Venus in Aquarius: Air!

Written by Mary

Venus entering the sign of Aquarius announces for many of you some changes in affective and friendly relations as well as in the financial sphere. This position of Venus is characterised by novelty and independence. Original acquaintances, new friends, refined feelings and more fascinating relations might for some of you offer a really sharp turn in your affective life. Friendship will be particularly privileged in great concern of mutual independence. In another sphere, everything related to innovative technology is promoted and the respective professions will probably make headway. Some of you will find it hard to accept the spirit of anarchy that this tameless sign will bring to the feelingsĀ… The jealous, the possessive will have a lot to learn!


After several rather tough and even frustrating weeks, Venus is debarking in a friendly sector which should yield you some lovely surprises in both affection and finance. A breeze of freedom will blow over your crushes, people will be more approachable and more open, and your encounters will therefore regain dynamics that you believed was gone. You only have to keep an eye on your principal weakness: your impulsivity will also be encouraged and this is not the best news of the month! Stay alert and think over (just the minimum) your sentimental flushes and your expenses to avoid embarrassing situations. All the same, take advantage of what is reasonable: fortune will be at your side!


The upcoming ambience of riot might turn out to be harmful for the dearest of your acquisitions if you don't learn to adapt to the others' desires. Having ripened in Capricorn, love and finance are spreading their wings and you are not pleased with this situation, like anything that changes too fast. However, as you are powerless against the sky and its influences, it would be better for you to take things as easy as possible and profit from new occasions that will not be long to come, both in the financial and affective sphere. If you manage to proceed dexterously, some very nice surprises might follow as you are entering a lucky period!


A little drive in your love, some luck in your finance: the news is quite good and multiple opportunities will mark this transit of Venus in Aquarius. Contacts will regain dynamics that you lacked much during these last weeks and things will evolve, sometimes awfully fast. You've got nothing to worry about: your adaptability will let you accommodate very easily and willingly to these new deals. You will be able to stabilize your acquisitions both in love and money and at the same time savour a somewhat crazy atmosphere going with this transitĀ… Perfect entertainment!


All the time of the transit of Venus in Capricorn was at your hand for firmly grounding your affective acquisitions and your finance. Now it's the time to try new paths and to profit from life for all it is worth without anxiety since without complexes. There are some chances for you to come across new people, new friendships are probable. Original investments will also be of current interest and all you have to do is accompany these changes with maximum willingness. At this price you will have the best piece of cake.


After several very calm weeks when you had an occasion to structure your affections and investments, a highly stimulating period will open up with the transit of Venus in Aquarius. You should expect passion to come back which you haven't been expecting anymore (but the luck is turning at last!). The singles have all the chances to meet a new person, those who are in couple will see their relations blaze up anew. As long as you manage to restrain the "too much" of this transit, everything will go for the better for you: innovations and discipline will be the magic words of your multiple and varied achievements.


Your life is revived all of a sudden after a maturation period that was a perfect fit for you but could not last forever. Concentrate on what is most solid in your life and let yourself go with the fresh wind blustering in your relations and in your various acquisitions. This transit of Venus in the liberal sign will give birth to surprising but potentially promising innovations. Your timidity will be out of place if you wish to benefit from occasions that are sure to pass across your sky. Your love relations will be in a very lucky balance between feelings and physical attraction.


Venus is leaving the sign of Capricorn slightly gloomy in your eyes and is entering your fellow sign that will throw open all the locks in your affections as well as in finance. Be ready for new acquaintances and savouring a renewal of your current relations. A trap or a good idea, love amities are highly possible and if you are in couple it would actually be good not to swap a long-lasting relation for a minute fancy. If Venus in this position promises captivating and original relations, it doesn't automatically guarantee duration or stability of these love affairs. Do your best to profit from this breeze of the new without putting your acquisitions at threat by some passing excesses.


The most stubborn of you risk dicing away their future if they don't throw off some dead weight. You enjoy being a master of the situation but this time you won't be the only one in the dispute. Your dictates are likely to run into a wall both at work and in private life and here's the moment to moderate your claims now or never. Your jealousy or your desire of authority could produce some tensions that will please nobody and that you won't come off with victory. There are moments when adapting is comfortable. The more you reveal your openness to new things, the better your relations and finance will go!


A very enjoyable ambience is settling with the entrance of Venus in the friendly sign. Aquarius is sharing with you some values that you find essential, like self-sufficiency and enthusiasm. Your relations with friends promise to be especially captivating; new friends, horizons drastically different from yours will probably come your way. Some of the singles might find their other half among these new acquaintances. Meanwhile you'd better be interested in harnessing your impulsions, as inconsiderate expenses and chaotic relations are likely to come with this transit if you don't keep your bursts of forwardness under control.


Venus is leaving your sign after having secured everything that has meaning in your eyes; it is now going to flirt with a much more liberal and unconventional sign of Aquarius. Opportunities will come to life, changes will take place and life in the global sense will be more animated. With your common sense and ambitions you shouldn't face any difficulties but come out dry and profit from this transit's best aspects: new paths, extraordinary relations and, on the whole, plenty of changes which should bring you THE great idea and, for some, THE great person!


You have perhaps been rather annoyed these last weeks but the entrance of the favorable Venus in your sign is promising you a large breath of fresh air. Fortune is at your side for several weeks, your cranks will be perceived much better as they will be a "tendency". This is the perfect moment for making new friends (and even more if there is affinity of spirits!) but also for making reasonable investments in new affairs. However there still is one tough aspect with this planet which tends to exaggerate everything. So stay prudent in your crushes and expenses.


Life has been sober and reassuring until the entrance of Venus in Aquarius. Here you are completely invigorated for tackling a fairly more amicable and passionate ambience. The singles are extremely interested in staying alert and available: new acquaintances are a source of various opportunities both at the sentimental and financial level. You will however need all your renowned intuition for sorting out these new events as excessive dynamics could ruin your game and force you in somewhat chaotic relations if you don't stick to your common sense. Profit without suffering and everything will turn out well!

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