Jupiter in Sagittarius

Written by Susan

Every 12 years, Jupiter returns to spend a sabbatical year with his symbolic master, the fiery Sagittarius. It is a period marked by opportunities to rise to the occasion or to move away, it concerns distant voyages as much as further study or important responsibilities. The energies are particularly powerful and tend towards more justice, towards a flourishing of human qualities but also towards some excess of good will, which can sometimes make things worse than better. For each sign, it will be a question of skillfully using these influences in one's own behavior, so as to derive the benefits without paying the damage.


This transit is among the most positive that can happen to you. It carries concrete and real opportunities, chances literally offered by life, not those that require effort and concentration to provoke them. So you have to stay open and listen to what's going on around you so you do not miss anything. Vigilance is required because, everything is easy for you during this period, it is possible that you swell with importance and it is not always easy, in this case, to differentiate what gives you an immediate well-being from what might be the opportunity of your life.


When he is in Sagittarius, Jupiter does not directly influence Taurus but installs for everyone a very dynamic climate of openness and expansion. Indeed, Jupiter is in his sign, his element, his "house" and he is particularly powerful. It gives you the opportunity to raise your aspirations, and redefine the expectations of your existence. It opens unsuspected horizons, interesting quests that are original or distant, it pushes you to surpass yourself. Enjoy: travel, study, depth...


When Jupiter opposes the sun, tensions rise! Beware of impulsiveness, uncontrolled outbursts, abusive rebellions and deviations of all kinds. You may be under pressure and over-react to any solicitation. Your sensitivity becomes sickly and you think that the world is unfair to you because your whims are not respected to the letter. This subjective dissatisfaction can push you to regrettable actions and it would be good to develop your self control. However, these small crises also make you better aware of your deep needs. It's just about moderating your requirements and giving time to the time you need before getting wrapped up.


When he is in Sagittarius, Jupiter does not directly influence Cancer but he is in his sign, his element, his "house" and he is therefore particularly powerful. Your routine opens to the world during this time. Whether it's a new neighborhood, a change of position at work or new meetings, your daily life comes alive and grows. This is a good opportunity to travel, to maintain rewarding exchanges with people far away ... It is also a very good influence for studying or learning a new technique.


It is a period rich in diverse and varied possibilities. Jupiter at home is very powerful and boosts all your aspirations, your projects and your achievements. You are very creative and your relationships with exotic cultures or other backgrounds enriches you with new ideas, hopes and confidence in life. Your popularity grows, your merits are recognized, doors open, opportunities arise. No matter what the other transits are, possibly negative, remain attentive and available to all this excitement in your favor, so as to enjoy these benefits.


Jupiter square with your natal sun induces tensions, often in the family, with the feeling that nothing happens as you wish. You have ambitious desires or plans, but you can not find a concrete way to access them, and that makes you impatient, irascible or even to have bad faith. Your reactions are no longer measured or controlled and you run the risk, during this period, of provoking a diplomatic incident or of being stubborn in your errors. It's not really an evil aspect but Jupiter amplifies everything and here when we talk about the art of living itself, the frustrations can be intense...


The transit of Jupiter in sextile to your native Sun gives you momentum. You have confidence in yourself and your abilities, you are in good shape and your morale is good. You want to grow, to increase your resources. You are generous, warm, tolerant and you put harmony in your relationships. It's a great time to deepen your knowledge, broaden your horizons, open yourself to the unknown and seize the opportunities that are available to you. You seek to learn and improve, which greatly helps your evolution and your ascent.


When he is in Sagittarius, Jupiter does not directly influence Scorpio but instead installs for everyone an exotic climate of openness and expansion. Indeed, Jupiter is in his sign, his element, his "house" and he is particularly powerful. It gives you the opportunity to effectively manage your finances by giving you a global view of the situation and giving you the energy you need for all the ways you need to stabilize your budget. Depending on the case, it is time to lend, to borrow, to save, to invest, to recover. It's a good influence, tinged with honesty and ambition all at once.


This is a great opportunity that comes only every 12 years, a period of luck, opportunities, personal success or emotional fulfillment. You trust in yourself, in your means and in life. This positivism makes your businesses more daring, your encounters richer in information and your achievements more inspired. This is a great time to solve problems, to request a service or favor, to study or to take an exam, it is also a very good influence to travel or even to move abroad.


When he is in Sagittarius, Jupiter does not directly influence Capricorn but it will make you refocus on yourself in a solitude chosen and even savored. You will think solo about your goals or your most important ideals and your aspirations gain scope, in the shadows.


Trine to Jupiter on your natal Sun gives you a lot of energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. You can easily accomplish many things during this time of chance and opportunities and greatly improve your living conditions. Your creativity and your entrepreneurial spirit are stimulated. The moment is perfect to make future plans, investments, resume studies, request a promotion or launch a project. You attract the favor of your elders and your superiors. This transit allows you a social expansion but also an enlargement of your consciousness, of your understanding of the world and of yourself. You discover new aspirations.


The transit of Jupiter square to your natal Sun announces a period of frustrations, annoyances and excess in everything. You are dissatisfied with what you have. Nothing goes as you wish, the events are obstacles and it irritates you more than usual. It is undoubtedly that your actions, your projects or your objectives at the moment are not very realistic. You tend to take risks, to neglect the details. Your impatience prevents you from being careful, it is better to postpone important decisions until later. Your nervous behavior does not attract any good will.

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