Relax on vacation: 12 tips and tricks

Written by Alison

Vacation is nothing to take lightly. In this hyper-connected, high-speed world that we live in, it is important to take time for oneself, to relax after work, to take with you what is good and constructive, to turn the bad habits you pick up throughout the year in a positive way so that this time for laziness, getting back in touch with yourself, and being around others will rejuvenate for the rest of the year. Find out now all about the 12 tips and tricks for each sign to relax.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your lack of team spirit. Unless you go move to a desert island, you will have people around you, people that you might need in case of trouble. Away from your home, from the places you know best, you are more vulnerable, so it would be foolish to try to go it alone.
Your aggression. Remember: vacations are made for relaxing, not for getting rid of whoever you don't like or, worse, get cocky and rebellious. If you leave go out in a group, you are more likely to get angry with everyone. Take it easy and be cool - it's now or never.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your energy. Boom - first thing in the morning, you're up and at 'em, ready to go. You could replace a leader or organizer at a moment's notice, organizing the day, planning outings, bringing everyone along with you. And everyone will be thrilled to follow you, too. Your enthusiasm. Whether you're invited to play tennis, go for a hike, or visit a local farm, you'll soak it all in. Always happy and down for anything, you are always a pleasure to see.
Where do you go to relax? Far, far away. Somewhere cut off from the rest of the world. Somewhere that's really warm or really cold - in-betweens are no fun. You were made for big, open spaces where you can look out and around freely. Still, energetic, vibrant cities, like New York, Rio, Sydney, Marseilles, or Paris have an irresistible attraction to you. Expos, meeting people, parties - you're in your element.
What to do to relax? Head to the countryside. Live according to nature's rhythm. Take time to look at the sun, to watch the clouds go by, spot a shooting star. Reconnect with what is beyond you and find your proper place again. Dare to contemplate life. Enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing, of having nothing to prove. In this way, you will get to come back from your vacation recharged and refreshed.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your inability to adapt. Getting upset as soon as a change happens really isn't a possibility when you're on vacation. That's exactly what vacations are all about: doing what you don't normally do, living life in a different way than you usually do. Please, don't drag your feet. Let go.
Your stubbornness. Who cares whether you get the last word or not, whether you're right or not? The important things is to let loose. You'll see just how liberating it is. You'll see how much lighter you feel.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your fondness for consensus. Not wanting to upset anyone, you are intent on reconciling everyone's interest with everyone else's. And, since you express yourself calmly and sensibly, you will manage to get all your fellow vacation-goers to live together in harmony. Your determination. If you suggest an activity, you'll have thoroughly thought it out. Any risk-taking is forbidden. All information is taken in. Everyone can set off with peace-of-mind knowing you've taken care of everything.
Where do you go to relax? A family home where you can have your children over, as well as any of their friends who happen to come by. Your chosen land? California, south of France: its wine country. The Southwest for the good food.
What to do to relax? Go to the market and taste the fruits and vegetables that are in season, taking in the smells, and chatting with the local producers. Choosing the best cheese, the ripest melons. Discovering the local flavors. Preparing lunch and dinner as a whole family. Then, letting the chirping of cicadas rock you to sleep, into a deep, peaceful nap.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your lack of seriousness. You tend to gravitate towards whatever is easiest and are more the type to rush through your tasks. Though that might fly at the office, it won't go over well on vacation, whether with friends or family. Others count on you to keep the refrigerator stocked or organize a night out, so you would do best to assure them you're up to it. They won't forgive you for ruining their good time.
Your disrespect for rules. Even on vacation, as elsewhere, there are things to be done, limitations to respect. Sure, it's not fun, but such is life with others. Everyone has to do their part and look after one another. Don't waste the time you get with your loved ones by trying to doge the rules. Don't use your smarts to figure out a way to duck out on them.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your responsiveness. Going on vacation usually means heading towards the unknown. Faced with the unknown, the unforeseen, you are one of the most skilled. At once, you will be able to take in and process what is happening, figuring out what must be done, what should be avoided. Yoru mental computer will quickly run through all the data, making you comfortable and at-ease wherever you are. Your people skills. No matter where you go, you have the knack for making friends within the hour. Thanks to your new friends, you'll quickly be up to speed, knowing which places to visit and which to avoid. In your company, we can be sure to avoid any tourist traps and to get into even the most exclusive locales.
