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Calculating your natal Moon phase

Written by Alison

Your lunar personality (or personality according to the phase of the moon at your birth) is calculated according to your date, time and place of birth using a specific calculation. This allows you to focus on specific points of your personality. By indicating your date, time of birth, you discover your moon phase:

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In the sky, you can observe the different phases of the Moon by what you project it in its appearance, from "nothingness" to an almost perfect roundness always on the same "face," considering the absolute synchronization of its rotation around the Earth. It offers the vision of its incandescent beauty by the sun's light, which makes it bright while preserving its mystery. This mystical star goes through all its phases for 28 days in total.

Therefore, you are influenced by the energies governing the 8 lunar cycles at specific times each month, depending on the beginning of the cycle, i.e., the New Moon. Like infinity, these phases recreate themselves and come back in turn.

To allow you to evolve by illuminating a panoply of elements in your life. Among other things, to promote transformations in your life, changes in habits, the awakening of consciousness, and to help you achieve your goals. All this while respecting the different periods, such as the seasons and the lunar cycles. It allows you to better understand and align your actions when you open yourself to this ancestral knowledge full of wisdom and truth.

The stones are essential allies in finding harmony and clarity in your life. Therefore, pairing the lunar cycles with stones that vibrate in complementarity is a natural and appropriate choice. These fabulous minerals will allow you to transcend more easily specific upsetting periods. While energizing you or allowing you to relax and let go, depending on your needs at the time. And this, while respecting each period that influences your existence in one way or another.

Your lunar personality (or personality according to the Moon's phase at birth) is calculated according to your date, time, and place of birth by a specific calculation. It allows you to target specific points of your personality. This approach brings another dimension to your character, to the type of person you are. It is interesting to note the Moon's impact on our existence day after day and from the very first.

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