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You need a life coach, a wise counselor who put his finger on sometimes harmful behavior, which encourages you to show you more confident, which helps you to stay positive, which explains the different methods to evolve your plans and ambitions?

Do not search anymore ! David helps you every day to manage all facets of psychology. With him, you will learn to let go, to develop your spirituality, to take confidence in yourself and to exist fully without imposing yourself. For a balanced life, a steel workable moral and dreams, to conjure the past and open up a bright future, browse the chronicles of David!

Become a clown or be lighter

Is there a clown sleeping in you? Or is he already alive, more than ever? You do not dare? And yet, you should. Under his dingos, he awakens the child in each of us. Why are Charlot's or Harold Lloyd's characters still so popular, a hundred years later? And if they held all the qualities of a spiritual being? Light, philosopher in the face of adversity, supple of body (like a yogi?) And spirit (like the Guru of oneself?), He marks the spirits because he adapts well to inextricable situations, in makes a game to better dance with life and sometimes place itself above the contingencies of the material world. The clown exercise should be mandatory as was the military service at one time. The hilarious and facetious service would give a more relaxed, more global look at things. Did not the philosopher Plotin say that laughter is a jubilant assumption? Written by David

Stop thinking conditional

We have become so addicted to thinking that we often think of ideas leading nowhere. The worst can be the everlasting "I should" which is only wind. "I should do sports" will only bring, in all logic, resentment and frustration. Do you think that because they told you? Because a sports fan recommended it to you? Or because you are complexed by your figure? Or simply because you are aiming for a more dynamic health? The reason that leads you to this idea is very important because a goal can be healthy as harmful, it is just the train of thought that led you to want to achieve it. The most important thing in this regard is to set goals that make sense and value to yourself and not listen to your neighbor who will have certified that it makes sense and is good for you. A word to the wise... Written by David

To sleep well: tryptophan

Since the beginning, you have some problems of sleep? Make yourself a menu or snacks rich in tryptophans and you'll sleep like a baby. This will even feel on your mood. You will find this amino acid in chicken, turkey, sunflower seeds, beans, peanuts and even milk. One study has shown an increase in serotonin for ingesting foods made up of tryptophan. And serotonin plays a vital role in regulating mood, memory, learning, cardiovascular functions, and so on. A little extra info: Relaxing music just before you fall asleep can be as crucial to the quality of your sleep. So, you will become a groundhog for the night, sleeping the sleep of the just. Written by David

Thoughts sculpt our environment

Yann and Baptiste meet. Yann asks, "How are you? Baptiste answers: "Pretty good. " "Really good?” Yann insists. And Baptiste answers: "But absolutely! My car broke down, my wife is sick, I did not renew her mutual, and then I just sprained my wrist, which limits me in my travels. To believe that the sky will fall on me before the end of the day..." A second story, true this one, narrated by a great teacher of personal development; he meets a friend in the gym who blows his nose, sniffs and seems to have a fever. The famous teacher asks him, "How are you? How long have you been like this? And his friend with flu answers: "In 3 weeks, it will be 1 month. Amazing, isn’t it? Let's start by relativizing what happens to us and consider every little pleasant thing that makes us feel good. Quantum physicists say it: changing your gaze to an atom changes this one. This is also valid for us and our daily thoughts. Written by David

Say yes?

Have not you noticed that in many places people practice the national sport of the "no"? Whether in polls, news, politics, the street, in short, they proclaim the no as if it depended on their very life. A little like these children who throw "No" all the way around the age of 2, we have almost integrated it into our national culture. And if, for once, we decided to let go a little ballast by resisting less, opening a little bit, just to relax? The yes can be fundamentally positive. John Lennon said that the day he met his future half, Yoko Ono, it was an artistic exhibition of this visual artist. In one corner of the room, there was a ladder that invited every visitor to climb it. John Lennon climbed the ladder and, when he reached the top, read the word "Yes" in a small script. He took it as a positive statement that he was invited to stay at the exhibition. And this decided his love life for the rest of his life. Written by David

The 'afformations' can change a life

In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), we learn that it is the quality of the questions we ask that will constantly determine the quality of our lives. Noah Saint John, the author of the book "The Code of Success" explains that he prefers to override the claims that some still recommend in personal development. He explains having created "afformations" which are the combination of affirmations and interrogations, of a phenomenal power for the brain. Instead of saying to oneself or repeating to oneself "I am in good health", "I am more and more fulfilled" to convince myself of this, you will use the interrogative form: "Why am I more and more creative? Why is money coming to me more and more easily? Why do I meet more and more people? ". This method makes it possible to mobilize our fruitful resources and activate our spirit in order to create more motivated ideas and to put ourselves in a dynamic of success. Written by David

Realize your childhood dream...

It can sometimes (or often) be good to engage in an activity that makes us dream, even if we share being more or less bewilder. Did not Winston Churchill say, "Are the professionals who built the Titanic and the amateurs of Noah's Ark"? Let's have a less mechanical mind to respond to our desires and visions. Of course, if one is nailed by some fear of ridiculing oneself, one will remain confined to our somewhat anesthetic habits. But take the example of this thirty-year-old computer scientist who had been failing for at least two years in his job, which he admitted to having been imposed on him by his father. By wisely questioning himself, he fulfilled his childhood dream and became a landscaper. This is also true for a hobby, leisure or pastime you are attracted to. Take action and even if you're wrong, you tried, which is not nothing! Written by David

To change one's life, one must first change oneself!

Do you have a dream? Publish a book? Take a trip around the world? Become independent? It's important to always set your goal and even if others find you crazy, you'll get started trying to do something that inspires you, unlike most people. The greatest craziness is to believe that by always doing the same thing, you will achieve different results, but the same causes produce the same effects. Changing one's behavior and mode of action is a crucial basis for changing one's existence. In his "Letters to Lucilius", Seneca, philosopher of ancient Rome, states a sensible thing about unhappy people. According to him, it is paradoxical for a depressed person to give up life when it is his actions that brought him to this state of affairs; it would be so much more constructive to modify the actions that led to this defeatist state. Even if this is not easy, it is necessary to take new concrete actions and experiment with new methods of approach. Written by David

A quality that can be learned: the charism

Contrary to what one might think, charisma is not necessarily innate because many people have learned, developed and worked. They have acquired confidence and have drawn from this personal strength convictions, ideas which they subsequently share without fear; they are able to say no and are well anchored in their sneakers. Once this stable side is achieved, it is necessary to adopt a relaxed posture which unfolds your ease like a second skin; the gestures must be loose and slow and the gaze plunges into the eyes of his interlocutor. Another quality of charisma: public speaking; it's an undeniable quality that can also be learned, as Carnegie Hall did. Play intonations of your voice as well as your nonverbal attitude to support what you say. Oral communication must captivate an audience even if you recite the directory. All these qualities were learned by great speakers who were devoid of resources, originally... Written by David

The keys to self-confidence

How to acquire faith in oneself? Three essential rules to integrate well to personify trust. First, be anchored in the present moment, be here and now. Whenever we focus on the future, we provoke an anxiety-provoking state. And since we have no hold on this future, it is good to see that the only moment that matters to everyone is now. If 99% of our lives are going well, why focus on the 1% that is wrong? Second, list our qualities and personal wealth. It can go to the way of cooking in the way of helping others, whatever, note it and count one point for each of your qualities. Last, we fear what we do not know. The more we seek information on a project or something that scares us, the more we will shed light on the unknown because the unknown is a source of anxiety and apprehension. To enlighten a shadowy area is to gain confidence and begin to surpass ourselves. Written by David


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