Where do you go to relax? Anywhere from deep in China to a national park - anywhere that offers you a chance to break with your usual, day-to-day life, that arouses your curiosity.

What to do to relax? Get away from screens - but for real. Go out and leave your smart phone at home. Seriously, though. Talk to the person next to you, don't text your friends on the other side of the world, and really take the time to listen to them, too. Realize that you're not totally indispensable, that the world will go on without you.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your easily swayable side. What is said, is said. What is planned, is planned. You don't need to rely on principles, on perfect organization: it's not about centering your plans around whoever speaks or boring everyone with a night out designed to please a single person. Don't let your feelings get the best of you.
Your lack of autonomy. Don't expect someone to tell you what to do. If you are skilled at underwater fishing, show it. If you have ideas for going out, suggest them. Whether they are supported or not, the important things is that you aren't seen as a burden by others.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your instinct. You are undeniably the best at quickly figuring out who you're dealing with. And, given all the scams that tourists are prone to, you'll be good for picking up on bad deals and rip-offs. On the other hand, you also have a knack for getting along with everyone. That's always useful. Your kindness. Right away, others can sense that you are accessible, attentive, open. That you are willing to help out as much as possible. In a group, you are the person everyone knows they can count on. When disaster strikes, this can be downright heart-warming.
Where do you go to relax? A big home, with your family, preferably. One with a huge kitchen that has a gigantic chimney that everyone can gather around. And rooms with creaky wood floors that smell of polish, too. A house with a history that you can add your own to.
What to do to relax? Pick fruit from the trees to make jam or brandy. Hang up a hammock in the shade of some linden trees, swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the breeze as it shakes the branches. Commune with nature and rediscover your taste for the things that count.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your individualism. Whether you set off on an organized voyage or an adventure, you will always be required at some point to conform to some custom or practice in whatever country you're in, whatever people you find yourself among. There are rituals to respect, things to do and not do, and it is valuable for everyone - even you.
Your ambition. No, you can't do it all, either because you don't have the physical ability or because the political situation in any given country prevents you from doing so. No, you are not above the laws or simple common sense, either. Keep your ambition in check and set up realistic objectives for yourself.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your optimism. No matter what happens, you stay positive. What luck for people that go on vacation with you! All the ups and downs of a trip become, thanks to you, a memorable, if not pleasant, experience. Able to find a solution for anything, you solve problems quick. Your charisma. You can easily assert yourself in a group. Responsibility for certain activities falls to you. This is a times a heavy burden, since you are on vacation to relax after all, but let's be honest: you love it. And, since you do, you won't have to be asked twice to jump in on it. Where do you go to relax? Somewhere that will soon be all the rage but that, for now, is known by only a few of the privileged. Places where you can go out, meet people, party all night, and where it's also possible to isolate yourself from the rest of the world's agitation and pettiness.
What to do to relax? Gossip, news - don't try to find out what's happening at the office while you're away. You'll only feel excluded and upset. Vacation is vacation, so enjoy it, have real conversations with people, where each side can speak and be heard. Turn down half of the invitations you receive so that you can find yourself, and loved ones, all over again.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your anxiety. Vacations are all about the unexpected. Which is what makes them so interesting. So, please, don't panic if the guided tour strays from the course outlined in the pamphlet, if the car you rent breaks down under the scorching heat. It's no fun, that's true, but remember that it's these little hazards and risks that make for good memories.
Try not to fixate on others' shortcomings. Sure, you're going to rub shoulders with people you'd never have met in your usual, day-to-day life, perhaps some unpleasant types, who have no manners or a colorful vocabulary, but vacation is also all about encountering new cultures, right?
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your devotion. You will never let down anyone who needs you, even if it costs you, even if the person's a jerk, you have a sense of duty and a full medkit ready to go. From an insect bite to traveler's diarrhea, you can give medical aid. Your organizational skills. Shopping, housework - you'll have barely arrived wherever you're going, and you'll already have settled in and put everything in its proper place. The rest of your vacation is the same: activities all thought out for every day where there's a little something for everyone.
