Make your new moon abundance check

Written by Alison

The abundance check

The abundance check is one of the rituals that can quickly become a must in your life. That said, it is essential, as in all things, to have the correct information and understand how it works. Consider the subtleties before taking the plunge to materialize your wishes according to your desires. Who hasn't wished for something, made a request to the universe, and ended up with the opposite, or almost the opposite?

First of all, the abundance check is a perfect New Moon ritual. Each month at the time of the New Moon, you can increase your access to abundance in all its forms. Whether it is in your finances, professional or personal projects, etc. Do you already have a specific ritual for the New Moon? No problem, you can include it in your celebration. Or simply write your check the day before or the day after. The ideal time to write your abundance check is the day of the New Moon. However, the energies are still favorable 24 hours before or after the passage of the New Moon. Beyond this period, the points change, and they are less fortunate.

Furthermore, this ritual requires little preparation. Some simple but essential points to anchor your request and be fulfilled as you wish. First of all, you have to settle down in a quiet place and be relaxed. It is sometimes helpful to start with meditation or conscious breathing to relax and align yourself. Suppose a particular mood is crucial to you. In that case, you can burn incense, light a candle and set up your crystals and stones or other spiritual objects that help you in this sense. All this is to make you comfortable, promote your well-being, and elevate your vibratory rate. This will significantly facilitate the transmission of your messages and their fluidity.

Now, the time has come to write your abundance check. Your mind is clearer, and you can formulate one or more precise and positive intentions. You have two options for the "base" of your check. The first is to take one of your personal checks. The second is to create your own check based on your creativity. You will build it based on the structure of a bank check and the information it contains as indicators. Take your favorite pencils and paper of your choice. Some people prefer to take a specific pencil color, but it is unnecessary. What matters is your intention in the whole process. Have fun, and you will want to do this enjoyable and straightforward ritual again. You are now at the stage of filling out this check following the directions in the next few paragraphs.

If you have chosen to transform one of your personal checks, be sure to change the name of your banking institution to Bank of the Universe. Then, you indicate the date of the New Moon on the space reserved for the "date" on your check. Then, on the line "pay to the order of," indicate YOUR NAME in full. For the "$," you indicate: PAY IN FULL. On the line where you detail "the object of the check or the reason," you write THANK YOU TO THE UNIVERSE. On the "signature" line is written, write THE LAW OF ABUNDANCE.

Once you have completed this step, go to the back of your check. At the bottom right of it, you make a line, and under this line, you write ENDOWMENT. You will sign your name in full when you are finished applying. The remaining portion on the back of the check is for one or more of your wishes. We suggest one to three wishes so as not to overload your check. In any case, you have the opportunity to rewrite a check every month.

Choose a clear, well-defined intention written simply and succinctly. The universe and your guides don't have time to waste on whole paragraphs of requests. Begin your request with THANK YOU. And write your wish as if it were ALREADY REALIZED. For example, would you like to go on a relaxing vacation in the sun? Then you can write your request like this: "Thank you for the fabulous vacation in the Costa Rican sun in June 2022. It was the perfect place for me in harmony and relaxation".

Another example is, "Thank you for meeting the man (or woman) who corresponds in every way to what I need to blossom, remain authentic, and realize myself in love." And so on. Stay clear and precise without trying to control all the information in your application. What we mean is that it is better to wish for "what you need" instead of "I want a nice, hard-working man who doesn't take himself too seriously in life." For the simple reason that your divine part, your guides know exactly what you need. The objective is to give them a track to follow, a memo indicating where you are in your journey and what you want to welcome in your life.

In closing, here are some pitfalls to avoid when writing your abundance check. Take the time to settle down and instill positive, trusting vibes during the process of creating your check. This is a ritual. It should be done in an inner state of peace. Second, this moment is for YOU. You cannot change the lives or behaviors of others without their will. This ritual is for your goals, wishes, and requests related to abundance. It is essential to respect the rights of others and to remain in the space of love and non-interference.

You can now sign your check while thanking the universe for all the abundance you have and will receive. Place it in an envelope or box in a location of your choice. You can keep your check for as long as it takes to fulfill your wishes. There is no need to burn it. The important thing is to let the universe help you by letting go. When your requests are fulfilled, you can safely burn your check if you wish. So, get your checks, and be ready to receive all this abundance that is present for you!

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