Mercury in Taurus: Sensuality!

Written by Daisy

Mercury will leave the bubbling Aries to enter Taurus and thus color all exchanges and movements with sensuality, gluttony and sometimes greed. The rhythm will thus calm down greatly and, according to the temperaments, this transit will be more or less lived according to whether you will be impatient or peaceful, nervous or relaxed. Overall, it will be a good time to set up real estate projects or everything related to nature, livestock and agriculture. Meetings and appointments will be less spontaneous but more constructive. Beware, however, of stubbornness, jealousy and resentment during these few weeks.


Mercury is leaving you and will calm things down, which will allow you to regain your spirit for a few weeks to better prepare for your future interventions. Your next exchanges may well concern your finances or a real estate objective. Unexpected upheavals remain and are sometimes difficult to manage for some but for the most part, existence takes a peaceful turn, a little routine. This situation could serve your interests if you have the intelligence to adapt and if you are not stubborn about your opinions because, from this point of view, your interlocutors risk holding out on you!


Mercury enters your home and will showcase your communication skills for a few weeks. You will be stronger than ever, sure of yourself, eloquent and much more talkative than usual because you will have a lot to say and the means to express yourself clearly with the certainty of being heard and understood. The ideas that are in the air are familiar to you and your thoughts or your criticisms are likely to fall perfectly. An excellent opportunity for all those who have to beg, claim, discuss, conclude, study but also to travel, because Mercury in your home protects your movements.


Mercury leaves Aries and your daily life will be calmer, more sober but more constructive. You will stay behind a little in the coming weeks, more busy meditating than expressing yourself. You will indeed have the opportunity to deepen some of your reasoning, which will be very beneficial to you in a few weeks, when Mercury will join your sign: you will be ready to express yourself validly, through well-prepared and therefore more convincing speeches. Displacements and contacts will be rarer and slower but deeper and often more profitable.


Mercury in Taurus will be experienced by many of you as a blessed period of calm, serenity and comfort both in your travels and in all your exchanges. Your social life will be in the foreground and you will probably experience great evenings with your loved ones. It's also a good time to travel or take a delayed trip: the sky protects all your means of communication. Some will have to take care not to exaggerate too much or benefit from the atmosphere which will lend itself to strolls in nature or days on the farm, take advantage of it to spend your days in gentleness.


Relationships are likely to freeze somewhat in the coming weeks. After the spontaneity and the constant rhythm of exchanges or displacements, the atmosphere will be more sluggish and obstinate but also much more sensual in all fields of communication. It's up to you to make the most of it by avoiding crisis' of authority, taking the time to savor the good things in life ... And by postponing certain steps that can be done in a few weeks. Do not bother, it would not be in your interest at all. It is in your professional life that this transit is likely to be the most marked ...


The entrance of Mercury in Taurus will do you the greatest good by helping you concentrate and giving you the time to prepare yourself psychologically for your important exchanges, whether they are discussions or trips. Relationships will take place at a pace appropriate to your temperament and the discussions will be concrete, constructive and solid, all to reassure you and make you comfortable, while allowing you to express yourself with confidence. This transit will be very beneficial to your ideals because your clear ideas will support proven reasoning for a very soothing result.


With Mercury leaving Aries, your life will become much more peaceful and it is possible that you sometimes feel lonely ... It depends on the capital exchanges that you have made profitable in recent weeks but, worst case, this transit in Taurus lasts only a few weeks. Perfect for relaxing a little and taking stock of your achievements and your financial or real estate desires. More agreeably, Mercury brings a more instinctive sensuality in your various exchanges and discoveries. This is an opportunity to strengthen your ideas and move from concept to reality.


Nothing light in the sky of your exchanges in the coming weeks! Your contacts, discussions or ideas will take their time, you will have the opportunity to dig through all this and maintain your intellect with all kinds of concepts that are important to you, between animal sensuality, authority, stubbornness and clairvoyance. The realistic, even materialistic qualities of Taurus will color all your transactions with interest and profit, be it financial, real estate or emotional investment. It's a good time to deepen and savor everything related to communication and travel.


The climate of your exchanges, your travels or your meetings becomes calmer and brings to your daily life an opportunity of well deserved rest. You have only a few weeks before the passage from Mercury to Gemini, where he will send you stimulating impulses. Take the opportunity to calmly deal with everything related to your wealth, your finances and your assets. It's a great time to take real estate advice, consider a major purchase or, simply, to relax in a peaceful but voluntary routine. Your meetings will be under the sign of greed.


The climate, which has been a little annoying these past weeks will now become your ally for a few weeks. Indeed, Mercury in the friendly sign of Taurus makes the exchanges more sober and more authentic, the movements safer and the meetings more constructive. Take the opportunity to reflect actively and concretely on your various projects. Your relaxed but focused mind will understand things in a very realistic way and you will probably have excellent insights into finances, real estate and even love. Tools or methods will emerge that will allow you to benefit from any trip or meeting.


Mercury leaves your friend Aries to enter the granitic Taurus. For a few weeks you will need to adapt your speech and curb your impatience. Exchanges may be slower and controversy is likely on issues of substance but also on questions of authority. Everything that revolves around outings, travel, discussions, agreements or meetings are a little fixed and you will have difficulty to evolve in this sometimes narrow atmosphere. Remember that you yourself often show stubbornness in your reasoning and cut some slack in order to lighten the daily routine, at least in your home!


During the next fortnight, your daily life will soften a lot by bringing to your relationships, heat, trust, realism and mixed poetry. This is an excellent time to express yourself in front of a calm and attentive audience, to make some very constructive trips for your future or to maintain authentic exchanges. It is also an opportunity to look at your achievements and make excellent financial arrangements, consider buying a home or renovating. Everything about exchanges and communication is marked by realism and common sense. This, coupled with your intuition, should work wonders.

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