12 tips for spending a great summer

Written by Alison

Cheerful days are coming closer, brightness is increasing and warming up our spirits, not to mention the summer sun getting completely out of hand. Lovely program for the season, but what is there in the depth of your heart? In order to get your inner barometer point to the best in yourself, you have to listen to yourself for spending a most brilliant summer.


Make effort: Without going as far as shot-putting or weight-lifting, regular outdoor activity such as jogging or walking in the hills will tally particularly well with your need to release energy. You are anchored in the present and in action, which corresponds to your individualistic nature, and a sport obliges you to stay connected to the present moment. You will gain but benefit for your moral and physical health.
Arrange for intermissions: Lay aside your active life, ambition is not your driving force anymore. Relax like a Zen master and enjoy the delights this holiday season grants you. Use and abuse an almost purposeless life.
Value your leader aspect: On holiday you naturally have to make breaks for recharging your batteries. However don't completely put your decision-making power on the back burner, invest your group leader quality into arranging a day with your clan - a hydrocycle ride or a minigolf game.


Control your itches: Allow yourself some midday munching, especially if you have combined a low-nourishing breakfast and lunch. An apple or two that fill you up well or even some dried fruit are recommended for you in order not to finish this summer with a waistline pushing out or with a cookie instead of your belly.
Full of caress: Your legendary gormandize in what concerns lust is a kind of rite that helps you feel better about yourself. Share your bed with your partner for providing your body with endorphins that lift you up in the clouds.
Taste the uncertain: Change your outlook just this once, you who are constantly anchored in your conviction of the things in life and who hate evanescence. Embrace a summer vacation off the beaten path of your habits. Finding yourself camping in natural environment or engaging in rock-climbing on a sea-cliff or a rock will do you really good. Dare!


Arrange a prank competition: With your friends, convoke that youthful spirit residing inside you and abandon yourselves to a top jokes game. This will get you to speak, laugh and relax your too fragile nerves while providing you a hilarity energy treatment course.
Organise your day: On the one hand, this will require your intellect and on the other, you will avoid spreading yourself too thin which is likely to happen to you. This way your days will be better filled up and accomplished with a more evident feeling of satisfaction.
Draw up a guide book: Day after day, it would be lovely to put together a book that would exalt your ideas like one which could instruct you on how to succeed in your holiday life. You have no equal for finding and communicating great ideas.
Appease your spirit: As nervous as you are, it would be appropriate to please have some rest, make some breaks for meditation or join a yoga course. In general you need to engage in multiple activities, therefore profit from this summer to retrieve the salutary path.


Nourish your imaginary: Plunging to the heart of your inner fantasy is vital for you as well as forgetting the constraints that shape the typical collar of a responsible adult's life. Profit from your free moments for devoting yourself to a personal passion related to an art discipline or to History, for instance. Do not forget that you possess a talent of bringing the past back to life and that this latter is stimulating you.
Prioritize your children's presence: The family bonds are perhaps what you have of the most precious, therefore contacts with your or your friends' children are necessary for your balance. Invent some games like a Jedi battle or a roleplay and take part too, allowing them to have a right to vote for making up the rules and you will feel on top of the world.
Nurture or be nurturedÂ…: That is your motto. Avoid a too rich and exhausting social life and devote more time to your second half for arranging tender moments in their company. Nothing is more essential than lavishing and receiving tender caress, given your affective avidity.


Lounge on the beach: You are really keen on surrendering to laziness and the sun is your best friend, that is why summer is the perfect season to your eyes for adopting the proverb that says, effort is the sign of error. Never accuse yourself of doing nothing special during this indolent period invented specially for you.
Play the Sun king: You adore staying amidst your friends, so surround yourself with the ones with whom you organize your days or nights in a fun mood. Your warmth and flare always stir up joy and your close people redeem it back to you by loyally gravitating around you and praising your cordial qualities.
Create: There's nothing better than summer for rekindling the creative spark residing inside yourself. Splash it round in painting, music, singing, writing. In the process of appealing to your creativity you'll find this season and the whole world more beautiful.


Practice feeling good: Switch off your paltry thoughts, your desires of perfection and seek simplicity without blowing a fuse. That is what you owe yourself for affording a great summer while being benevolent to yourself. Consider this mode of existence to be a cooler one like a more profitable lifestyle.
Mobilize your intellect and play: In order to find balance and to inject a bit of creative oil in your nerve cells, let yourself go with brain-twisters, crosswords, riddles or sudoku. This is essential for you in order not to have an impression of sinking in distress.
Detoxify your inside: Purging can turn out to be a road leading to wellness, whether it is in the psychological plan but also and especially (that is your trick) in attacking your bedroom, ravaging your wardrobes, carrying out a dusting session in your living room. You will feel newer in your skin.


