Venus in Sagittarius: Exotics!

Written by Mary

Venus is leaving the Scorpio sign to enter Sagittarius. The tone and atmosphere are to evolve towards more openness to the world, an appetite for exotic, an interest in philosophy or in anything featuring the idea of dare, of challenge. Feelings are fresh, spontaneous, simple but occasionally changeable and childish; this climate both juvenile and ludic will not probably be appreciated by everyone. Sagittarius symbolises expansion and excess, that is why you should try to be moderate in profiting from delicious foods, not to suffer later from surfeit detrimental for your health, physical shape or wallet.


Time to rejoice: you are finally going to breathe freely! Your contacts both in relations and finance that were experiencing several weeks of standstill will now regain the restless pace matching your image so well. Friends, love affairs, money, relationships are again full of life and rhythm for expanding in pure freedom. All that comes from abroad or from the higher spheres will be beneficial for you. For some of you a love story will dawn, after several days or weeks of observation.
Your personal evolution will predominate. Whether you are taking exams, deepening a sensual relation by means of marriage or making a baby, something is pushing you toward more authenticity and more action.


A great blast of wind is flinging open the doors of your everyday life. You are in general well prepared for it: fastened to your affairs and your people. These new openings could turn out to be highly profitable if you use them in a positive way instead of considering them with suspicion, criticizing or rejecting them by habit. There is much you can gain by discovering other opinions or new methods. The friendly and constructive atmosphere that accompanies these transits will more particularly influence the wisdom of your investments but also the sensual quality of your love relations.


An excellent period of delighting and enhancing relations is taking shape for some weeks. Salespeople will sell, talkers will talk, lovers will love and intellectuals will ponder. All that was laid away these last weeks is beginning to pay off, somewhat at random and in confusion at times but always with good spirits.
These positive trends will more often appear in the contractual field: in your marriage, in the context of your work contract or in the agreements that you will make in these coming weeks.


You were feeling so well, cuddled in the cosy nest of your dreams, secrets and confidences but now a storm is brewing which is likely to wake you up all of a sudden. There is however nothing to be anxious about. You have had a chance to rally your spirits and now it is time to get work started. Your contacts will multiply, rich in exotic ideas, stimulating conversations, sincere and spontaneous relations. Your daily life is in a real turbo mode that incites you to seek or provide useful information, encourages you to invest with more audacity in the financial sphere or in love and, more generally, gives you a larger and more oxygenated vision of life.


Rivalry is fading away, jealousy is calming down, suspicion is settling and your future is wide open for beneficial contacts, finally with open and reliable people, for amplifying love and wise investments. Venus in harmony with the Leo's sky provides you great energy, robust health, changes for the better and a love life more and more inspiring with the course of days. This is a perfect period for engendering something: a baby or a masterpiece of art, so that your creativity would be put to use.


You should have made a detailed analysis of your situation for facing now quite an annoying period. Much fuss and a touch of pushiness might be somewhat irritating for you. Don't persevere in details, even if it's your integral feature. It would rather be good to welcome global views that you too often fail at. These coming weeks the accent will be on your family, your fireside. You will have lots of things to discuss, to decide and later to introduce at home. If you manage to relativize errors of everyone's appreciation and especially to have trust in the surrounding enthusiasm, you should achieve considerable progress.


A semblance of rather gloomy hibernation of these recent days will give place to a joyful ambience of contest, of contacts and good moods. Invitations, encounters, performances, trips and lots of discoveries are to be expected. Sellers and artists are in blossom and everyone will experience perfect intellectual and affective harmony with their close ones. For many of you dreams are taking shape, for some they will concretize and for everyone, unexpected circumstances and lucky events will consolidate your appetites and desires. Fortune is on your side, decan after decan.


Your sky so frequented during these last weeks will little by little give way to lighter but more popular and universal values. There is nothing for you but go with the flow, adapt to this open-mindedness and shut your ultimate spite up. If you have made good use of the period when you had all the cards in hand, then you now have the means for making extremely wise investments of your money or feelings in fresh or large projects. You can also found warm and sincere friendly relations which are always beneficial. Pressure is now reduced and due to this your daily life should turn to be relieved and pleasing.


Day after day you are going to demolish Scorpio's acquisitions and shape yours: step back to look from the outside, globalize and spread. This blow of fresh air will be most felt in your contacts, trips, love and finance. Meeting foreigners or VIPs, vivifying intellectual exchanges with other cultures, refreshing shifts of habits: the routine that was choking you for some weeks will suddenly get tinted with ardency and competition. You will be as bright as a button both in the moral and physical context (the only advice: harness your appetites not to grow as fat as butter...).


After having nurtured all the details that were at your disposal, here comes the moment for putting things into action. You are going to work behind closed doors as usual, but with participation of exterior good will, sincere and devoted friends, innovative ideas and extremely fresh tendencies. Your vigor is back, serving perfectly your projects and amplifying all your actions. This is an excellent period for studying complicated things, comparing various opinions and going forward with contagiously cheerful spirits. You have been in need of this refreshing breeze, in particular in your associations and other relations.


Your contacts and love relations will regain legerity, the sparkles that you though were gone forever. Venus is entering your fellow sign Sagittarius, and this arrival will be marked by a lucky day full of various opportunities; profit from it for staking at a tiny rational thing in this game of hazard! In addition, your friendships are getting vibrant, a friendly relation might turn into "something else", more sensual or more affectionate, your financial investments are unconventional but profitable and relations are marked with the most sincere heartiness. A decent base for tying new bonds or getting promoted at work.


Whether you wish for it or not, you will be forced to come to light out of your musing before it turns into total lethargy. Venus will send you a tsunami of new friends, various opportunities, of excitement that could be used for profit, promotions at work to snatch, various acquaintances and inexperienced situations. The emotional stress will rise which will for sure make you grumble at times. However, it's exactly by joining this frantic dance that you will be able to make the most of this period, exhausting in affectionate and intellectual sense but full of brand new possibilities.

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