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The habit of celebrating loved ones on their birthday is a bit out of fashion. Why not bring it up to date? You will surprise your loved ones and your family by proving that you are thinking of them and not just their birthday! Regularly, David is interested in the name of the day and gives you the origin, the meaning, as well as the main traits of character.

So you can not only wish Happy Birthday! to the people you love but you will also show a good general culture by amaze your friends in the evenings! Quickly discover this section, from the oldest names, the most classic to the most modern, do not miss a single opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they matter to you!

Is your name Aziz?

Aziz means in Arabic "love, dear, beloved, powerful". Affectionate and idealistic, Aziz is as inspired as emotional, receptive to what is beautiful, art, aesthetics and everything that is human. She is sensitive to humanitarian and associative activities. However, if she has this open mind, she also knows how to back off, feeding a secret, enigmatic, difficult to define. Prudent and diplomatic, can participate in a fairly broad activity, ranging from business to public relations, including a labor intercessor or psychologist. She has the gift of perceiving what is hidden or so unmanifest. Her feelings are not expansive, but genuine, and when she loves, she does it totally and madly. She has a hypersensitive nature. She likes to be surrounded by her family, her family is very important to her because it provides her with a safe balance. Written by David

Where does Eve's name come from?

Eve comes from the Hebrew "h'ava" which means "life" or "give life". As the first woman in the Bible, Eve saw her companion Adam flourish in the garden of delights, and then, savoring the forbidden fruit, drew the wrath of God who punishes them for their disobedience. Eve is an animated and ambitious character, going to the end of her business and her projects, leaving nothing behind. She does not need other people to guide her boat and, to put a little fuel in her engine; she loves the challenges and everything that allows her to innovate. Sensible, she likes to be at the side of her family. She embraces the life she loves with madness, and when she gets married, it is usually for a long time, because the passion of the loved one no longer leaves her. Written by David

The temperament of Virgo

You are serious and orderly, calm and attentive, so make the decision to be more lenient with the details of everyday life. In the end, if you choose the right goals, success will come by itself and you will gain the comfort of life. Decide to relax, give yourself more leisure, pamper yourself more often, let you go every day. Keep your loved ones informed of your decisions, but avoid chasing others to act like you. All tastes are in nature, everyone has their lifestyle and you should remember it more often. You must also stay away from all forms of stress, this is particularly bad for you. Written by Zagon


Your loved ones will do everything possible to help you keep your resolutions. You are naturally interested in alternative medicine, homeopathy or alternative therapies, relaxation or massage. However, these disciplines should be based on concrete principles, common sense because, on the other hand, you do not have much sense of the wonderful. An excellent decision would be to stop taking and limit your requirements a bit. You often run the risk of losing your self-esteem due to unfulfilled promises because... they are unsustainable. You are inclined to take serious resolutions that you cling to in the end. It is a good thing if they are good resolutions. Written by David

Who are the Virgo?

You are aware of the problems of the world and you cling to your own worries, they are easier to control. But unconsciously, this trend can sometimes degenerate into obsession or mania and there comes a time when you must face the immensity of your role and your destiny to not dissolve in strictly material reality. You seem to have been born to heal others by burdened with an often sober life. In case of problems, taking care of others, especially in terms of health or social conditions, is an excellent way out for you. Joining an NGO or an ecological movement can also open new horizons. Written by David

Which Rose are you?

Rosa is discreet, feminine and full of charm, but is no less bold, resolute and bold when the circumstances are right. Although she is cautious at first sight, she is ready to embark on strenuous adventures once she has determined the intricacies. Even if she is able to roll up her sleeves to invest in her work, she is surrounded by her own that blooms the most. In addition, she has the maternal fiber and her children are, in general, a beautiful teaching of life. Her wit is very familiar to the world of childhood, so the relationships she establishes with it provide solid support on which she is based to evolve internally. She has a fairly precise and accurate vision of what she wants and if, by chance, one gets in her way in a malicious way, she can draw her claws to defend herself and affirm her personality. Written by David

Is your name Mary?

Mary has her origin in the Hebrew name Myriam, which means "drop of the sea". Although reserved, Mary has a resolute and assertive character. She manages to maintain a balance between a noble and seductive side and a form of simplicity that makes it very affordable. Serious and applied, her objective is always to advance because she does not conceive her way of life without personal progress. She has patience in some difficult times and yet she can lose control of herself due to some detail or something useless... Obstinate, she rarely gives in because she wants to reach the end of her goal. She can also manage a project with a master hand or take responsibility without fainting, either intellectually or professionally. Written by David

Who is Clara?

Clara comes from the Latin "clarus" which means "clear", in the sense of "glorious" or "illustrious". Clara has a resolute character and full of joy of life. Bold and daring, she is not afraid to reach her goals when they seem right. If you approach her, her behavior will always be affable and attractive, even reassuring because she likes to take care of others. Frank and direct, she is also devoted and will never play with you because she hates hypocrisy. On the other hand, injustice rebels and can easily get out of her hinges when a cause touches her. Enthusiastic and dynamic, the competition does not scare and hurry, shooting right and left to succeed in what is close to her heart. Very sociable, she likes to surround herself with friends and festive environments. At the same time, her family origin is important and has some influence over her, even if she is independent and autonomous. Written by David

Which Laurence are you?

Laurence has two origins: the Italian and the Germanic. Enzo is the diminutive of the Italian name Laurenzo, from the Latin laurus meaning "Laurel". It is also the Italian version of Henri. Enzo can also be considered as the diminutive of Heinrich, a Germanic form of Henry, which comes from heim and rik which respectively mean "house" and "king". Laurence is usually happy and in a good mood. He is helpful, generous, but impressionable. Laurence has a sense of family and seeks the best for her loved ones. He does not run after new encounters and finds his balance in the routine, his habits. He is an ambitious man who spares no effort to achieve his goals. Laurence is a faithful man, a little possessive, but understanding with his partner. Written by Zagon

Leo's temperament

You keep your hope in yourself, in life, in the future. You build castles in the clouds, and you're always looking for ways to make them come true. When you fail, you find your comfort in more spiritual values. When you succeed, you forget those values to savor your material or social gains. You are a born actor who can eliminate a great deal of anxiety by practicing drama or developing even more spectacular means of expression. You need to play your role, to exist in the eyes of the world. That's why you can be a great boss and a convincing leader. Written by David


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