Mars in retrograde

Written by Susan

Mars is in retrograde for about 80 days every two years. Mars is the symbol of willpower, physical and moral strength, the fighting spirit and action in general. When he is in retrograde, his force of action moves from external to internal. Mars in retrograde indicates difficulties in the use of our energy, including physical energy. We tend to contain it or have trouble channeling it. This is a time when our plans turn against us, take a wrong turn, or move too slowly. This sometimes gives the impression of going backwards. This is not the time to start new businesses or to engage in activities that require a lot of physical energy. Vitality can also decrease and there is likewise a more pronounced predisposition to injury, burns or inflammation.

It is a time when we have less control over the energies, which exposes us more to conflicts, fights or breaks with others. Impulsivity dominates and we think less about the consequences of our actions, this can generate some unfortunate impulses that we may regret later. This retrograde is favorable to reflection on our past actions, to planning a new project or to finishing an old one. It is especially an ideal time to rest in a peaceful place in the company of serene people.
Mars retrograde, how does your sign see it?


With Mars in retrograde, the spirit of initiative, conquest and the overflowing energy of an Aries will be increased tenfold but not used in the right way. As a result, they will have, more than usual, the need to be at the top, even if they want to crush their opponents and appear egotistical. Their precipitous rush will quickly lead them to overworking and developing a certain aggressiveness.


Taurus is rather unfazed and their perseverance allows them to act in the long run. With Mars in retrograde they will manage to contain their energy and stay on course to achieve their goals. They will act with firmness and obstinacy. But be careful not to upset them. It will take them time to react but their anger will be devastating.


The Gemini, who are ruled by Mercury will be predisposed to being nervous and wasting energy unnecessarily. With their spirit constantly boiling, they will tend to disperse, always having an idea that pushes the other. They will undoubtedly lack patience to carry out their tasks and they will often be inconsistent in their attention.


With Mars in retrograde, Cancers will be easily emotional and moody. They will have a strong possessiveness towards those around them. To act effectively, they will need a large margin of safety. However, if they come out of their shell, they will prove more dynamic than they seem and will show great tenacity in many areas.


With Mars in retrograde, Leos will have, more than ever, the desire to please and impress their audience. Beyond their desire to enjoy all the pleasures of life, they will not hesitate to get straight to the point to get what they want. They will not necessarily be polite and will be easily trapped by their excess of authority.


The Virgo governed by Mercury will demonstrate ingenuity, resourcefulness and efficiency to cope with everyday life. Their intellectual energy will allow them to obtain good results. But the slightest shadow or annoyance will have the ability to spoil everything and make them extremely nervous.


With Mars in retrograde, Libras will lack motivation and will find all the excuses to postpone what they can do the same day. They will struggle to assert their personality and take initiatives. However, Mars will bring focus to seduction and, in this game, the Libra may be charmed very quickly.


The presence of Mars will increase physical energy and emotions and give the will and determination necessary for Scorpio to succeed. Thus, they will be able to get to the end of things and act when no one expects it. However, they will struggle to externalize their deep feelings and emotions. They will have to fight against frustration.


Sagittarius is one of the least patient signs. But, with the retrograde of Mars, they will not lack enthusiasm to develop new projects, expand their horizons and circumvent any obstacles. However, they will develop a certain nervousness and will not hold their tongue if someone hinders their plans.


Capricorn has great ambitions and wishes to reign in the spotlight. This retrograde may therefore make them irritable and trigger a big rage if it unfortunately prevents them from achieving one of their goals. A certain coldness will also be expected in this sign because they do not necessarily attach great importance to feelings.


It is with ingenuity and originality that Aquarius adapts to many situations. The presence of Mars is not going to upset them too much. On the contrary, Aquarius will be able to continue to react in an efficient and combative way. However, it will not support those who will lag behind. Their impulsiveness and harshness can create conflict.


With Mars in retrograde, Pisces will have to redouble caution, in order to control their emotions and not get carried away in waves leading to confusion and chaos. But if they know how to keep their self-control, they will be able to seize the many possibilities available to them to act with kindness and efficiency to those around them.

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