Saturn enters in Aquarius

Written by Mary

Saturn leaves home to travel for two and a half years to neighboring Aquarius. The "administrative" atmosphere will be more liberal, everyone will have to take responsibility, be more rigorous in their autonomy and the management of their achievements. Ideals are gaining momentum but, for some, may turn into radicalism or fanaticism ...


Saturn sextile in the natal sun offers you to put in place concrete solutions to durably improve your living conditions for the long term. Your life can be planned, organized and thought out in order to reach your set goals in a safe and regular way. It is a period of maturation for your personality. You evolve through encounters, chances and coincidences, without necessarily having sought them. Practical solutions will come up for all kinds of situations you are going through. The more receptive you are to new responsibilities, and opportunities to be more assertive and to stabilize your different assets, the more this period is favorable to you.


The transit of Saturn square to the natal sun challenges you to make rigorous and responsible decisions. The imperative need to change course is felt but you might remain stuck inside by old fears and you persist on the same path. In this case, this transit may force you, by external circumstances, to more rigor or more discipline. It's a tiring time, you may feel a little devitalized. It is possible that your parents or elders, or anything that represents authority (including the administration or the treasury) will slow you down and frustrate you. You have to be patient and enduring while developing a philosophical attitude.


During this time, you are able to pursue your long-term goals and your deep ambitions, with a lot of focus, application, determination and self-discipline. Your perseverance gives you the strength to overcome all obstacles. You benefit easily from help and support, you have good relationships with your superiors and the authorities. You inspire confidence. You progressively climb the ladder of success. You are more confident, wiser, more strict with yourself and you consolidate your situation to move forward. This is a great time to do some training and broaden your experience in your field. This allows you to build your confidence and move forward on a stronger foundation.


Saturn in Aquarius does not directly influence Cancer, but encourages everyone to be inventive and supportive. It can, in this sign, help you structure your most daring goals by incorporating new methods. It is also an excellent period for studying a difficult subject or to become interested in a new field.


When Saturn passes in opposition to the natal sun, it is as if you clearly distinguish your inner self and allow it to play its role. This figure of authority may make some integrations difficult if you maintain the fears of your childhood, if you resist and you project on others and on the world what you are asked to change internally. The challenge is to shoulder your responsibilities and develop your self-discipline towards a chosen rigor rather than one that is undergone. The difficult aspects of Saturn in the sun reduces vitality and resistance to sickness, rest and protect yourself.


If Saturn has no personal effect on Virgo when he is in Aquarius, it does, however, give everyone fresh ideas for solving problems. Autonomy is encouraged and it is a good time to review some of your certainties and to confront them with other opinions because this broadens your field of thought.


This transit gives you a lot of firmness, willingness and a sense of responsibility and duty. You strive for consistency and any long-term business is favored. You want to build a solid foundation for your future. You get on with your tasks with a lot of self-discipline, seriousness and that reinforces your social credit. You can expect progress and success from your work and patient efforts. During this transit, your life and your personality stabilize, you become more sure of yourself and wiser. You are lucid about your means and your limits, you are very effective in the pursuit of your goals.


The transit of Saturn square to your natal Sun requires you to pause, and take yourself on. You need to review some of the data, identify what's wrong in your life and sort it out. It is a difficult time to cross but very useful for your future. You are a little depressed and tired, you lack will and motivation, you doubt yourself. Nothing goes as you wish, you can not find any support, you are unlucky. Your projects and your steps are hindered or slowed down. Saturn forces you to develop more rigor and self-discipline and to become more mature. You need to be patient during this time.


During this transit of Saturn, your life is calm and regular. It is a constructive period that allows you to mature your personality. You become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your possibilities and your limitations. You build a solid foundation for your future in all areas and especially in your work. You are more organized, thoughtful, practical and you reach a high level of self-discipline. You are focused on your goals, aware that you have to work hard to achieve them. Outside circumstances seem to work in your favor during this transit, you see your efforts rewarded, you easily get the support of your superiors, your elders and the authorities.


Saturn has no personal effect on the sign of Capricorn when it is in Aquarius, but it induces more inventive behavior with money. You are, at one time or another, required to invest, save or borrow and this influence is excellent to help you make the right choices with lots of creativity, new methods or different partners. This is an opportunity to balance your finances in duration and security.


The transit of Saturn in conjunction with your natal Sun forces you to deepen, restructure and reorganize. Your life is slowed down during this period and forces you to see your situation as a whole. You look at yourself in a more realistic way, you understand the need to assume your responsibilities and be disciplined. You become self-critical and you evaluate your achievements. It's a good time to focus on the main purpose of your life. Your progress is slow and a little frustrating, everything seems painstaking but you have the perseverance and commitment to move forward despite your fatigue. Saturn imposes on you an apprenticeship of which you measure the scope only after its transit.


The transit of Saturn in Aquarius does not concern you directly but it pushes you to introspection, sometimes to the examination of your conscience. You are led, by the circumstances, to review your art of living according to others. There is a balance to be found between the community of which you are a part of and your individuality, unique and inalienable. It is this balance that serves this transit ...

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