Mars transits in Scorpio

Written by Susan

Mars enters Scorpio, intensifying the emotions and bringing intensity to all things. It incites us to be more active and conquering. With this transit, the atmosphere is over-stimulated, the discussions are animated, loves are lived in a style of passion and one tends to push back their limits even to commit excess.

Positive aspects: tenacious activities, radical acts, courage and combativeness, contempt for danger and death. Relentless will, wild needs and ambitions, passionate tendencies and sexual power.
Negative aspects: extremism, jealousy, envy, exaggerated sexual passion, dangerous actions, virulent criticism, quarrelsome spirit. Urinary inflammation or gynecology, accidents, operations.


With the passage from Mars to Scorpio in your sign, you endorse the ways of a true warrior. You act totally inflamed and you could care less about the kind of image you are projecting into the world. Whatever the field, your motto is to give depth and passion. Needless to say, you do not do anything at half-measure and such behavior can quickly wreak havoc. So beware of your excitement!


The arrival of Mars in Scorpio disrupts your little habits and causes trouble in your emotional sphere. With this transit, at the slightest annoyance, you become particularly irritable, aggressive and resentful. If everything does not happen as you have decided, you quickly turn into a real fury. In love as in friendship, you are not ready to make concessions and you are particularly critical of those around you. There is a storm in the air!


The passage from Mars to Scorpio gives you the bite, the determination, the desire and the strength to fight to get your ideas across, to impose your way of seeing or your lifestyle. Your ability to communicate, negotiate and seduce finds a respondent. You invest thoroughly in everything you do. But, beware of being polite and knowing how to manage your emotions, which can be confusing and not to commit excess that you may regret.


The passage from Mars to Scorpio does not mix with your natural tranquility. From a positive point of view, this transit allows you to assert yourself more, to know what you want and not to let yourself be walked all over. But this climate, a little in revolt, titillates your emotional sphere and puts your nerves on edge. You are not immune to experiencing some power struggles or some turmoil in your activities and your love life.


With the arrival of Mars in Scorpio, expect to live with fighting, struggles and conquests. This transit gives you the strength, determination and courage to fight, to conquer obstacles and overcome challenges. You live intensely and passionately and jump on all occasions to satisfy your desires. You zap moderation and adopt extreme behavior. Pay attention to your way of communicating, which can be particularly scathing and to not take undue risks.


The passage from Mars to Scorpio feeds your intellect, nourishes your designs, mixes self-confidence, tenacity and combativeness. With this transit, everything seems possible to you! You are ready to clean up, change what needs to be and take on a new momentum. Your vision of what is around you is expanding, the limits and the restraints are disappearing. You feel able to jump the barriers and satisfy all your desires. Beware, however, of not dispersing yourself too much and don't give in to impulse!


The arrival of Mars in Scorpio gives you strength and vitality and allows you to use your charm. But this transit does not make it easy for you to act in a structured and efficient way. Indeed, you are much too agitated to carry out what you undertake. Thanks to your seduction potential, you make connections with extreme ease but you release some mystery that remains difficult to break.


With the passage of Mars in your birth sign, you are even more passionate and tenacious than usual and you act without moderation. Whatever the field, you go to extremes and you want to be noticed. So beware of any risks you are willing to take. In love, caution is also recommended because you might not be very clear and you could go a little too fast.


The arrival of Mars in Scorpio reinforces your taste for risk and adventure. With this transit, needless to say, you do not take the path of serenity. Indeed, it is with ardor and passion that you enjoy every moment to give free rein to your desires and do things your own way. From a relationship point of view, you are anti-establishment and provocative enough. By adopting such behavior, do not be surprised if you cause some turmoil around you.


With the entry of Mars into Scorpio, you are less in control but more ready to move mountains while acting in the shadows and keeping some mystery. When it comes to your feelings, you remain a little demonstrative but you can quickly roar with anger if your partner does not answer your requirements. In short, the ambient climate does not make you particularly zen and upsets your habits a little bit.


The entry of Mars in Scorpio makes you tenacious and pushes you to hang on and move forward. With this transit, you have more ideas and you do everything to achieve your goals. Your sentimental and friendly life does not lack heat. Indeed, you brilliantly use your charm to seduce. However, if you do not want to make too many waves, be careful not to be too stubborn or provocative in your remarks.


With the arrival of Mars in Scorpio, you are off like a shot, you ignite and you are able to go very far to satisfy your desires. But the hectic atmosphere caused by this transit weakens your emotional sphere, causes some turmoil and makes you rather tormented. Indeed, with this ambient climate, you are inclined to act impulsively, to live complex situations and to develop great moments of anxiety.

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