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Tips to fight hyperactivity

Written by Mary

Hyperactivity is often mentioned in children, but it also remains in many adults. Tendency to impulsivity, difficulty in maintaining attention, symptoms can create inconvenience in everyday life, whether it is sleep disorders or emotional worries. Depending on your astrological sign, we deliver an avenue to explore in order to refocus and rejuvenate. Let's go!


b>Practice an endurance sport
Your hyperactivity needs to be reshaped as part of an endurance sport. Rowing, running, swimming are disciplines that will suit your fire temperament as long as you do it at least twice a week. The goal is to focus mentally and physically on a goal by supporting a remarkable amount of effort over a period of time.


b>Make your senses profitable
As a sign of sensuality, appeal to your five senses! Know how to say stop at your side 200 per hour by asking yourself: reconnect to a memorable memory of your existence where you had a direct relationship with the present moment. Imagine an inspiring place, a magical place, a moment that marked your memory. Stay in this vibration. Then join your five senses, hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell. Put into perspective your feelings. What did you really feel?


b>Play with your interiority
Your thoughts run like crazy trains and do not stop you anymore. A method that you could experiment for your greater good: comedy classes. Get into this field once or twice a week in order to exteriorize your emotions, all those that overwhelm you: fear, stress, anger, frustration but also joy, satisfaction, etc. It is by opening your interiority in a framework provided for this purpose, namely that of theater, mime or dance that you will renew with a certain peace.


b>Monitor your diet
You tend to snack several times during the day. Harvard studies suspect that hyperactivity comes from the absorption of foods rich in additives. Food phosphorus and fast sugars would be guilty! So beware of nutritional deficiencies such as iron, zinc, omega 3, magnesium among others. Select good products like green tea for its L-theanine that produces feelings of emotional relaxation or consume foods containing magnesium: it significantly improves the mood!


b>Rely on your creativity
You can trick your hyperactivity with your creative nature. Concentrate your energy in your hands and invest in plastic art, painting or drawing. If you have no experience in these areas, head to a workshop that introduces you to it. Once you get started, you can also continue your activity at home. All this, from one thing to another, will structure you and bring you to a more positive and constructive dynamic of your life.


b>Adopt massage therapy
By understanding that your hyperactive side prevents you from blossoming, opt for massage therapy. Through this, you will be able to become aware of your body, its needs, whether in terms of relaxation and regeneration. In fact, you will also realize how important it is to satisfy these needs. The attention will only be strengthened and the LIBRA of behavior more harmonious!


b>Be amenable to hypnosis
To understand your mood changes, opt for Ericksonian hypnotherapy. You will see yourself act and feel like in the cinema. In this way, you will better understand how to tolerate your mood swings and learn mental strategies to accept them more easily and temper them. Do not waste time blaming someone or even looking for the reasons outside: the answer is in you. In a few sessions, you can actually change by disabling your own mental programs.


b>Learn about the liberating laughter
You will gain a lot by learning how to laugh at your symptoms, even if you add a touch of black humor. Joking around your hyperactive bumps, whether it's impulsiveness or lack of tact, memory lapses or habitual loss of orientation, you'll feel like you're getting your head off your feet and stepping outside. It's not nothing! Relax and laugh, your surroundings will see you from a new angle and you will appreciate much better!


b>Organize your days
You will score points by defeating your disorganization from your hyperactive disorders. You have several options: use colorful post-it notes, keep a small calendar under your elbow, create a list of actions of the day ... You can start by gradually changing your habits by folding your clothes on a shelf rather than let them hang out, or stack your papers in the office, make folders. This new organization will anchor you with a more measured and better orchestrated self.


b>Do not intervene
Train yourself not to interrupt others when they speak to you; practice listening attentively by interesting what he says without intervening unless your opinion is directly required. Basic technique: count to 10 before speaking, and interruptions will be rarer. Over time, you will feel much better by feeling that you have cared for yourself and others.


b>Visualize a zen moment
Your very strong mind can become an asset if you take it in hand. You have great abilities to be able to visualize. Choose a quiet place, breathe and relax. Put aside your nervousness, use your imagination and design a positive scenario where you are the protagonist. You can find an obvious calm. In the same vein, it is also possible to create your own collage board by assembling photos or personal images (or not) that make you zen and happy.


#h2_on#Go down into yourself
Your great inner richness makes you want to do everything. You are passionate and embracing everything seems normal to you since you are good although you sometimes did not know it. The ultimate thing to do to relax you is to find yourself facing yourself. Meditating seems to be a domain invented for you; try to find the best way to make a positive impact on you. Thus, you will find peace of mind by entering into your own vastness.


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