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In his chronicles beauty and fitness, David takes you on the roads of well-being, daily comfort and good mood. He unearths for you the tips and tricks of grandmother fallen into oblivion, he keeps you informed of the last advances of the science in these fields and he makes you discover the ancestral recipes of the shamans or other wizards.

Natural health and beauty, day-to-day fitness, herbal medicine, all the tricks to feel better about yourself are here. Whether hygiene, diet or the right way to make up, David brings his answers, fished over the last inventions, the oldest methods, the most original or unknown solutions. Do not miss this opportunity to feel at the peak of your power of seduction, in full possession of your means!

Make a sparkling smile

If you are still not convinced of whitening toothpastes you buy in supermarkets, you can make one at "home". They are recognized by the majority of their users as effective. After all, it is enough to try to understand that we are able to do good with our own means, and even more so if these means are healthy, natural and produce good results. To do this, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with the same amount of coconut oil and two or three drops of mint. This mixture is intended to protect your enamel, whiten your teeth, of course and refresh your breath. Another mixture is recommended: get tea tree oil which you dilute five drops of pure oil in half a glass of water: after you brush your teeth you will not forget you rinse the mouth. The effect will be visible after a few weeks. You will have a sparkling smile that will illuminate your meetings. Written by David

Hygiene habits

It's never too late to escape from germs this season. Let's review these little things to do regularly to preserve our health. Change your bath towel often enough and do not forget to dry it between each use because it is a real nest of bacteria. In the kitchen, a recent study revealed that our trusty coffee machine is a good place for bacteria to grow if the capsule container is not cleaned regularly with an antibacterial product. Ditto for your vegetable crisper that needs to be cleaned once a month on average because the fruits or vegetables we store in it can deposit soil. Smartphones must also be cleaned with wipes for glasses because they follow you everywhere in our daily lives. And finally, perhaps the most important rule is to wash your hands so as not to contaminate the objects in your environment. Without becoming paranoid, of course, just good habits and that's all. Written by David

Keys to a Good Night's Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for maintaining optimal physical and mental health. Here are some tips for sleeping well and enjoying restful nights.
Establish a Sleep Routine: Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. A regular routine strengthens your biological clock.
Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment: Ensure your room is dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature. A quality mattress and pillows are also important for restful sleep.
Avoid Screens Before Bed: The blue light from computer, phone, and TV screens disrupts melatonin production, a sleep hormone. Avoid them at least an hour before bedtime. Opt for reading instead.
Limit Caffeine and Alcohol: Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake, especially in the evening. They can disrupt your sleep.
Exercise Regularly: Regular physical activity can improve sleep quality. However, avoid strenuous activities right before bedtime.
Manage Stress: Practice relaxation, meditation, deep breathing, or reading; these are great sleep inducers.
Limit Naps: If you take naps, limit them to 20-30 minutes to avoid disrupting your nightly sleep rhythm.
By prioritizing your sleep, you can improve the quality of your nights and enjoy restorative sleep. Written by Zagon

How to Be Happy?

Happiness, that coveted state of mind, often resides in life's little things and the choices we make. Here are some keys to cultivate happiness in your daily life.

- Practice Gratitude: Take time each day to acknowledge what you're grateful for. This will help you develop a positive attitude.
- Live in the Present: Focus on the present moment rather than worrying about the past or future. Mindfulness can reduce stress and increase satisfaction.
- Pursue Your Passions: Chase your passions and integrate them into your daily life. Doing what you love brings profound fulfillment.
- Cultivate Positive Relationships: Surround yourself with supportive people who bring you joy. Social bonds are essential for well-being.
- Take Care of Your Body and Mind: Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and meditation can improve your mental and physical health.
Written by Zagon

