The transit of Saturn!

Written by Mary

Saturn takes about thirty years to circle the zodiac, and so remains about two and a half years in each sign, which explains why people of the same age often have Saturn in the same sign. It is the second planet, after Jupiter, with a generational character. Discover the 12 transits of Saturn in each of the astrological signs:

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Saturn often has a bad reputation with astrologers. It is attributed - rightly so - to restraints, constraints, latent pessimism, and even precarious health. If all these effects can, indeed, be related to Saturn, then often, we forget the qualities specific to this planet that are rigour, self-discipline, self-control or stability. Without Saturn, many destinies would be unlivable: unbalanced, without any maturity or sense of responsibility.

Saturn transits can dramatically spoil the mood when they are negative: one feels diminished, helpless, blocked, or frustrated. But Saturn in positive transit brings stability and security. It encourages commitment, taking responsibility, and promotes reliable promises and lasting attachments. Saturn teaches us about maturity, self-control, and the type of behavior one develops in the face of life's trials.

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