Mercury in Libra: Balance!

Written by Daisy

Now is the moment to broaden our horizons! Mercury is at ease in the sign of Libra, an excellent sign when it comes to relationships, focused on exchanges and social openness. In search of balance and fairness, Mercury in Libra will find the right balance and put himself in the place of his interlocutor to find the right compromise.

Under this sky, all intellectual activities that require listening skills and are part of a counseling relationship will be particularly favored by the passage from Mercury to Libra. Negotiations that until now had stalled could find a real recovery thanks to tact and diplomacy. From an artistic and aesthetic point of view, Mercury in Libra will bring to the fore all new trends and ideas. What influence does Mercury in Libra have for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac?


The air element of Libra and that of the fire of Aries are at the same time opposite and complementary. For you, native of Aries, Mercury in Libra will simply push you to think before acting, to calm your impulses and take into consideration the point of view of the other. These effects will be particularly felt in your life as a couple or in your professional life, especially if you are in association with a partner. The main challenge of this transit will be to find the balance between a time for action and a time for reflection.


For you dear Taurus, well known for your strong feelings, even fixed ideas, Venus in Libra will bring you with all the finesse and delicacy we know, a little more mental flexibility. You will have the opportunity to look at things from a different angle and it may help you to change your mind, which was certainly not won-over at first. This open-mindedness will be particularly beneficial to you in your professional life especially if you are in a situation of negotiation with your boss.


These two form the pair: native Gemini, you will find in the transit of Mercury in Libra a great, playful partner throughout this transit. You who are already curious and communicative, you will handle your words with even more dexterity. You will be able to expose, whether in writing or orally, the facts in the most objective way possible while having it at heart to present everyone's point of view. Under this transit, expect also to live beautiful, romantic conversations with your crush.


You will be particularly teased by the transit of Mercury in Libra, in which you can find social unrest and superficial chatter. Like the hermit who enters his shell, you will not always be able to evade your social obligations with Mercury in Libra. At this time you will need to make some additional efforts to listen, in order to avoid any misunderstandings with your interlocutors, especially your loved ones.


Oh what a bargain, Mercury in Libra will give wings and momentum to your passionate temperament. This transit opens up opportunities for you, Leo, to shine in your role of leader and to shine in particular through your qualities of negotiator and leader of the troops. Indeed Mercury in Libra will allow you to make the decisions that are necessary without however offending your various interlocutors through your tact. At this time, relationships within your neighborhood can be improved and you will have the opportunity to make multiple contacts with your neighbors.


Dear Virgo, here is a transit that will perhaps annoy you because, with Mercury in Libra, material contingencies will often be put in the background. Endowed with a great practical sense and a service spirit, you prefer above all to make yourself useful. This transit will invite you to integrate the notion of pleasure and aesthetics into your daily life and realize that you can also join the pleasant with the useful. This will be all the more true with regard to the property you may acquire at this time.


For you Libra, the conjunction of Mercury in your Sun will intensify the importance of exchanges and communications throughout this period. Your will and your ideas will be aligned toward the same goal. Let's not forget that under her velvet gloves Libra hides an iron will. Here, you will be at the top of your negotiating skills and shine through your natural way. At this time, you could also receive recognition and praise from your superiors for these skills.


You who are rather exclusive and extreme in your positions, Mercury in Libra will certainly try to bring you back to a little more measure and balance ... measure in your words, measure in your judgments, measure in your passions. It will not necessarily be an easy exercise for you. This period will also be conducive to meditation and introspection. You may even have the opportunity to discover your most secret thoughts through dialogue or writing.


The natives of Sagittarius will find themselves on common ground with Mercury in Libra. Sagittarius turned to the quest for justice, but in its philosophical sense; that is, as a search for truth; will find in Mercury in Libra a wonderful ally to help you shape your conceptual visions through the capacity for reformulation and the dialectic of Libra. A missionary at heart, you will be able to animate the debates within the groups and movements in which you participate


Native of Capricorn, we know you're rather discreet about your ambitions, even if they exist and you go straight for them, gently but surely. With the transit of Mercury in Libra, you may be faced with more lightness and frivolity in your conversations which will disrupt your focus on your goal! So let yourself go to a little talk without consequences but postpone any important decision until tomorrow.


For you, Aquarius, a sign particularly tuned towards others, the collective and fraternal engagements, the transit of Mercury in Libra will be lived very harmoniously. At this time, Aquarius will be able to rely on this energy to advance humanitarian causes that are close to their heart. There may be opportunities for foreign travel during this period. So, get ready to go!


You who do not always know the words to say, Mercury in Libra will help you verbalize your feelings. This is also what's hidden from your consciousness and may appear to you during this transit. But not only. If you are in a relationship, you may also have important discussions about the fundamentals of your relationship, including sharing resources and sexuality. Finding the balance will be the question. Talking about it (about balance) will be a good start!

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