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More than ever, environmental concerns are on the agenda and often exceed us. With David, you will learn to control your own environment, to do the right thing, to avoid waste, to take the best advantage of the treasures that the Earth gives us, without looting or spoiling it.

Products as simple as white vinegar and baking soda for a perfect hygiene of the cellar in the attic, natural products to maintain your beauty, tips for keeping your fresh products longer in better conditions, recycling, diversion, resourcefulness... So many lessons that will do the greatest good for our planet and your wallet!

The first date

You just broke up? Are you still single? You lament a little, if not much about your fate? To help you relativize or even give you back the banana, here are these few stories of the (worst) first dating. Check out this one, tweeted by Jimmy Fallon, famous US TV presenter: "My mother and I went to dinner and she surprised me with an arranged date. We had dinner all three!". Always in the dinner atmosphere, another says: "We went together in a restaurant, but the waitress was the ex of my companion who burst into tears begging her to come back. Divine, as a starter, is not it? Imagine yourself in the company of your date, installed in his car, this is what this woman says: "We stopped at the gas station and he asked me if his baby was thirsty. I told him no and he said he was talking about his car. Finally, as a conclusion, this pearl worthy of a bad burlesque film: "I come back to the table after going to the bathroom, his glass eye was in my vodka tonic. He looked at me and said he only had eyes for me. Written by David

The beauty of snowy landscapes

It is certain the sun, we love it especially when it points the tip of its nose to wrap us warmly. But we must recognize that some sites of our planet become irresistible when the snow comes to put them on... We can only recommend you visit Central Park when it snows big flakes, it becomes quite different, as draped in a white dream. Amsterdam becomes unavoidable when the white dresses and its channels freeze. We put on our ice skates to sneak in and spin gently. Rome is much freer and less crowded with tourists in winter and its Colosseum becomes so much rarer, veiled with innocence. Salzburg, the Austrian city par excellence must be seen at least once in its periods of extreme cold because it has all the magical place out of a fairy tale for children. Written by David

How to refresh your house?

When the heat is overwhelming, it is best to make arrangements in the morning, at sunrise. Unlike Julien Clerc's song "Let the sunshine in", we will be careful not to let in the sun to spend a day at home in the best possible conditions. First, close your blinds or shutters leaving a slight gap to filter a little light of life. Have you thought, and this is valid day and night, to stretch a soggy cloth, not too much but just enough, in front of your window? The water evaporates creating a welcome sensation of freshness. In addition, if you have green plants at home, it is good to moisten with a soaked handkerchief or mist, it will spread a little freshness in your room. Finally, ventilate! And open your windows only rarely: early in the morning or late at night. Written by David

Watering her plants during the holidays

cation is great, but if it's to find your decaying plants on your return, it will have an air of apocalypse that you will have to remedy by a long-term job. For the August vacationers, who leave their plants to their fate, we deliver this trick to save their fiber. Get a plastic bottle that you will pierce the cap with a hot needle, for example. You will fill the water bottle and screw the cap back on; then, you will plant the bottle in the potting soil downwards while taking care to create a ventilation slot on the bottom. This drip will be your D system that will release water during your guilty absence. Of course, you will not forget to stall the bottle with the help of a tutor, or you will keep it with wire or with stones, pebbles. Written by David

Grow your garden therapy

Do you know the benefits of gardening on health? Clearing, watering or shearing calls for so many positions that mobilize the whole body to fortify it. If you own a garden, it's very good, but for those who would be deprived it is quite possible in some places to rent your small garden square in the year. Potting or repotting softens the joints and raking is very good for balance. In addition, studies have shown the positive impact on the health of patients suffering from epilepsy, depression and even Alzheimer's, that is to say! Some coaches have even enrolled in their program a "green gym" that would ensure fitness fit for a fitness session because it would be possible to burn just as many calories. So, you now know what you have to do to shape yourself physically and morally. Written by David

These incredible discoveries under the ice

As we know, the pack ice is melting in some parts of our planet, so researchers have come up with some amazing discoveries. In Siberia, in 2010, they unearthed a female mammoth of a ton that remained 39,000 years in the ice; its body was so well preserved that one could admire its coat and muscle tissue, much to the delight of scientists. For the first time in history, blood was extracted from a prehistoric animal called Yucca. And it was during the melting of the Mendenhall glacier in Alaska that a 1,000-year-old forest appeared. It is a vast expanse of spruces that has become the focus of the team of scientists. More recently, Taku Glacier, south of Juneau, Alaska, has undergone the same process to reveal a poplar forest. Written by David

Ross 128b: future habitable zone?

Discovered this autumn, this habitable planet comparable to the earth bears the same name as the star around which it gravitates. If it is heavier than our blue planet, its size and temperature are the same. It is the second planet called "terrestrial" closest to us, just after Proxima b. Astrophysicists agree that it is considered as the favorite among all the exoplanets discovered to consider living in it. Provided however that it is not already inhabited... Classified by scientists as a "temperate" planet it is twenty times closer to its star than is the land of the sun. But the star is also 280 times less luminous. The surface temperature of Ross 128b is between -60° and 20° C. If there is water, it is probably in liquid form. This is what makes dream and evokes certain stories of the science fiction-inspired novelist, Philip K. Dick... But will we know, if we live one day, to install ourselves with an ethic respectful of our environment? Written by David

Indians: eco-friendlier than ever

At the beginning of last summer, an unprecedented ecological act was carried out in India under the Paris Agreement. In just a few hours, 66 million trees were planted in Uttar Pradesh State. 500,000 citizens, adults and children, have made a point of reforesting part of their great country. As a big carbon emitter, India inscribed this action in a program launched last year in another state with 50 million trees in 24 hours following the awareness of the pollution of their air. Delegates from Guinness World Records were present at various sites to validate this encouraging performance at the collective level. As the head of government said, "By planting trees, we serve not only Madhya Pradesh but the whole world." We can only welcome this event which gives its letters of nobility to the ecology but also to the collective consciousness. Let's take more and more to heart the health of the world! Written by David


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