Mercury in Retrograde!

Written by Daisy

Mercury is in retrograde every 88 days for 24 days. It is a symbol of introversion. Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication, exchanges, mobility, and the entourage. It represents the mind, the nerves, breathing, small displacements, meetings, writings, transport and commerce ... In transit, mercury passes very quickly by our natal planets, in 2 or 3 days. He is more powerful when he is in retrograde because he stays longer in the same place.

All mercurial functions are slowed down, blocked or reversed. During these periods, one has the feeling that the situation is frozen, as much in the administrative field as commercial, financial or technical, without counting the multiple repercussions in communication between people. The wait times are longer and so are the delays or problems in communication, transportation, computer, delivery services, everything related to correspondence, contracts, negotiations and agreements.
Things are lost or misplaced, appointments are canceled or forgotten. It is strongly recommended not to sign contracts or start new projects. If it is not possible to delay an important decision, anticipate potential problems more than usual. You have to check everything and be ready for surprises and holdups.

To take advantage of this phenomenon without having to endure it, take care of things that you have postponed and close old projects. Be willing to rethink decisions and opinions from the past. Do not be surprised if you hear about someone you have not had contact with for a while. People who already have a retrograde Mercury in natal will be particularly sensitive during periods of demotion. Mercury in retrograde, how does your sign see it?


Aries are busy people who do not appreciate the times when Mercury retrogrades, however when it happens in a friendly sign, they can use the situation rather than suffer from it. It will be enough to use the delays that miraculously appear to adjust the last details in all efficiency.


Taurus is rarely disturbed by Mercury in retrograde. They themselves are of a slightly slow temperament and do not hate this opportunity to go at their own pace. They will need these delays to digest the new and exotic that the daily routine will not fail to offer them.


The Gemini, ruled by Mercury is probably the most impatient sign of the zodiac, so they are more affected than others. However, when the retrograde takes place in a complementary sign, this time they will be able to take advantage of it and obtain great benefits in their relationship life, in full expansion.


Cancers know how to take their time and generally have a great philosophy in view of the delays inherent in the retrograde of Mercury. However, this whimsical sign can explode with nerves if their car breaks down or their computer becomes buggy at the wrong time. With Cancer, it's the moods that make the atmosphere!


Leos take expectations as a personal offense. Anything that can hinder their project triggers their fighting spirit. However, there are very useful deadlines to find in order to build with good sense and efficiency a particularly profitable strategy, whatever the field of action.


Virgos are relatively comfortable with delays and will be much less likely to suffer breakdowns, bugs and other domestic incidents that may occur in the coming weeks. This retrogradation may bring nervous tension to the incandescence if the Virgo does not relativize these inconveniences.


Libras easily adapt to most of the inconveniences of life with a touching good will. Nevertheless, if delays or incidents frustrate them in their friendly and social relationships, their mood may turn dark. Fortunately this phenomenon is happening in their own sign!


Scorpios do not like to be resisted, so missed appointments, car crashes and computer bugs may ruffle their feathers until summer. It is, for this sign, a period of investment more than action: they will have to deal with this daily routine that can be a little sticky.


The Sagittarians are part of the hurried signs but this time, with the demotion of Mercury, they will be able to take advantage of incidents that exasperate others. Deadlines and compromises of all kinds are in the air and should allow them to conclude very interesting or very profitable business.


Capricorn loves order and rigor and hates surprises. This retrograde may therefore put them in a very bad mood if, unfortunately, it affects his mobility or his desire to dialogue. We must therefore expect some nervous tension in this sign, which does not prevent an excellent physical form!


Two possibilities for Aquarius: either they are not affected by the effects of Mercury's retrograde and they will fiercely deny its existence, or they will be entitled to a breakdown or misunderstanding that they will take as a personal affront. For if Aquarius is the most humanistic sign, they are also the most personal and often brings things back to them ...


Pisces are totally dependent on the prevailing atmosphere. If everyone is exasperated by catastrophic delays, breakdowns or awkwardness, Pisces risks feeling bad through osmosis even if nothing disturbs their daily life. Their permeability to others is their eternal problem in times of stress...

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