyle is beyond reproach, and they have no problem counting every last calorie, but, since they do have a big appetite, they can also throw themselves at any food in sight in times of stress. If this does happen, they won't let those few extra pounds stick around very long, and will have no problem adopting a rigorous diet to fight for their figure. Dieting and Virgo are well acquainted - you could say that they're sort of an expert!


The special attention Libra pays to harmony in shapes and perfect figures shields them from weight problems. In general, Libra places great importance on their appearance, so, even if they can be quite the foodie at times, can still be reasonable about it. Libra is used to following a balanced diet, eating little and avoiding all forms of excess. Restricting themselves to a diet and depriving themselves doesn't fit in with their lifestyle, so what are they to do if a few extra pounds show up to ruin their figure?


Scorpio's figure is constantly yo-yoing. Nothing out of the ordinary for this sign who is used to going from one extreme to the other. Same as with life in general, Scorpio maintains a passionate relationship with food, which means, for them, it's all or nothing! They bounce between dieting and pigging out. In fact, Scorpio tends to make up for their shortcomings and setbacks by filling up their stomach until they get sick, but, once guilt sets in, they can go on a fast that will end up being more harmful for their health than anything else. So, what is Scorpio to do to find the right balance in their diet?


An expert and lover of food, Sagittarius naturally enjoys the finer things in life, and eating heartily is an integral part of their lifestyle. What's more, they rarely set themselves limits. Sagittarius gobbles down any sweets they can get their hands on and is already licking their lips just at the thought of cooking or trying a tasty dish. Sagittarius doesn't know the meaning of the word "diet". But, just like everybody else, the pounds will stack up as soon as they start overeating, and they can very easily become rather stout. This means that at some point, they will feel obliged to take action to banish this disgraceful extra weight!


Capricorn doesn't eat, he feeds. They're not the type to have to worry about weight problems. Their natural predisposition rarely leads them to overeat. On the contrary, Capricorn would be the last one to be called a foodie. They are content with eating simply because it's necessary, and so they're meals won't be the most exciting out there. Still, their sedentary lifestyle can lead to them gaining a little extra weight over time. This means that, if they are forced to start a diet, it won't be a major catastrophe. They're used to being excessive, even obsessive, about tracking every last calorie of sugar or fat.


Rebellious by nature, Aquarius has an anti-conformist way of feeding themselves. They eat when they want, when they please, and not necessarily when they're hungry! They are the master of snacking! They will often calm their anxiety or nerves by eating whatever is at hand, or just to pass the time. And so, their relationship to food is rather anarchistic, punctuated as it is by stress and worry, leading them to pack on a few extra pounds. But, no reason to panic: they are naturally slim, and, with a bit of discipline, those extra pounds will melt right off in no time!


Pisces is an emotional eater. As they always have, they maintain an emotional relationship to food. They eat too much or not enough, meaning that they tend to dive into the candy at the slightest boo-boo or upset in life. As soon as they feel frustrated or angry, they will seek to handle these emotions by throwing themselves at anything they can find in the pantry or fridge. On the other hand, when everything is going well, they can even skip meals altogether, their weight melting off like snow in the sunlight. But, one day, this balance between too little and too much will break down, and, before summer arrives, can start to tip in the wrong direction. You'll have to start considering a diet!

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