Astrology and Clairvoyance

Written by Alison

There are good astrologers and bad clairvoyants, there also are honest clairvoyants and charlatan astrologers; but in any case we are not referring to the same discipline.


This is an inborn gift (or sometimes developed in a relative) that is based on intuition, senses, flashes and employs most various kinds of tools: a crystal ball, coffee grouts, pendulum or “pure clairvoyance” for predicting the future (or assessing the past in detail). A clairvoyant makes predictions about what is going to happen. He interprets messages of his subconscious in order to give a precise and often a dated response to his consultee.

Whereas certain clairvoyants clearly possess a gift (still unexplained by science),many others do with telling their clients what they wish to hear or secretly use astrology as their basis for giving best answers to questions.


This is a mathematical technique based on rigorous calculation of the planets' position in the sky with the help of various instruments. Furthermore, this is a human science that interprets celestial movements according to a deciphering grid; it ascends back to millenniums but is continually updated following each scientific discovery. For example, Neptune was discovered in 1846 and Pluto in 1930.

Astrology makes predictions of the climate, ambience, of the context in which a person evolves and which they can use while retaining their free will. Whereas some astrologers work seriously and spend a lot of time to investigate, study, carry out experiments, others choose the path of least effort and highest profit and simply deliver ready-made phrases more or less in line with celestial reality.

Provided that good astrologers are more numerous than good clairvoyants, this means perhaps that astrology can be learned which is not the case for clairvoyance.

Assuming this, what to choose - a good astrologer or an honest clairvoyant? This all depends on your convictions and on the type of question you are asking.

Clairvoyance: The irrational side of clairvoyance can attract some people and repel others but a good clairvoyant makes an impression with justness of his flashes and accuracy of his senses (images, sounds, emotions). He is capable of foreseeing situations that are still undetected at the moment when the question was asked.

Astrology: A good astrologer reassures by means of the scientific aspect of his method. Based on complete and exact birth coordinates: date, hour, place - he can establish detailed predictions for any period or study an important moment of your past.

Ask your question to a clairvoyant if you expect an answer concerning your destiny; demand an astrologer if you are searching for means of acting on your own for evolving in your situation.

Sample questions to a clairvoyant
Any affective questions for which you do not know the other person's birth coordinates.
- Will I meet again the man I ran across at the party last night?
- Will I inherit from an American uncle?
- Will my problems get settled down?
- Will I win the lotto game?

Sample questions to an astrologer
Any affective questions for which you know the other person's birth coordinates.
- How will my relationship with my partner evolve?
- Will my financial situation stabilize?
- What advice can you give me for living in more harmony with myself?
- What does the sky have in store for me for the coming months?

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