12 Tips to Get Through Fall

Written by Alison

Autumn is coming, so we offer you some optimistic advice for being in shape and strengthening your natural defenses. In order to avoid the typical drop in morale, here are some indications that will help you melt into the beauty of this season, before facing the winter slumber. Your astrological sign has so much wealth but sometimes your logic forgets to call upon and use its qualities in order to remain full of vitality. Take a tour of the zodiac:


Sip a hot chocolate and move : Take refuge in a cafe with your other half and enjoy a good hot chocolate. Taste these moments and cultivate the wonder of who you are and what you share. Perceiving existence in terms of giving is a way to stop seeing the glass as half empty. Then discover hiking trails through a series of wooded routes, it will put you on the right track. You can not sit for long doing nothing, so moving in a healthy way could be a good alternative.


Take Space in Order to Better Take Root: Go out with your mates and push your limits by planning to do things you've never done, in order to avoid seasonal depression. A hot air balloon ride will give you a panoramic view of the limited or ordinary condition of little human beings. Then return to earth to replenish your energy each morning by selecting the right foods to fuel your body and help you keep up with whatever pace you are going.


Fill Up on Culture and Become Creative: Become like a current of air, be free and float through exhibitions in order to sample the variety of colors, fill up on pop art in a museum of contemporary art and be as happy as Ulysses who made a beautiful trip. After which you can use the ideas in your imagination to create beautiful things like embroider your name on a sweatshirt, perhaps the name of your sweetheart or cute a word, even something with spice. You could even apply this concept on colored badges to liven up your fall.


Travel nostalgic and return home more serene: Take a trip back in time to revisit the hippie culture, flower power music, and tint your lonely autumn with bright neon colors. Go to the land of Utopia, far from the surrounding materialism in order to better recharge your batteries. Once you return to the bosom of your family, enjoy your relationship to concoct nice little dishes that will appeal to your creativity and your assured taste. There is so much to do to please and amaze one's palate!


Take Care of Yourself: Go on a trip with your weight worth of good words in your suitcase, read the great novelists back to back and understand that life is nothing but a trip from one spot to another. Enjoy days that stretch endlessly in a voluptuous boredom. When you've found your home, skip the cosmetic brands and make your own mask to treat your skin in the best way. By learning a little, it is possible to take care of your face with natural ingredients to firm and fade wrinkles. For you to discover, it will revive you!


Cocoon: Prepare smoothies with coconut milk or apple without overdoing it, you will be well armed on the nutritional level. Iron, calcium and magnesium will make you love this fall and you could even change the ingredients each time to vary the pleasures. Once well fed, and to ensure the success of your cocooning, invest in a warm plaid that will envelop you ideally. It will be better than rolling in your comforter and falling flat on your face!


Vary the Sensations: Even if it's raining, it does not matter; get your rubber boots on and go off for a dynamic jog in order to prevent any meltdowns that could dry you out on the spot. No question of letting yourself be influenced! And when Halloween comes, prepare this holiday with your kids. Imagine a meal with squash and pumpkins, invite your friends and stage delirious situations in a good-natured atmosphere. You will have really scored!


Become More Lively: Be bubbly and do not take yourself seriously. Do not punish this season on the pretext that it will be boring, instead go out to make your days and nights synonymous with joy, celebration and energy. You will not have much trouble finding companions for this fiesta. Then when you find yourself and your duo, treat yourself to a break, relax on your sofa, and enjoy a night of horror movies with your other half in order to spazz out. You will laugh again the next day!


Warm the Atmosphere: Select a cozy place with your sweetheart to have a drink or dinner by the fire and focus on these little moments as typical incidentals of the fall, where warming up and taking a break are what makes this season magical. Relax while you feast! And to take care of yourself, exercise, relax your body and relax your muscles. All this can be organized directly at home two or three times a week!


Animate Internally: This period is good for organizing personal storage and mounting new furniture. Tackling the task of redevelopment is like a sport for you. Once your interior is restructured, make yourself a little cocoon at home by scattering scented, colorful candles that you turn on to make a relaxing climate that smells good for your cozy hideaway. This season can bring you gifts if you have decided to be sensitive to who you are.


Balance the Yin and the Yang: Start a new hollywood series and binge watch the episodes as much as you can. You need to escape, be cool and have fun. The last season of Game of Thrones or Girls is waiting for you. Then, counterbalance the housebound energy towards the outside world. Pass your boat license, take off and sail at sea or on a lake. You need to push back your horizons, staying in your slippers a whole season is not the solution. You can plan to drive pleasure crafts and have your friends jet-ski along the coast.


Drive a Racecar: Spoil yourself by putting a little adrenaline in this season, which is perhaps a bit too sweet for you: rent a racecar and leap ahead on the circuit. A driving experience will fit you like a glove. To refine your well-being and your cerebral health, choose the Omega-3 and fish oils cure. You will fight any allergies of the season and you will feel better adjusted for your intellectual exercises.

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