Where do you go to relax? On an organized vacation where you don't have to make any decisions (or almost),where the days go by without a hiccup or snag.
What to do to relax? Toss your to-do list in the trash and let what's going on around you, other people carry you away without trying to control anything. Enjoy a little loafing and don't be ashamed. You have the chance, and therefore the obligation, to do nothing.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your hesitations. Tapas or paella? Sunbathing or rock climbing? Horse shoes or beach volleyball? Big or small, you can't seem to make a decision. Of course, on vacation, there's time to waste to make a choice but still: your perpetual doubts, hemming and hawing over as supposedly important as a flavor of ice cream is really tiring.
Your tardiness. It's true that time moves a little differently when you're on vacation than it does during the rest of the year, but still, setting a meet-up to go bike riding and then showing up an hour late acting all apologetic and coy is really cringe-worthy.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your gift for reconciliation. When things are getting heated, figuratively and literally, you always know just what to say to calm down and comfort everyone, which all should appreciate.
Your people skills. Your reach out to others with ease. And, if you want to get something from them, you'll put on your brightest smile and play your charm card. You are your own "open sesame" when it comes to getting a table in a packed restaurant.
Where do you go to relax? Mountains, the ocean, sea, volcanoes... landscapes where the forces of nature are in balance bring you peace.
What to do to relax? Lounge by the poolside and feel the sun on your skin. Get a massage from expert hands in an enchanting spot. Don't bother with make up and just be your natural self. Walk along the beach and breathe deeply of the salty air.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your individualism. Even if you go off into some place in the middle of nowhere, you will be forced to put up with other people. Forgetting this fact will only make for a hellish vacation. If you consistently insist on hogging everything, there will always be someone to make you pay. During a time of the year when you are supposed to relax, this kind of power struggle is really unnecessary.
Your paranoia. No, no one gave you the room furthest from the pool on purpose. And no, the tapas bar isn't jam-packed just to annoy you. Distrustful of others, you are quick to feel persecuted. What a gift!
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your perceptiveness. If a problem arises, you're the person for the job. Your analytical intelligence helps you rapidly pick through all the data available and come up with a solution. Thanks to you, we can get out of anything (or almost). Your resistance to stress. Even in case of catastrophe, you manage to stay calm and to think. You are the last to leave the ship, so to speak. What class!
Where do you go to relax? Hot, freezing, mountains, deserts -you like contrast and singular countrysides. Hot, vibrant, bustling cities, such as Marseilles or Buenos Aires, match your strong personality well.
What to do to relax? Exercise, exercise, and more exercise until your dead tired. Once you've exhausted yourself, ease up a little and realize that you don't always need that dose of adrenaline to feel good.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your lack of practicality. You are really good with theories and lofty ideals, but as soon as it comes to really getting down to fixing a problem, you either lost or bumble you're through. Lighting a grill? No way. Finding the best, the most complicated exchange rate? Yes. In short, you're happy to come up with projects or plans and leave it to others to figure them out. And, just between us, that's all for the better.
Your lack of listening skills. Persuaded that you know better than anyone else (the last straw!),you rarely take advice (to put it lightly) and prefer to stick your head in the sand or make things more complicated than they need to be when you would do best to do nothing at all.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your trustworthiness. If you said you'll do it, you will. Careful to be straight with other people, you see everything you do through until the end. Afterwards, you might put them at ease or not - that's a different matter. At least in the moment, you can be counted on. Your honor is safe. Your calm. No panic - ever. Even in the middle of a hurricane, you'll try to keep your calm and spread it to others. Women and children first, naturally; that's your state of mind.
Where do you go to relax? You need somethinge exotic to put some pep back in your step. Heading off to discover other lands and cultures opens up your mind and heart.
