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Full Moon Rituals: During the Full Moon, it is very useful to set up rituals in order to start again on a good basis. There are several rituals that can help attract what we want. Here is an article to discover on these Full Moon Rituals.

The Full Moon is synonymous with renewal. It is a phase that offers excellent opportunities to get rid of what no longer belongs or is no longer helpful. Sort out your life, recharge your batteries, and reconnect to your desires, needs, and emotions. To fully enjoy this special event and start again reasonably, it is beneficial to set up rituals. Several rituals can help attract what you want, make space within and around you, free you from specific ties, cleanse your energies, and re-energize you...

Whatever the chosen ritual, the most important thing is to do it with conviction and good intention!

1- Purification of your living space and your divinatory tools.

The Full Moon is the ideal moment to proceed to purify your place of life, of your divination tools, and recharge them. First of all, you need Palo Santo or sage for the cleansing. If you use sage, make sure you also have some incense of your choice to recharge the place. Sage cancels out everything, positive and negative. You must therefore renew with incense or Palo Santo.
To purify your living space, simply light the Palo Santo stick or the sage and sweep the smoke with your hand or a feather in all the corners of your house in all the rooms. Be sure to air out the rooms as needed. Throughout this process, command a total and immediate cleansing and harmonization of every room you are in and every object and energy present.

Take this moment to breathe deeply and stay centered in this task that requires you to simply believe. The intention is the key to the success of any ritual. If you used the sage, go around all the rooms with the incense and ask to recharge the places with loving energies. Cleanse and recharge your divination tools. You have the opportunity to cleanse and rejuvenate your pendulum, tarot/oracle, amulets, gemstone jewelry, crystal ball, or any other spiritual object of your choice.

You can use a selenite or transparent quartz plate to cleanse your gems, amulets, or pendulum. Alternatively, you can use Palo Santo or sage combined with incense, as you would purify your living space. Light a Palo Santo stick and say out loud your intention to cleanse and reset the energies of your objects to "ground zero ."Then place them on the edge of a window where the Moon will pass. You can also place your divination tools in a clear airtight bag and hang them on the clothesline outside overnight, weather and climate permitting. Some pendulums tolerate water for purification. It's up to you depending on the material yours is made of. However, you should also recharge it with the energies of the Full Moon on a windowsill or outside.
The Full Moon is the perfect time to "bathe" your crystal ball. First, wash your ball with mild soap and warm water.

Next, prepare a large bowl or salad bowl with 2 tablespoons of coarse sea salt and cover the salt at the bottom of the bowl with a small clean cloth. Place the crystal ball in the bowl on a bed of salt. Cover it with water. You can add essential oil of lavender or flowers, for example, as you wish. It is now time to place your precious burden on your balcony under the Moonlight or on a stool or table in front of a window. You will leave it in its bath all night of the Full Moon, and you will take it out of the water very early the next day before the sun rays reach it. WARNING, the sun's rays must not touch the ball once again. After only a few seconds of sun exposure, you are at risk of fire. Your crystal ball is now recharged and ready for use.

2-Ritual of the letter of gratitude and wishes

The letter of gratitude is written at the Full Moon and the letter of wishes at the New Moon preferably. First, purify and harmonize the room you are in with Palo Santo or sage combined with incense.

Next, you will need a pencil and paper of your choice. You can place your stones around you, light a white candle and burn incense if you wish. You can even immerse yourself in meditation before performing this ritual which requires you to be well centered in the heart. You are ready to write your Full Moon gratitude letter. On your sheet of paper, write down everything you are grateful for. Begin each sentence with: "Thank you for ... or I thank you for ...".

You will see that everything is essential and that even the things that seem trivial and "self-evident" are, in fact, extraordinary gifts. Among others is the technology available to make your life easier. For example, your heating to warm you up in cold weather, your fridge that allows your food to be preserved and keeps you healthier by avoiding food poisoning, etc. In short, EVERYTHING can be a thank you to the Moon and the Universe.

You can also be grateful for your new job where you are happier. Or for the lovely neighbor who mowed your lawn last week when you didn't have the time. Here's a final example: "I thank you for all the gifts I've received and everything I need at the perfect time. I especially appreciate the various signs you send me to further enlighten my path. Thank you for the new computer I needed and the doctor's appointment I got quickly and effortlessly.

You will end the letter with: "With all my love, Thank you. (your signature)". Place your letter in an envelope addressed to the Universe and keep it until the New Moon. For the letter of wishes, you proceed the same way by preparing the place and settling down with your pencil and your paper in the calm. This time you write your letter at the New Moon, and it is a letter where, as the abundance check (see article),you issue your requests for the month. Once done, place the letter in the same envelope as your gratitude letter. You can burn the note on the evening of the New Moon or bury it.

3-Moon Water: Manufacture and Use

Moon water is water optimized and purified by the powerful transmuting and transforming energies of the Full Moon. It is best to make the Moon water in the evening or the day before the Full Moon. You take a clear glass container and fill it with filtered water to make it very simple. Do not use a plastic container or jug. Then, you can immediately place your container on a windowsill or outside directly under the light of the Full Moon.