Exercise to lose belly

It comes from a Japanese actor who says he lost 12 kilos and 12 centimeters of waist in six weeks maximum. He was looking for a breathing exercise to relieve a backache and it was by chance that he found the extraordinary results produced by this method that takes only two minutes a day. Stand up, contract the glutes, place one leg in front of you and the other behind; then, push on the buttocks by transferring your weight to your recessed foot. Gently inhale for three seconds, raising your arms above your head, then exhale with energy for seven seconds, pushing all your muscles. It is recommended to follow this exercise daily for two to ten minutes, and you will see spectacular results. Oxygenation reaches the fat molecules, composed of carbon and hydrogen, which eventually decompose into carbon dioxide and water. So, do not forget to breathe to eliminate the extra pounds! Written by David

The natural fat-burning

Michigan researchers have confirmed that cinnamon burns fat well. We had already heard of this information but without scientific certainty. This time, it has been shown in studies that the effect of the dietary compound (cinamaldehyde) that gives this cinnamon-like taste burns fat and improves metabolism. Rather than storing fat, this molecule has the opposite effect: it melts them! It is thermogenesis, a learned word that covers a biological reality and brings us only good. So do not hesitate to flake the Christmas spice in your daily dishes. You can even eat half a teaspoon before your meal. Its appetite suppressant action will put your cravings of sugar to oblivion! Written by David

Goodbye cellulite

It is possible to better up the skin with cellulite with natural means: you will have to acquire 20 grams of each of these plants: meadowsweet, birch bark, fucus vesiculosus, red vine and orthosiphon. After this visit to your herbalist, you will take two tablespoons of this mix and you will dive into half a liter of boiling water, then let infuse ten minutes and filter. You will then keep the plants and herbal tea separately. You will spread the plants still warm on a band of gauze, for example, that you ask on the areas concerned. You will leave in place for ten minutes, the time that it can act effectively, and you will see in the medium term how much it is. During these ten minutes, you will drink a cup of infusion, avoiding sweetening, of course. You will see that you will thank the grandmothers for this recipe as old as the world but lost sight of. Written by David

A Feng-Shui room

A little wisdom and Zen balance in your room, it can always be useful to sleep well or to maintain your loves. As a first step, make sure the head of your bed is snug against the wall or that your headboard has an upright to create a stable and secure place where your head will have a good protective support. Next, place support elements on the sides, preferably round to avoid the angles that are considered poisonous edges in Feng-Shui. In addition, avoid that your desk or television are near the bed, these sources of distraction should be masked by a veil or a screen because they are considered disruptive. For colors, opt for soothing pastel tones or blue, mauve, pink, green. As your room must be a kind of oasis, eliminate the electrical wires, scent it, diffuse a pleasant and dim lighting. In short, here are some ideas to start. Written by David

Green tea as anti-cellulite

According to legend, tea was discovered by Chinese Emperor Chen Nong in 2737 BC as he prepared to drink a cup of hot water in the shade of a tea plant. a leaf fell into the container. Chance did things well since he appreciated the taste. The infusion was born then and spread throughout the East to reach the West in the course of the seventeenth century. Quickly, the young ladies consumed it to keep a wasp size. Green tea, a real non-fermented medicinal plant, unlike black tea, contains three stimulating active ingredients: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. Its leaves promote the destocking and evacuation of accumulated fat. It contains phenolic compounds that slow down the assimilation of sugars and limit the number of calories absorbed. Written by David

Natural beauty

It is a tasty vegetable salad, from a vegetable plant of the family of cucurbits but it is not excluded to use as a beauty product. Its richness in amino acids and sugars (simple and complex) makes it an effective moisturizing product. This is why some do not hesitate to make a mask cucumber; if it is sliced or even mashed, spread it on the cleansed face beforehand and keep it for about half an hour before rinsing. If you can rinse with rose water or blueberry, it's even better. The minerals, vitamins and enzymes contained in the vegetable hydrate and nourish the skin. If you want to be sure to take full advantage of its resources, go buy some in an organic shop, it will of course be devoid of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. To you a beautiful young and soft skin! Written by David

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