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What sport soothe your emotions?

  Written by Mary

"Sport will seek the difficulty to overcome it," said Pierre de Coubertin. So it would be a shame to deprive oneself, especially as its benefits are recognized by science as, for example, to regulate tension or breathe better, to name only these advantages. But to calm the storm under the skull, the aggressiveness or the irritation, which sport is profitable and especially for what astrological sign? This is what we propose to see for each sign.
Aries: Linking business with pleasure:
Sports dancing, like samba, rumba, rock or quick step, are a discipline for you. All codes and sensuality, you will let off steam through its rhythms and joys. As a bonus, you will meet new cultures and make new acquaintances. Do not hesitate; this training will make you a refreshed and relaxed person!

Gemini: Calm your mind:
Your mental activity is so high that sometimes you hardly need to be annoyed by others to nervously stretch you out. Learn to refocus on yourself through yoga which is both a sporting activity and a spiritual discipline. It will also help you to take a step back from life and to relativize problematic situations.

Leo: Sculpt your body:
You have the art and the way to turn the negative into positive. You will perfectly calm yourself by forging an almost perfect image thanks to fitness. Make your abs concrete, shaping your buttocks, plus a cardio adapted work, etc. In short, the total through a detox training that will eliminate your negative emotions in record time. However, you will need to commit to the long term.

Virgo: Reach the target:
By repressing your emotions, you become a pressure cooker. Try a fun and collective sport with your colleagues or friends. Paintball games in the wilderness will let off steam! Using your thrower, you will bomb your balls like so many toxic thoughts that made you misery. You will feel so much better!

Scorpio: Take on a daunting challenge:
Sports competition like basketball, golf, football, will be a very good training in stress management. Competition as such allows you to tame your moments of tension, maximize self-confidence and tame your powerful inner energies. The essential point of this activity is to take a step back and it will help you a lot in your daily life.

Capricorn: Be self-controlled:
As you prefer individual sports to team sports, head to activities such as aerobics, canyoning, climbing and even modern dance... So you'll end up with yourself and your nervous emotions, and those- they will eventually melt like snow in the sun. The more effort you make, the more you will feel master of yourself and therefore reassured!

Aquarius: Learn the art of flexibility:
You will have everything to gain from a fighting technique like ju-jitsu that teaches "the art of flexibility". Because it is plasticity that you need, do not steer or stiffen yourself. In this spirit of wisdom, your emotions will subside. And the challenges will not fail because, once plated on the ground, you will have to get deep inside you a great serenity and letting go.
Taurus: Enjoy the benefits of nature:
Go for a sport in a natural setting and you will change your stress into absolute calm. Whether it's mountain biking, hiking, fishing, climbing or skiing, you'll have a blast to breathe in the open air and evacuate your overflow of emotion. Never forget that your zodiacal profile agrees with nature as a dog and cat.

Cancer: Ride your hobby:
By riding, you will have to create a special bond and collaborate with an emotional animal. In this context, you will be required to be on the lookout for your horse as to his behavior and control your nervous emotions to not communicate them. While listening to the horse over a regular practice, you will calm down and may even do without this spiritual horse-riding.

Libra: Take the leap:
As you are the kind of person who does not forget your purse, along with your beauty items you will slip a jump rope. You could enjoy it during the lunch break for a training session or take it to the gym club. Alternate 10 seconds of intense effort, then 20 second of slow motion. You will see how you will relieve your emotions. As a bonus, you will get a flat stomach. Guaranteed!

Sagittarius: To move in music:
You will calm yourself nervously by choosing a sport that is practiced in music. As long as it's fun and invigorating, go for it! Zumba and even gymnastics or Pilate exercises that you can indulge in at home will have a liberating effect on your emotions and will prove to be the best antidepressant that can be found! And if you're looking for larger spaces, head for the jogging with headphones over your ears.

Pisces: Getting into the deep:
Ideal for you: a sport related to water to relax you as much as possible thanks to its massaging virtues. Test the dance in water, the pole dance or other disciplines of the same ilk. Your tense and stressful thoughts will fade because your body will work its muscles in a state of weightlessness. Latest fashion and it is not a joke: swimming with a mermaid tail for 45 minutes, gives you the opportunity to breathe better and empty yourself morally!

What sport soothe your emotions? - 1 comment

I like it I don't like it
Capricorn Steve, sign for Capricorn
Posted the 27/04/2019 at 16:15
I find horseshoe for a sport or walking.
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