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The habit of celebrating loved ones on their birthday is a bit out of fashion. Why not bring it up to date? You will surprise your loved ones and your family by proving that you are thinking of them and not just their birthday! Regularly, David is interested in the name of the day and gives you the origin, the meaning, as well as the main traits of character.

So you can not only wish Happy Birthday! to the people you love but you will also show a good general culture by amaze your friends in the evenings! Quickly discover this section, from the oldest names, the most classic to the most modern, do not miss a single opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they matter to you!

How does Pisces work?

You are intuitively connected to invisible worlds, interested in the occult, subject to forebodings or premonitory dreams. It is an ideal base for the development of spirituality, but an excess of sensitivity can push you towards systematic defeatism. Written by Zagon

Who are the people named Martin?

Martin is a Latin name, "Martinus" means "little Mars" or Martius for a warrior. Martin has a real dynamic temperament! His energy and enthusiasm are exemplary and provoke audiences seduced and convinced. On the other hand, Martin knows how to slow down, or even think about his ambitions, plans or strategies. You can even maneuver delicately! Although he is not an artist, he still has ideals and his practical qualities can help him achieve them calmly. Under a somewhat harsh and austere exterior, he is truly emotional. Audacious and leader, he does not do things half-heartedly and is dedicated to his goals. If he feels honest, he will not hesitate to give you support and support, with all his soul. He will even love advising you to achieve your goals, since his role as a guide is close to his heart when he considers the person in need. He produces opinions with a certain sense of reality, which makes him have a serious reputation. Written by David

Do you know anyone named Pauline?

Pauline comes from the Latin "Paulus" which means "small", "weak". And, in fact, Pauline has a great emotionality that can weaken her on the emotional level, so she will have to skimp on herself and not choose a harsh environment. Eager to please and an outgoing temperament, Pauline weaves contacts that are similar, both expressive and benevolent. Receptive to beauty and aesthetics, approaches the sign of Libra from this point of view. She may find it difficult to make a choice and her perfectionist side, at the limit of mania, can also devote a lot of time to a detail, it is not particularly useful. In addition, it will be beneficial for her to practice an artistic or artisanal activity for her personal balance. To feel good about herself, she also need to be in love and form a duo based on a relationship of trust. Written by David

Do you know anyone named Agnes?

Agnes comes from the Greek AgnĂȘ which means "pure", "chaste" or "sacred". The people with the name of Agnes are distinguished by a fine, intelligent, jovial and open character. Often they spread a particularly bright and communicative energy, their good humor is very appreciated in the parties or the society. They hate the daily purr and are often in transit, fleeing from the plague of monotony, from a repetitive existence. Her curiosity is insatiable and her motto could be "Understand everyone and be everywhere at once". They radiate an obvious power of seduction and tend to collect romantic relationships. You will find satisfaction in meeting a fellow patient, who imposes and inspires a form of stability. In terms of their career, they will succeed as long as they do not grab two hares at a time, to focus on a precise and consistent goal. Demanding ones can reap beautiful laurels but, perfectionists, surely will not rely on them. Written by David

Who are Remi?

Remi has a sensitive, inspired and intuitive character. Feel the environment in which it evolves and, even if it is a little rebellious, knows how to establish balanced and pleasant relationships of trust. It is very frank and you will quickly know what you think, where sometimes some interferences arise in the exchanges with your collaborators. On the other hand, he loves his family, is generous with them and will do everything possible to create a harmonious atmosphere in this personal and private world. Although proud, you can pause this aspect of your personality to be more conciliatory. He is welcoming, optimistic, warm, dreamer, in love with travel and adventure. He also likes to play with his charm, take on any challenge from a distance and discover solutions in an original or creative way. His reference sign is Sagittarius, so he can agree with Gemini in the context of an affective relationship, but also with Libra and Aquarius. Written by David

Where does this name come from?

This name comes from the Germanic name meaning "will" and "helmet" or "protection"; it also corresponds to the old Norman: William. You like to move forward when your soul or heart is affected; In other words, you easily defend your own or those you love. You value your friends and family members who are a big part of your life. There is a heroic side to your heart that naturally makes you defend the widow and the orphan. With a romantic spirit, you are faithful and your honesty is something safe in the home. Volunteer and ambitious, you like to set great goals and work hard to achieve them. Both intellectual and physical activities provoke your enthusiasm and contribute to your balance. The adagio of the philosopher "A healthy mind in a healthy body" fits perfectly to you. Your associated astrological sign is Leo, your lucky number is 2, your color is green and your precious stone is emerald. Written by David

How does Scorpio work?

You relax when you have the time and the opportunity to observe a situation or behavior. Every time you draw lasting lessons about yourself, others and the meaning of life. Any type of investigation will increase your mentality, be it a hidden object game or see famous research. Your sense of effort, your will, in short, all your temperament leads you to maintain without problems any resolution you have really taken. You do not tell anyone about your decisions because they only concern you. It is useless to demonstrate your good faith to someone, if you make an effort, it is to reach him and not to impress others. Written by Zagon

Do you know anyone named Edward?

Dear Edward, your psychological profile indicates a temperament that favors exchange and relationships. You can also accommodate less versatile characters, like appreciating those who laugh easily. Your speech is easy, you have the art and the way, if you wish, to take your contacts to your personal goals. A little manipulative, you play your charm and even enjoy being in the spotlight, in front of the stage. A job that includes the relationship or that puts you in the center of attention would be right for you. Your refined mind is attracted to beauty in all its aspects, you love elegance and aesthetic richness because they make you feel good. On the emotional level, you go from laughing to crying. A real man of the show, we tell you! However, this instability is compensated to a large extent with your energy at work where you demonstrate professionalism and dedication. Written by David

Who are the David ?

David is of Hebrew origin: "daoud" means "loved by God". David is a man of his word who has a sense of detail and has no problems integrating himself: he adapts easily to all situations. David always finds something to improve, likes challenges, sets huge goals and works hard to achieve them. He is also a diplomat who always finds the right words to solve a problem or negotiate. David uses his charm to attract the attention of people who are interested in him, he is a friend, a companion and a loving father, warm and tender. He can be jealous or possessive with his partner and overprotect his family. David takes the good side of life, but it is not easy to manage. Written by Zagon

Where does Stephen's name come from?

Stephen finds his origin in the Greek name "stephanos" which means "the crowned one". Stephen is a charming being, appreciated for his vivacity, his humor and his sociability. Volunteer and efficient, he likes to participate in activities in which he strives to be the best. But under the intelligent and assertive exterior, he is sensitive and reserved. He has a predilection for games in all its forms, whether by chance or seduction. One does not resist his attractiveness because he releases a curious energy full of rhythm. Soft and tender with his surroundings, capable of great sacrifices, he manifests a spirit of service to help those in need. He likes that his friends or loved ones feel good with him because the opposite would upset him to the point of making him back on himself. Written by David

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