Cardinal mode in astrology

Written by Alison

The cardinal signs are the first signs of each season or three-monthly period. They symbolise beginnings, renewal, starting up, impulse and action. The cardinal signs are Aries in spring, Cancer in summer, Libra in autumn and Capricorn in winter. The beginnings of these signs correspond with the spring and autumn equinoxes and the summer and winter solstices.

If you were born under a cardinal sign, you have great capacity for change and development, with a tendency to believe in yourself, your abilities and life itself. Thinking is a priority for you compared with others: if in conflict, you will always argue logically, even if though you can end up embroiled in philosophical arguments.

Those born under cardinal signs are impetuous and enthusiastic, and make great efforts to achieve their goals:

- Arieses impulsively seize any opportunity to move forward. They assert themselves through physical strength, powerful determination and a confirmed belief in taking action. If they are held back, they rapidly become aggressive, irascible and unmanageable.
- Cancerians take projects under their wing to enable them to “hatch”. They move forward discreetly and take what they want at an opportune moment. If they are held back, they express their feelings openly to soften up those around them.
- Librans bring opposing factions together to establish and preserve harmony. They use their charm, sense of diplomacy and compromise to gain acceptance. If they are held back, they can become bipolar and will temporarily be much less accommodating.
- Capricorns take control of the situation and their environment, and are cautious, discreet and farsighted. They are slow to act but are highly ambitious. If they are held back, they become pessimistic and are easily demotivated.

If there are too many cardinal signs in a personal chart:
This makes for a rather unsettled person, who gets bored easily and is too focused on his/her personal ambitions. He/she has problems with those in a senior position.

If there are too few cardinal signs in a personal chart:
An active nature and inertia alternate in a mixture of enthusiasm and restraint. This person will establish a very regular routine.

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