What to do to relax? Do something other than what you're used to doing the rest of the year. Live life at a different pace. Listen to your body, feeding it when it's hungry, drinking when it's thirsty, resting when it's tired, and having fun when you have someone nice to play with nearby.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your limited friendliness. If you want to work alone at the office, all the power to you. But, is vacation time really the right time to isolate yourself, to put efficiency and effectiveness over building bonds? Come on, get out of your ivory tower and reach out to others. There have to be nice people that you could have fun with!
The fear of the unknown. Anything that is new - yikes! It makes you uncomfortable, awkward, nervous. Except during vacation. Even if you return to your family home every year, there will always be a little of the unknown, some improvisation. In fact, that's what gives it its charm. Relax and go with the flow.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your great sense of autonomy. You don't need anyone to know what you have to do and how to do it. Thanks to you, the refrigerator is always full, the beds made, and everyone's activities ordered and organized. Your talent for recognizing each person's skills. Right off the bat, you know who will be the lazy one and who knows how to take on responsibility. If you go with friends, you will assign them tasks according to their personality. If you are forced to rough it in a hostile environment, everyone will be happy to see you take control of the operation.
Where do you go to relax? Somewhere calm and peaceful, perhaps a monastery or a house at the edge of the city where the only noise is the sound of birds chirping and bees buzzing. Anywhere in the country where you can be far away from the crowds of tourists.
What to do to relax? Replace your "I have to" with "I want to". Let your body express itself and forget about thinking. Choose pleasure: of the eyes, ears, touch, and taste. Slack off without shame.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your hyperactivity. Not wanting to spend your whole vacation sunbathing is one thing, but packing your schedule full of walks, fishing trips, tennis matches, or nights out with friends is another. Get rid of any excess. Skip the superfluous. Try to not do for once. Choose to live. The important thing is yourself and your loved ones.
Your sensitivity. You might be criticized, but so what? Don't take it personally. In fact, don't think about it at all. Keep your perspective and look on the bright side of life. You are here to have fun, not to lose your head over something stupid.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your ability to communicate. Very comfortable around others, you have a knack for getting your ideas across, explaining them and teaching them, if necessary. Anyone can talk to you, which is important in a group, where you often take on the role of mediator and defuse tension. Your flexibility. If plans change at the last second, you adapt. And with enthusiasm, too. The adventure's on just like that, and you are curious enough to be open to anything. All the time.
Where do you go to relax? Big cities have an irresistible pull on you. Their energy and activity stimulate you. But, when you really need to be calm, you relax by heading to some remote locale, abandoned by tourists. The east coast, the dusty south, wooded hills remind you of what's important.
What to do to relax? Break free from your technological leash. Live your life without some sort of device. Talk with others without a screen separating you both. All these gadgets are useful but not indispensable, at least during vacation.


What you have to leave at the office:
Your confusion. Lacking any discipline, you tend to go off in every direction at once, getting yourself all worked up without really getting anything done. You definitely don't want to be too hyper on vacation, it is also important to get organized so that you can enjoy your time to the fullest every day. It would be a real shame for you to come back from break with the depressing realization that you didn't really get to do or see anything.
Your inability to say no. You have to show a certain minimum of politeness towards those around you, but vacation is your time to learn not to let people walk all over you. Skip the museums if they bore you. Refuse invitations from people that you don't really care for. You have to find yourself; to a certain degree, forget about other people.
What you need to pack in your suitcase: Your friendliness. You love people. You love to be surrounded by them. At this time when you're going to meet loads of people, this is a real boon. As long as you don't act like a snob. Whether it's the local farmer or a big shot, you will be charming and happy to meet them both. Your flexibility. No matter who you are talking to, you are at ease. No matter the situation, you know quickly how to find your footing. No matter what changes your plans go through, you will just go with the flow. You are the ideal travel companion.
Where do you go to relax? The sea - of course the sea. And, naturally, the ocean. The ebb, the flow, the waves, the smell of salt put you in your element.
What to do to relax? Nothing. At least from time to time. Rediscover just how great loafing can be. Forget about dedicating yourself to others sos that you can devote yourself to your own pleasures and senses. Contemplate what is without trying to look for more. Enjoy whatever happens to you. Open up, let go, and don't let anything ruin your serenity.

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