A Dolce Vita night out: Do not ever refuse a night out with your love. Choose a sentimental environment with an Italian air, a restaurant with a rather vintage decor, a traditional mouth-watering menu. When you are there, start exhibiting a bit of skin and on your own create your carnal and glamour dessert.
Mind your style: Choose the color range that makes you feel in accordance with the environment where you will be staying. Create aesthetic effects for attaining a color balance. Beauty plays a crucial part for you. Anyway, your really smart style always announces color.
Take care of yourself: You are as fragile as a reed and any trifle disturbs your morale. Opt for balneotherapy, moisturizing skin care, stimulating massage. The better you feel the happier you will make your close ones since harmony is your life-work.


Speleo: Treat yourself to be tempted by visiting vanished worlds like speleology together with a ludic itinerary; this way you will correspond to your deep essence all through these underground tracks. Nothing is better for making more existence of the summer sun than its contrary, which means some shade for a day or two. You will feel stronger than ever.
Communicate your emotions: It is important not to shut yourself in your feelings but to express them. Speak, discuss, make connections with others to avoid retiring in your shell of existential silence. By verbalizing your feelings in moderation you will open up your heart and touch your close ones and even strangers intended to become friends.
Degustate seafood: Seafood plates, shells or crustaceans - you should not pass by iodized gastronomy, preferably with a sea view. Indulge yourself while restocking mental vitamins, this will chase stress and push away your inborn anxiety.


Dance: Join a salsa course, keep your body in motion and appreciate new encounters in this environment with lively and sunshiny tunes: you will possess all ingredients that inspire and please you. It is somewhat like you were in another land or embodied a remote ideal.
Read a philosophy book: Go on search to a philosophy or spirituality aisle of a bookshop for finding THE book of your life. This summer there is an occasion to find a composition that will give your existence a reason. Sometimes a written hazard, an unexpected text is enough to transform you and provide you a fresh outlook of the world and of yourself.
Share a barbeque: With your friends, savour a lovely grill on a porch or on the beach and celebrate independence, healthy pleasures and the sun's generosity.


Stimulating effort: Stroll all across the beach immersed shoulders deep in the sea in order to refine your lower body and you will fall in love with seaside resorts. You cherish effort and the fact that it bears fruit in long term, that is why you will not be deceived by this concept. Give it a try!
Organise a yard giveaway: Hold, in an informal fashion, friendly gatherings with your fellows in order to get rid of your extra possessions. It is not the value of what you give away that counts but the manner of doing it. Your heart will feel lighter and perhaps you will get a second hand garment that you will never want to part with.
Nature cure: Get closer to nature, take walks, breathe, discover. Listen to the earth's wisdom and you will touch to a different world, perhaps impalpable and that does not reside in artificial facades of your daily humdrum.


Team play: Pay attention to what some sea resorts offer for the holidays as you might find some profitable options. Beach Olympics are sometimes organized there. Long and high jumps or a sack race are consolidating enough for you to enjoy.
Fill your journey to the max: To do for reassuring your conscience: aggregate in a single day what you can do in a week and this will bring back your relaxed manner and adjust your cursor. You will have accomplished a great deal of things at least once, which will calm down your nervous system.
Initiate a discussion with friendsÂ…: For the pleasure of exchanging, shaping ideas, making reflection efforts. You need to stir up your cerebral machine and to demonstrate that logic can sometimes overcome feelings.


Swim in a creek: Choose the most savage creek and introduce your second half and your relatives to a harbor of joy and peace for taking profit from a lovely and pacifying wave. Group interaction will regenerate you and nourish your inspirations.
Draw up a list: You are anything but the type to structure your projects, that is why if you wish to implement all your summer desires list them all in a copybook in order to have it concrete in your viewfinder. This way you will not be drifting in aleatory as usual and will perhaps embody the craziest of your dreams.
Make cocktails: Follow a recipe word by word or just invent, improvise. Assemble ingredients in a shaker, stir up, wait with your mouth watered. When you taste your masterpiece your taste buds will feel in a dream. However do not overindulge about delicious things, especially if they contain alcohol.

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