Saturn in Pisces

Written by Mary

Saturn in Pisces means wisdom in spirituality, a structure around beliefs and lucid openings to unexplored worlds ... on the condition of listening to your intuition, premonitions, and hunches. Logic combines with instinct, learn how to take advantage ...


If Saturn in Pisces does not have a particular effect on the sign of Aries, it nevertheless has a certain influence on a more global plan. This planet induces a greater humanism in the administrative structures, a real concern for the individuals in government leadership positions and a lot of intuition with regard to the material needs of each one. It is the promise of a more adapted society, of more realistic ideals and for everyone, including the fiery Aries, the opportunity to isolate oneself to meditate, study or deepen a knowledge full of wisdom with a beautiful creativity enhanced by a new maturity.


Saturn in sextile to your sun means good relationships with everything that represents authority, both near and far. Your boss, your father, the police, justice and the administration are benevolent and you are able to structure your existence in duration and stability. You embrace new responsibilities, you make commitments, you develop your self-discipline and the solutions appear as you look into your problems. This is an excellent opportunity to mature, gently.


This transit of Saturn on your natal Sun prompts you to become aware of the essential and superfluous in your life. It is a period of development, budgeting, self-analysis and questioning. If you refuse to do so, the circumstances will often force you into it through problems or delays, contrary to your desires and ambitions. It's a time for sorting, making responsible decisions, repositioning yourself and redistributing your priorities. This period seems very difficult to cross, you feel alone, without support. You are down, tired, unmotivated, frustrated and you lack vitality but remain patient, once this passes, the influence of this transit is very useful for your future.


Your dreams grow, become structured and in part, a reality. Certainly, you have to assume the reverse of this beautiful gift by assuming the responsibilities that accompany your evolution. Your existence stabilizes at a higher level and your well-being is consolidated. It is not a transit that arouses great events, it is rather a safe and discreetly fulfilling climate. The smooth running of your businesses could push you to deploy other talents that you hid or ignored until then. Your abilities, one way or another, are highlighted.


If Saturn in Pisces does not present a particular effect on Leo, it nevertheless has an influence on overall creativity in general and Leo is very creative. This planet induces more a practical meaning to concepts, a real concern for the people in power and a lot of intuition concerning the material needs of everyone. It is a good atmosphere to develop projects revolving around health or services, with the promise of a more flexible or more comprehensive administration.


At time you must confront yourself and you are not very happy with yourself, forced by this confrontation to more rigor, discipline and seriousness. An authoritarian person or a constraining situation will push you to know your limits and to go to the end of your affairs, whatever the difficulty or the efforts to be made. It is in this acceptance of obligations that you will end up finding serenity in terms of characters, at the end of this transit, which is as tiring as it is formative.


If Saturn in Pisces does not induce any particular influence on the sign of Libra, it nevertheless has a certain power on a more global level. This planet induces a greater humanism in the administrative structures, a real concern for the people in charge and a lot of intuition with regard to the material needs of everyone. This is the promise of a more adapted society, more realistic ideals and, for everyone, including the delicate Libra, the opportunity to isolate oneself to meditate, study or deepen a knowledge full of wisdom with enhanced creativity and a new maturity.


The trine to Saturn on your natal Sun opens a period of stabilization and structuring of your personality and your existence. You strengthen your social credit thanks to your perseverance, your seriousness, your concentration and your sense of responsibility. At work, you see your efforts rewarded by a consolidation of your position, recognition and an increase in success. You gain in confidence and wisdom. You aspire to what is solid and lasting and everything you undertake goes in this direction. This is an excellent time to launch a long-term project and take steps to easily find the necessary supports. Your life becomes more stable, you move with regularity and without disruptive incident.


The transit of Saturn square to your natal Sun confronts you with reality and time and it tests your will and ability to resist these difficulties. You lack support, you suffer delays and disappointments accumulate. Nothing goes or nothing goes fast enough, everything is laborious, difficult, slow. Your energy is at its lowest, you are tired and any obstacle seems insurmountable. You become pessimistic, you doubt yourself and everything. The key to this transit is perseverance and patience, you must develop your self-discipline. It is a difficult time but necessary for growing and evolving.


It's a good time to develop long-term projects and make important decisions. Your progress is steady and constructive. The pace is slow, which implies administrative delays but, on arrival, you benefit from more prestige and responsibilities. You do a good job, difficult and regular but the period is a bit monotonous or boring. You have the impression of knowing your limits and you understand yourself. Your behavior is more reasonable and more energetic, you consolidate your personality and your situation. Your achievements are sustainable, you balance choices with wise commitments. Patience and will are stimulated, social credit is strengthened. There is an opportunity for advancement or promotion, success from your personal work and your efforts. It's a good time to contact the official circles, like the administration. Your life is calmer and more regular, with better material and physical security.


With Saturn at your neighbor's, you are led to consider the state of your heritage and make important decisions in this area. You are helped by excellent intuitions and, depending on the case, you borrow or repay wisely. The lucky ones will see the return of sums of money due or will benefit from the benevolence of the authorities (administration, justice).


The transit in conjunction with Saturn on your natal Sun induces a difficult, serious period during which you face yourself. You evaluate your personality and your achievements. You become more aware of who you are. You mature and strengthen your character. You identify your weaknesses and seek to improve them. You feel limited and frustrated but it's a good time to work on your ambitions. You are very focused on what is really important to you. You can also see your past efforts rewarded, a promotion for example, and end up with extra work and responsibilities. This period is very tiring but constructive for your future.

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