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In his chronicles beauty and fitness, David takes you on the roads of well-being, daily comfort and good mood. He unearths for you the tips and tricks of grandmother fallen into oblivion, he keeps you informed of the last advances of the science in these fields and he makes you discover the ancestral recipes of the shamans or other wizards.

Natural health and beauty, day-to-day fitness, herbal medicine, all the tricks to feel better about yourself are here. Whether hygiene, diet or the right way to make up, David brings his answers, fished over the last inventions, the oldest methods, the most original or unknown solutions. Do not miss this opportunity to feel at the peak of your power of seduction, in full possession of your means!

Today, I save time, lots of time!

This is the guarantee given by Amabrush that launches this amazing gadget for a complete brushing in 10 seconds. Hard, hard to believe and yet the results would be there thanks to a new revolutionary device. The nozzle of the device would kill 99.99% of the bacteria and adapt to all mouths, even those that do not have a usual tooth arrangement. This toothbrush of the future will make you look, during these two handles of avant-garde seconds, a boxer (not very wise, at the beginning) because the look of the machine is that of a denture or mouthguard. You'll look a bit odd for the first few uses but, against 3 minutes of brushing with a regular toothbrush, these 10 seconds will save you 108 days of life. Most amazing thing! This gives you more time to do things that are important to you, like reading for example. Here is an idea that it is good! Search the stores to get it! Written by David

Well-being and digestion

Eating too fast favors indigestion and stomachaches, the thing is recognized: we swallow too much air. But we know it, we maintain bad habits because we are sometimes limited by the time at lunch before returning to work. There is however a very simple trick developed by nutritionists to slow down the pace and avoid swallowing our mouthfuls like a slingshot. It's just a matter of putting your fork between each bite. In this way, we will not be tempted to put the fork on the plate immediately after, we will give ourselves time to chew, taste and enjoy our meal. Of course, do not cheat at every bite and catch up in digger mode to get a maximum of food, otherwise this trick would not matter much. Written by David

Stars tattoos

Do you like tattoos? If this is not your thing, know that among the stars, it is sometimes a mania or a coquetry. Among the most tattooed of them, David Beckham has a picture of his 4-year-old daughter in the palm of his palm. Cute, is not it? For the purposes of a film shoot, Kristen Stewart was tattooed (for real) a black rectangle depicting an eye with a light bulb inside. Very pro, that one. A fan of the Beatles, Emma Stone wears the legs of a blackbird ("Blackbird" in English) under her wrist, the title of a song by the legendary pop band. More original or unexpected, Miley Cyrus has opted for corners that cannot be more discreet, the inside of the lip and the hollow of the ear where appears tenderly "Love". Justin Bieber has decided to invite a menagerie on his skin, including a lion, a bear, an eagle and even an owl during his nocturnal concerts. Written by David

The summer 'nail art'

Have you thought, ladies at nail art fashion for this summer? There is something for everyone, so let go! The fluorescent pink nails are fashionable, and it will give a nice look to your scratches if we bother you. For a bit of freshness at your fingertips, try the glittering manicure that will cast stars in the eyes of the bewitched gentlemen. If you are a lunar or cancer type, why not try the half-moon nail art (which means half-moon) on the bottom or even the top of your chic nails? If you do not want to go unnoticed, opt for the flashy neon yellow: if you go astray at sea or in a party, we will find you without delay. To dress your fingers with voluptuousness, the nails fishnet was noticed at the last fashion week of Paris, so why not you? And if you aim for a little more freshness, it is possible to make a flowery manicure, it could even give you a peace and love that will do its little effect. Written by David

Goodbye cellulite!

It is possible to melt cellulite with natural means: you will acquire 20 grams of meadowsweet, birch bark, fucus vesiculosus, red vine and orthosiphon. After this visit to your favorite herbalist, you will take two tablespoons of this mix and you will dive into half a liter of boiling water, then let infuse ten minutes and finally you will filter. You will then keep the plants and herbal tea separately. You will spread the plants still warm on a band of gauze that you ask on the areas concerned. You will leave in place for ten minutes, the time that it works effectively. You will find in the medium-term indisputable effects. During these ten minutes, you will drink a cup of infusion, avoiding sweetening, of course. You will see that you will thank the grandmothers for this recipe as old as the world but lost sight of. Written by David

One trick to lose belly fat without doing sports

A little belly to lose? That's good, we have a proven grandmother's remedy. Prepare a drink of water and lemon; very effective to find a flat stomach, you can infuse the lemon in the water and drink several glasses a day. Lemon pulp and juice are rich in vitamin C, citric acid and fiber. It is the latter that gives a feeling of satiety that prevents the consumer from nibbling at any time. Count half a lemon to squeeze in each glass and the ideal is to start your day with this drink because it will kill the toxins of your body and your liver will work much better. Note that you must eliminate sodas or any sweet drink from your habits as they are for many in the impasto and generous waistlines. With this lemon drink very simple to make you will do a lot of good, promised! Written by David

Tired, surrounded? Here is the solution!

It may seem odd at first, but chamomile can help you erase your ugly bags under the eyes. Chamomile is indeed antibiotic, cleansing and anti-inflammatory, do not hesitate to prepare an infusion and moisten two discs of cotton with this infusion of chamomile. Put a disc on each eye and let it work for five to ten minutes: your face will relax. Same thing with the tea, after your infusion, put the bags in the refrigerator and, once well chilled, apply them on the eyes for a few minutes. You can also use a cucumber which you cut two beautiful slices that you place in your fridge. Once they are cool, place them on your eyes for five to ten minutes. Goodbye bags! Written by David

Have your head in the silk

To start the weekend and lazy mornings indecent offer, why not replace the cotton pillow case which dates from the Middle Ages by a version mulberry silk? Yes, just that and it's not to play snobs but to maintain or restore a beauty. This is the concept that has underpinned the creation of these pillows as soft as a velvety caress of an angel. Indeed, it would be the secret of our beauty; that's what his inventors say. In the morning or at noon, you will wake up without any mark of pillow on the face, your skin will be softer and your hair less wild, less messy. You will reinvent your nights, which will reinvent your days and you will not be the same. So, go ahead with its creators and treat yourself. We are in the spring, so you have the right to bring the beauty of this season in your pillowcase! Written by David

To invite abundance in your life

Every day, as soon as you wake up, write three things for which you feel grateful. It can be something interior (I'm happy for feeling good, for having inspiration...) or something material (Thanks for my work that I love and that brings me a lot of flourishing, thank you for this cup of coffee with delicious aroma...), it can be small things or great things (thank you for the smile of this person who relaxed me, thank you for this unexpected money...) you do not need to dig your head, grab those moments or elements of grace that make you happy and write them down. Keep this pace on a daily basis and cherish your little book of abundance that will make you more and more fulfilled, happy and open. Have a good day! Written by David

To pass for 18 years old

Beauty allies that we would not even suspect are part of our daily lives. Here, ground coffee and milk, for example, can be used to create a more effective beauty mask than is sometimes found in the cosmetics department of the supermarket. Ground coffee, therefore, is a valuable component for its hidden virtues; mix it with a milk (semi-skimmed, because the coffee contains enough oils) in a container. You can add a few drops of lemon, but this is not essential. You will mix the components until you get a thick paste. Spread out your mask and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. You can massage. You will rinse with great jets of water. With this process and the regenerative virtues of coffee beans, your skin is rejuvenated, and blood flow is optimized. Written by David


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