Saturn in Sagittarius

Written by Mary

Saturn influences our inner life, our limits and our professional ambitions.Saturn, master of Capricorn, takes about thirty years to go around the zodiac and thus two to three years to cross a sign. Saturn often has a bad reputation with astrologers. It is attributed (with reason) to restraints, constraints, latent pessimism and even precarious health. If all these effects can indeed be related to Saturn, too often we forget the qualities specific to this planet that are rigor, self-discipline, self-control or stability. Saturn leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. This transit will be appreciated differently according to the signs.


This transit stimulates your will, your sense of duty and responsibilities. It is a constructive period, with a more realistic perspective of things, which facilitates the realization of your projects. You can tackle a difficult task, you have the necessary rigor and perseverance. You are more sure of yourself, with a better understanding of your abilities and you make wise decisions. You are lucid about your means, your limits, your objectives. At the professional level, it's time to consolidate your situation. Your seriousness attracts you to the advancement and recognition of your work and your efforts, This period is quite favorable for the administrative procedures and to provide you with support.


If Saturn has no specific effect on the sign of Taurus when it is in Sagittarius, it does, however, induce an atmosphere perceptible to everyone. In this sign, Saturn gives a realistic color to human ideals. The ideas are structured, ambition increases, views are wider, more distant, more daring and yet more concrete. Everyone can afford the means for great achievements if they are part of this powerful, demanding and very moral energy. With a lot of courage and honesty you will succeed. At this price, beautiful and large things await you. However, it is an influence that may isolate you at times. It is indeed in front of you that Saturn will be the most powerful, between examination of conscience and a realistic balance ...


During this transit, your vitality is diminished. Bad luck seems to accompany you, you do not find an opportunity, your efforts are hindered and the world seems fixed and unfair. You are actually in a period of evolution but it is painful and you will not see the positive effects until the transit is over. Approach this time with calm and humility, take a step back to get an overview of your situation. Do not start anything new, work on yourself and what you already have. It's time to make concrete decisions for your future, to sort through your old habits. At the end of this transit, you will have a clearer vision of the way forward.


If Saturn has no specific effect on the sign of Cancer when it is in Sagittarius, it does, however, induce a mood perceptible to everyone. In this sign, Saturn colors your routine with a certain wisdom, tinged with philosophy. It is easier for you to concentrate on practical chores, you see the whole of your situation better, you have less tendency to fixate and you develop your organizational spirit. All this is not very glamorous, however, it contributes to your daily comfort that will have the opportunity of expanding over the coming months. In order to take advantage of these rather positive influences discipline yourself and your often excessive moods.


Your entrepreneurial spirit, your sense of challenge and competition are tinged with high morality and a serious grip on your various responsibilities. You gain a great reputation for seriousness and integrity through a nascent popularity that is slow but durable in the long run. You manage more easily your energies and abilities in concrete activities and you have a more realistic vision for the future. During this transit, you are able to obtain a position of power, or even to found your own company. You are in a state of mind that is conducive to great achievements, with a nice balance between your potential and the possibilities offered by a heavenly accomplice.


It is a difficult but necessary influence because it shapes you. Like it or not, the sky sets limits, multiplies the constraints and undermines your morale. It is by accepting your responsibilities, by being content with reality and by using your good will that you can evolve. Anything that does not correspond to your real aspirations is doomed to failure and this is not the time to put your superiors or the administration at risk of being very rigorous. It is your resistance and your courage that will overcome this demoralizing atmosphere, as well as philosophical principles that you have developed. Surround yourself with a zen atmosphere to relax from time to time.


This transit offers you the opportunity to gain maturity and wisdom. You are more aware of your abilities, your aspirations, your ambitions and the work needed to achieve your goals. You advance with a calm determination and a lot of regularity. You put things in order, you organize your life in the long run. Everything you do during this transit is marked by the seal of sustainability. Your will and your seriousness are strongly stimulated, you are very disciplined and efficient. Your efforts are recognized and you will certainly be entrusted with new responsibilities. You easily gain the favor of your superiors, your elders and the authorities. It's a good time to advance.


Saturn has no direct effect on the sign of Scorpio when it is in Sagittarius but it induces a more dynamic behavior with money. You are, at one time or another, forced to invest, repay, save or borrow and this influence is excellent to help you make the right choices with a lot of hindsight and an excellent overview. You will explore new methods or meet different partners. This is an opportunity to balance your finances in duration and security, while raising your material aspirations by one or two notches because the sign of Sagittarius is very expansive, which clearly compensates for the reducing or frustrating side of Saturn.


The climate during this transit is heavy, the pace of your life is slowed down. You reassess your personality and the goals you have set for yourself. You are confronted with the results of your actions. You must face your problems and accept the responsibilities you have refused so far. If you go in the wrong direction, Saturn blocks you and asks you to stabilize your life more realistically and in a more disciplined way. If you were already realizing things, it's a good time to launch long-term projects or to change old habits that are no longer right for you. You aspire to solid, serious, stability. Progress is slow and frustrating but, in the long run, this transit has a very constructive influence.


If Saturn has no specific effect on the sign of Capricorn when it is in Sagittarius, then it does induce a withdrawal in a chosen solitude and a very rewarding feedback. You will be able to give a very interesting scale to your aspirations, to aim higher and further, the sky feeds your capacity to project yourself in the future, it is a very positive influence if you know how to use it, it will pay off later. Some will consider investing abroad or in very selective environments, of high moral or financial standing. It is most often in the shadows, if not in secret, that you will develop your strategies for a wider and more exciting future.


Saturn in sextile to your sun promises beautiful achievements, a structuring of your personality, many opportunities to evolve and to settle down. Your friends, your relationships, even your tastes, evolve and you put a lot more depth and honesty into your daily life. It is a pledge of seriousness that should earn you points in your social, professional, friendly and, global, relationships. However, it is up to you to accompany this transit with good resolutions and a taste for self-discipline. If you do not seize any opportunity, nothing will happen, whatever your abilities, it's up to you to act!


The transit of Saturn square in your natal sun makes you pessimistic, you are not sure of anything, especially not yourself, you devalue yourself too easily. All the obligations become unbearable constraints, you lock yourself in a negative spiral that is hardly objective. Everything weighs on you, you are uncomfortably confronted with your limits, you may experience a devaluing failure, a constraining situation or a dead end. You must mourn: a person, a situation, an experience or a desire. This feeling of loneliness is a test of resistance that causes considerable frustration. But it also means the disappearance of cumbersome relationships ...

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