The astral theme unveils your potential in love

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And if we could see the potential of fortune in a horoscope? That's good, there's a fictional point called the share of fortune! It is what proponents of karmic astrology call the karmic reward. But that's not all. For all those who are not particularly convinced by the idea of the cycle of rebirth, classical astrology also gives tools to detect our potential in relation to money. Whether to win it or to receive it, by the way!

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Can marital happiness be read in an astral chart?

In a certain way, it is possible, by carefully looking at an astral chart, to predict what kind of "conjugal" relationship or more flexible relationship would be advisable. Second of all, it is always necessary to compare the theme of your client with that of the person with whom marriage or union is envisaged. In this way, the astrologer can announce the forces involved and the kind of happiness that can be achieved. But nothing is fatal, of course!

Plus, there are also aspects that can indicate a certain luck in this area. So enjoy it! Conversely, tensions between planets may imply that the two-person relationship will not work, so you have to do some work on yourself, or at least get to know each other better in order to defuse anything that could cripple you. But in the end, conjugal happiness is always possible, it just remains to be seen how and with whom.

First of all, as many say, there is no sign that ensures a happy marriage or partnership. It can be done by being a native of Aries, which is very individual, or Libra. A priori, this last sign is the one that is, traditionally, put in relation to emotional life. Governed by Venus, Libra needs love - as France Gall, a typical native of this sign, sang. But this translates, as we saw in the case of this artist, into a great dependence on your partner and towards the way they look at you. A priori, an Aquarius (woman or man) will have other handicaps and other assets. We will quickly review them to give an overview of their profile. Those who know their Ascendant or their dominant sign (by the number of planets that are there, and it is not always nor necessarily the natal sign) can also refer to this list for basic indications.

Aries is sensitive to love at first sight: it is lucky but also difficult because lassitude can win over. In this sense, the conjugal happiness of a typical native must be in the constant renewal of the relationship.

Taurus has a sensual nature and an easygoing character. They fall deeply in love when they are in love and we can count on them. However, they can put himself into a dark anger when their partner is fickle.

Geminis are always entertaining and interesting. They like it easy and therefore attract whoever they want. On the other hand, they can easily change their state of mind or orientation. And they go to new adventures.

Cancer gives a lot to the person they love. They tend to confuse their couple with a dutiful relationship. Whether in one way or the other, mothering or being a mother is not always easy for their partner.

The Leo is generous and will do everything for their lover because they holds them in high esteem. Nothing will be too good or too much for this native. On the other hand, their propensity to be egocentric can be tiring and cause them to lose sight of the other.

Virgo is reliable: they conceive of marriage as a partnership in which everyone is a member of the team to manage daily tasks. This can be both pleasant to live with or simply frustrating because the feelings are under the control of reason.

Libra is therefore the most likely sign that a successful life is a happy marriage. They want everything to be perfect and expects from the other the same kind of investment. If this sign does not have the impression that harmony reigns, they can be the ones who want to separate.

Scorpio offers passion. When they give themselves it is in full and with sensuality, and the experiences are deep. It remains difficult to maintain such a level of exaltation in married life, when it is not jealousy that takes over.
Sagittarius is the good guy who loves to share their best moments with their partner. As this sign of fire is also generous, it can be very pleasant in marriage. But they could also fall into too much conformity, or to want to escape ...

Capricorn wants to register their relationship for the long term. It takes time for them to get started but then they want to do it for good, as if we are climbing a mountain. But, a little rigid, cold and lonely, it happens that they do not give enough to their partner.

Aquarius does everything to seduce their partner, but without doing it on purpose. Fun, always full of good ideas, never heavy, this native looks ideal. But they are not made for a classic wedding and they are afraid of chains.

Pisces are fusional. So they yearn for a wedding of this type, where the rest of the world is a kind of fuzzy ocean. This can be intoxicating for the other but there is also the risk of getting lost in the meanders of reality.

The Aspects that Count

To find marital happiness in a theme, it is of course to Venus that we have to look. Her position in a sign already gives an idea of the emotional behavior of the native. We can also refer to the list above to get an idea. For example, a Venus in Taurus indicates emotional behavior that tends towards stability. Then, the aspects of the planet will be very important. The conjunctions of Venus with Jupiter, with the Sun, even with the Moon are an excellent indicator of generosity and emotional sensitivity. With Mars or Pluto, it is the potential of sex appeal that is given. With Neptune, we have great romantics. Mercury in duet with Venus allows us to combine the charms of the spirit, while Saturn, finally, can direct towards a late relationship with someone mature. Uranus, for its part, announces a propensity for unusual loves. Sextiles or trigons with the same planets also express the same kind of opportunities. For example, a trine between Venus and Saturn suggests that the native will be faithful and will invest a lot in the relationship. The sextile in Neptune gives empathy and delicate sensibility in love.

Finally, the so-called "difficult" aspects, such as squares and oppositions, are indeed many obstacles to overcome. For example, a square between Venus and Pluto can make loves so intense that they turn to psychodrama. Then, everything still depends on the interweaving of the aspects between them, and also of the sectors involved. Typically, the perfect conjugal bliss would be read in a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Libra and in house 7. With perhaps a Mercury sextile and a Neptune trine! But in life, the aspects are often more mixed. They can be partly beneficial, but with a little difficulty ...

Finally, marital happiness can also be read in the Descendant (see more on this subject in the chapter devoted to this specific house, which relates to marriage).

In conclusion, it should not be forgotten that even the easiest theme in relation to the aspects of the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and Venus does not guarantee conjugal happiness if nothing is done to find the right person (they will not fall from the sky). And conversely, "bad" aspects can push us to progress and grow. And thus we need to find a shoe that fits.

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