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The habit of celebrating loved ones on their birthday is a bit out of fashion. Why not bring it up to date? You will surprise your loved ones and your family by proving that you are thinking of them and not just their birthday! Regularly, David is interested in the name of the day and gives you the origin, the meaning, as well as the main traits of character.

So you can not only wish Happy Birthday! to the people you love but you will also show a good general culture by amaze your friends in the evenings! Quickly discover this section, from the oldest names, the most classic to the most modern, do not miss a single opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they matter to you!

Do you know anyone named Clotilda?

Clotilda is of Germanic origin and consists of two words: "hold and hild" which means "glory and struggle". Clotilda is tenacious and does everything possible to achieve what she seeks, overflowing with energy and dedicating a true passion to life itself, always looking for simple and concrete pleasures. Clotilda is full of energy and often know how to use it wisely. In addition, she is enterprising, organized and organized, which does not prevent her, if necessary, from attempting potentially dangerous adventures if her curiosity is aroused. Clotilda expresses her feelings very easily and she needs attention in return, she needs a strong but romantic man. Written by Zagon

Who are the Gemini?

Often, you are a good therapist and a good advisor: your intellectual lucidity helps to diagnose any problem and your mind lives and quickly captures the essentials easily. Do not miss the opportunity to be useful for others, open familiar or friendly perspectives and this will compensate your lucidity sometimes disappointed. You can make an effort if it is one or more of your relatives, but for you it is much more difficult. You do not promise anything, especially yourself. Your lucid and critical temperament knows all too well the false bets of this type of decision. Written by David

The meaning of the first name Sonia!

The first name Sonia is a derivative of Sophie and comes from the Greek, sophia: "wisdom" Sonia is a Slavic version of Sophie. Sonia is tenacious and gets what she wants. She structures and organizes, she doesn't leave any room for chance. Sonia is an attractive woman who impresses those around her. Frank and authentic, she says what she thinks. Written by David

Which Eric are you?

Eric is of Scandinavian origin: "Eirikr" is derived from the word "rikr" which means ruler. Eric is a discreet man, but of willful and adventurous temperament. He is very involved in his activities, takes initiatives without hesitation and does not always ask enough questions. He is a sociable and endearing man who respects and listens to everyone, his sense of initiative makes him a good leader or team leader; then he pushes others towards the achievement of common goals. In his love life, Eric is passionate and faithful, maintaining balance and harmony, both at home and in his circle of friends. When he is in love, he invests deeply in their relationship, likes to share and communicate. Written by Zagon

Who is Estella?

Estella comes from the Latin "Stella" which means "star" and from the Greek "Eustelle" which means "to adorn". The "Estella" exists to appreciate, adore, love, please and have fun. They love to plant things that enhance the beauty of people and their personalities. We can say that they are designed to spread harmony. They invest a lot of energy to make themselves loved, so they become useful and pleasant. They are also equipped with intuitive antennas that allow them to capture an atmosphere in general and are endowed to create imaginary worlds where to recharge when needed. Conscious and meticulous, they embrace the responsibilities of their whole being when they are entrusted with tasks or obligations. However, they must work to not feel too guilty because they are perfectionists. Written by David

Where does the name Judith come from?

The name Judith is of Hebrew origin: "yohudit" means: "Jew" and "Yehuda" means "woman of the tribe of Judah". Judith has a willful temperament and enjoys good intelligence. She has a sense of challenge and loves testing. She is deeply involved in her business with a strong desire to win, which also makes her cautious and wise in her activities. She remains calm, whatever the problem may be. She is particularly devoted to her partner and her family in which she creates a very warm environment. Judith knows the value of money and knows how to be economical by balancing her budget. Written by Zagon

Is your name Valerie?

Valerie comes from Latin, the verb "valere" means "to be brave" or "to have courage". Full of vitality and determination, Valerie also cultivates a small hyperactive side that puts her in motion, no matter what happens. Because it is what feeds her and gives meaning to her days and even to her existence. Their swirling energy embeds others because they also know how to communicate their passion and those who are not in tune could find themselves lost on the road. Set goals for yourself, even if you do not want to continue. But at the same time, she knows how to be generous with her family and with the people she likes, and shows her feelings and emotions without shame, sometimes a bit direct because it is part of her nature to say the least sincere. In this sense, she can be perceived as a severe person, but it is also what gives her a form of protection. She needs this shell to exist. Written by David

Do you know an Aries?

You must control your impulsiveness, temper it and think for a longer time before acting. Above all, think about saving yourself physically: more sports, stop smoking or lose a few kilos. But plan a quick and effective program, you will not wait for a long time. Discipline is not just your cup of tea. You know that it costs you to dominate, more by distraction than by lack of will. In any case, if you do not make an effort, you will only be penalized, since you make few decisions to improve the lives of others... Written by Zagon

Where does the name Leah come from?

Leah is of Hebrew origin: "Le'ah " whose meaning is giving rise to a controversy. This word means tired, but it also suggests the feminine word for Leon. Leah is a genuine woman, uncompromising, very attached to traditional values. She does not take gloves to say what she has in her heart and her sincerity can sometimes cause sparks, but she is also an idealistic woman who dreams of Prince Charming and an ideal family. She is also willing to make many sacrifices to ensure the happiness of her loved ones. She also has a keen sense of friendship. This humanist is often attracted to professions related to medicine, education or justice. Written by Zagon

Do you know Alexandra?

Alexandra comes from the Greek Alexein and Andros, which means "he who protects men". Alexandra does not lack sincerity and easily confides her opinions, but prefers to be discreet about her small concerns and seeks a positive sociability. Generally optimistic, she provides a lot of good humor in her relationships and we like to attend because of her complacent aura. She is also willful and, when she sets a goal, she knows how to shoot through any obstacle to reach the goal. She can thwart the traps because her confidence in her own resources remains intact. However, if she can be a good worker, her allergy to authority can serve her. She is not very in tune with the rules she sees unfavorably. However, she can put some water in her wine so as not to paralyze the wheels of her social success. Written by David

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