Now, if you want to make this ritual more fun, you can arrange dried flowers, crystals, or feathers, for example, around the container. Take a few deep breaths, anchor yourself to the earth, and put your hands on the vase. Look at the Moon and feel all the energies of love and comfort it gives off. Now say out loud, "I ask that this water be purified, harmonized, and recharged by the powerful energies of the Moon. May it be charged with everything I need and more. Thank you so much. You can also ask for the water to be infused with a specific intention. For example: "I ask that this water be infused with lunar energies that will help me sleep well and feel energized and rested every day. Thank you very much. You can add anything you wish to entrust to the Moon and remain quiet for a while. You will let the magic work in the water throughout the night. The following day, your water is ready to be used.

The different uses of Moon water.
Moon water can be used almost anywhere. Here are some suggestions. You can water your houseplants by adding a portion of Moon water to your watering can. This is especially beneficial for less beautiful plants and needs your attention more. Use the moment to spread a healing intention for your plants as you go.

Next, you can dip your silver jewelry into the Moon water to attract wealth and abundance. You can add Moon water to your bathwater. Set the intention of your choice as you dive into the tub and welcome the benefits of this energized water loaded with everything you need. You can also purify your crystals and stones in the Moon water. Be sure to check if your crystals are water tolerant before proceeding. Also, you can drink a few sips of Moon water at night before going to bed and repeat the intention of your choice. Finally, you can gently place a little Moon water on your third eye area to bring more clarity into your life. Many other uses are possible. See what you like to experiment with.

4- Cleansing and recharging crystals

Crystals are beautiful tools and helpers to integrate into your life. Each crystal contains a "medicine" according to its composition that promotes, among other things, your physical health, emotional control, or protection. The Full Moon is THE time to purify and recharge them. Some can also be restored and purified by sunlight, depending on their composition. However, many will be damaged or have their coloring altered by contact with the sun's rays. Therefore, when in doubt, simply take the option of a Full Moon bath to recharge all your precious minerals.

How to clean your crystals?
Many crystals are sensitive to water, which can damage them like pyrite, selenite, celestine, azurite, garnet, and malachite. It is best to opt for fumigation with Palo Santo for these stones. Simply run them under clear water and dry them on a clean cloth for those that can withstand water. Whatever the method of purification, all you need to do is to set the intention that all the harmful energies contained in your crystals be purified and transmuted by (water or smoke) and that they are put back to "zero point."
When the purification is complete, it is time to recharge them.

For the sake of safety and simplicity, we will explain the method of Full Moon exposure. You have several options. The preferred choice is to place your crystals in an airtight transparent bag or bowl and place it outside in a safe place overnight. You can also bury them in the ground on your property and pick them up in the morning. BE CAREFUL not to leave your crystals under the sun. It is essential to remove them early in the morning. If you can't put them outside, simply spread them on a windowsill where the Moonlight penetrates enough to work its magic. This way, all your stones will regain vitality and harmony and be ready to serve you.

5- Two rituals to cut off toxic bonds of attachment

First, it is essential to note that these rituals cut toxic and harmful bonds only. They will not break the bonds of love, friendship, or other positive feelings you share with others. The following rituals are excellent for clearing your energies without all the interference that may have been created over time that does not belong to you. You may feel a sense of calmness and lightness and more clarity following the exercises. Moreover, it is possible and suggested to perform the ritual of your choice each time you feel the need according to the events of your life. That said, the Full Moon period is ideal, as the energies of purification are at their peak.

Several methods are possible. This time, we will opt for two quick and straightforward ways that do not require any special equipment or much preparation. The first is the invocation to Archangel Michael, and the second is the glass of water exercise.
First the invocation to Archangel Michael. This majestic and powerful archangel is present to protect you and help you by severing the ties that hinder your well-being. To do this, you can take a few breaths to relax.

Then, keep in mind the person or the situation you wish to detach yourself, to free yourself. At this point, simply recite the following words: "Archangel Michael, I call upon you now to help me by cutting all the toxic links that connect me to (person or situation) immediately. Let the cutting take place in all the spaces of time and bubbles of creation, even if I do not know-how. May only love remain, and I thank you for it.

Now you can visualize Archangel Michael standing around you and cutting all the harmful ties with his sword. If you can't imagine, it still works. All you need to do is vibrate the intention to detach yourself as you read your application. Remain confident, for a heart with a pure sense will always be helped and supported in its evolutionary steps. You can repeat the ritual 3 times if you feel the need.

Next, the glass of water exercise. Take and fill a glass of water or Moon water. Write the name of the person or situation you wish to detach with on a piece of paper. Place the entire glass of water on the paper while asking the water to cleanse the relationship or situation with that person. You let the water do its work for 12 hours. Then you throw the water away, give thanks and repeat as needed.

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