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Discover your Background of Heaven! It represents roots and reveals how you are doing in your home. By indicating your date, time and place of birth, you find out your Background of Heaven (Note: for cities of birth, it is necessary to put the hyphens if there are any):

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In astrology, the Background of Heaven is also House 4, associated with the sign of Cancer. The Background of Heaven shows how we perceive, on the basis of our deep roots, heredity (parents, childhood, education, environment). You are also associated with everything related to the home, the family of origin, and that which is based on continuity or rejection. Finally, the Background of Heaven reveals how one behaves at home, in opposition to the attitude in social life.

The bottom of the sky evokes your mental, affective, emotional, and sentimental sensitivity, which comes from your family, its traditions and origins. It also expresses the legacies and the family heritage. The bottom of the sky is complementary to the Midheaven. In these circumstances, it can be interpreted that your career has its source in what your family has passed on to you. It also evokes the family traditions on a professional level that are sometimes found in certain families who practice the same profession from father to son or from mother to daughter. Through the interpretation of your bottom of the sky, you will understand what kind of home you need to grow professionally.

For example, if your bottom of the sky is in Libra, you need to start a home with a person in nuances that lets you take risks so that your career evolves as you wish. If your bottom of the sky is in Scorpio, you keep your home away from your career so that you maintain a great serenity. The analysis of your bottom of the sky expresses your attitude towards your home and with the members of your family. It also says a lot about their behavior with you. For example, if your bottom of the sky is in Capricorn, you have a traditional approach to the family, and you respect its traditions. As for your family, it has conveyed to you the taste for work and the sense of effort. If the bottom of the sky of your theme is in Aquarius, you are very independent of your family. You can lead a life that is off the beaten path.

In short, the bottom of the sky reveals how one behaves at home, in opposition to the attitude in social life. So, if you want to know everything about your background, enter your date of birth, time, and place and discover all that it can reveal to you.

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