Mercury in Scorpio: Discretion!

Written by Daisy

The entry of Mercury in Scorpio foreshadows more discreet but deeper exchanges and, sometimes, much more sensual. The light atmosphere, the fluidity that presides over travel, communication and the exchanges for a few weeks, is transformed into systematic deepening. If this is not the best time to attract customers or meet new people, then for many of us it is a time where serious agreements will be made. For others, a very useful capacity to focus and study, while others still for contracts to sign and for all, a better atmosphere of reflection and introspection.


Your mind, solicited by a thousand encounters and discoveries will have to arise to follow the movement and stick to the atmosphere that will become much more introspective. This will be a trivial matter for some who will see the opportunity to breathe, mentally at least for a few weeks. For all, the climate restricts rare appointments and stops everything that looks easy. For you, it is the moment to distinguish yourself through your fighting spirit and your tenacity. These traits will be welcomed in your efforts, the eye of your interlocutors will be sharpened!


These weeks may put your nerves to the test but also contain the seeds of excellent business to do. It all depends on the flexibility, once again, that you will manage to put in your exchanges during these few weeks. Control yourself and show yourself skillful, it is sometimes useful to lower the flag to discreetly invest in the place. By doing well, you can convince an attentive interlocutor, who will not give you anything but will listen to you. Anyway, excesses and stubbornness are not likely to bring you positive things, so learn to compose yourself!


You've had lots of new friends, cool colleagues and nice relationships? The time has now come to examine this harvest more closely, to sort out the wheat from the chaff and to remove from each encounter, from each exchange, from each discovery, the quintessence that will make you evolve. These few weeks can be very useful to take stock and to consider the follow-up to give to each of your relationships. The climate will be passionate but lucid and, for all that relates to thinking, your great asset, this configuration can be very constructive.


The agitation, the comings and goings, the friends we like but who encumber us or are tiresome, it all calms down to give way to an intimate atmosphere that is much better suited to your temperament and your anxious mind. It will be an excellent time for your travels, your reflections, your meetings and the rooting of your most precious relationships. The conversations will be more serious, deeper and more constructive. Luck also supports you in your initiatives and you could make excellent investments because your intuitions will be particularly sharp.


Lately, you did not have too much trouble, imposing your point of view and rallying a lot of good will. This climate will evolve towards more restraint but also more determination and you will surely be called to cut some slack for a few weeks, if you do not want to be confronted with some deaf but virulent rebellions. If you use your leadership gifts to collect, design and build, you have a good chance to evolve. If you're aiming for fame and glamor, you'll be disappointed.


With the entry of Mercury in Scorpio, a laborious and constructive period awaits you. You will be comfortable talking to your family or superiors. You will have the opportunity to express yourself to attentive and available interlocutors. It is an excellent time to infiltrate the good graces of those who will be useful to you or to unravel the threads of your emotional exchanges. The investments decided at this time are also very likely to give you complete satisfaction. Your analytical mind will be particularly helpful.


Mercury leaves your sign and induces a withdrawal for two weeks. Nothing really bad for your sign, just a break before the great lyrical flights of Mercury in Sagittarius right after. In the meantime, between your savings plan or your career plan to consolidate, your letter of motivation to write or an intense reflection on your future projects to be carried out, you will find plenty to usefully occupy this gap in the countless exchanges you have.


As usual at this time of the year, fast planets transit your sky. Mercury in your home puts pep in your step, which is already very seductive. In other words, your mind will be sharpened like a scalpel and, more than ever, whether to criticize or praise, you will have words of extreme accuracy and exceptional eloquence. It only remains to be hoped that you will make good use of it by evolving in your work or in your relationship life rather than by maintaining conflicts or games of power.


Slow and steady wins the race. Repeat this motto, during this period preceding the arrival of Mercury in your sign. There's enough for the time it takes to plan a trip, study for a competition or tweak your resume. Your interlocutors may seem to be unresponsive or too withdrawn, but they will give you the opportunity to explain yourself, to establish your bases, to mature your projects and to closely analyze your reasoning. You would be wrong not to take the opportunity to write down everything that is important and focus on your expectations in life. Your conclusions are likely to be full of common sense.


Some of you may have found the general atmosphere too hectic for your taste, with hesitations, turnarounds or delays due to negligence ... In short, your patience has been put to the test but you are quiet for a few weeks with a much more serious climate and, in your eyes, much more profitable. You find excellent conditions for reflection and attentive interlocutors. This is a great time to point out to your superiors who will be in the mood to recognize your courage and your tenacity.


Accommodating people, an acquired public, emulated followers and a great fluidity in relationships is finished for a few weeks. With the entry of Mercury into Scorpio, the tone can harden and conflicts burst. Do not waste time and energy quibbling or wanting to impose your views. We will be grateful to you, at work and in society, if you lower your voice and reflect more objectively on your opinions. The exchanges slow down and take on another pattern, deeper and more authentic too. If you use this mental energy to provide a solid structure for your projects rather than for more verbal sparring, then this period will benefit you, especially financially.


In the coming weeks, your intuition will be particularly sharp and you will bathe in a climate that is very favorable to your meditations, your developments and your conclusions. This is an excellent time to develop all kinds of projects that you can present, solidly and well tied up, as soon as Mercury enters Sagittarius. You therefore have a few weeks to calmly review your strategies by combining accurate calculations with a very sure instinct. This happy influence should move you forward, discreetly but surely!

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